Help with a Blue Yeti - Major Fault/Distortion Problems

I just purchased a second hand Blue Yeti as the price was right. However it has major issues that I have only now been able to discover.

When I'm running my headset through the Blue Yeti there don't appear to be any issues with it (aside from an excess of background noise, which is normal to my knowledge and I've been working on it. However, when I attempt to run it through Audacity to get some recordings it has absurd spikes that distort things to the point that my headset will just screech (I discovered that they were actually just the regular sounds cranked up when I turned down the gain and mic volume on the computer and could make out the sound), whether or not this can be heard by people in chat programs I'm uncertain of because it's quite painful and I'd rather not subject them to that.

To get some examples of what this is like I left audacity running with the TV on in the background to get some images of what the distortion looks like. It can last for a short period or an extended one. Though I've only taken 5 images the recordings were over many hours and they occurred frequently, however when they're not present the microphone works perfectly fine.

I've been searching on google and found no solutions, though I'm not exactly sure what I'd search for anyway. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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