Check Disk Wiped External HDD?

So, yeah, was having some issues with a Seagate 4TB drive and did a 'check disk' without thing.

Went from 2.7TB/3.63TB to 3.63TB /3.63TB.

Any suggestions as to how to restore the files?

I'm trying Recuva, but it's doing a rather...'5 Days To Go' job.

Hi, Tanis!
Have you restored the files?
It's strange, Recuva didn't work, for me it saved important docs my mum had deleted from her laptop.
Have you tried HDD Mechanic? A friend of mine have 3 external drives and is always messing up with them, also had issues... I have found and downloaded HDD Mechanic and it helped. I don't remember how much time has gone after she'd lost her files, before calling me, though.


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