Not feeling the Vanguard love in ME2

I really enjoyed the class in the first game, it felt like a more aggressive version of the Adept, especially when you unlocked the ability to wear medium armour.

But for some reason I just can't get into playing as the class in Mass Effect 2. Charge is fun for a while but I can't help but feel that powers wise the class has been nerfed since the first game. I find myself playing less aggressively than before.

Any gameplay tips to get me to enjoy the class?

I don't play a lot of vanguard (don't even play a lot of biotic honestly, prefer my Shepard/Ryder to be the man with the hardware rather than the man with the magic), but one of my friends swears by it and the impression I get from him is that charge is pretty much the linchpin of the class. You engage the enemy, lose some shields, charge to regain those shields and reposition, repeat. With plenty of shotgun and melee in between.

Another thing I sometimes hear is that Mass Effect 2 as a whole is unfair on biotics. Allegedly the tough enemies who are vulnerable to biotics are in a minority compared to the rest. For this reason adept is considered a suboptimal class in ME2. So maybe if you're playing your vanguard like an aggressive adept, you could be suffering in the same way?

Well, that's my two cents as a proud infiltrator/soldier.


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