Nioh is coming to PC in November

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The cover system is fine. You're pedantic.

What you want is unrealistically bad accuracy and stopping power just to validate two-handed weapons, when the carry system already does that. I don't need RNG shit in my run and gun shooter.

Besides, you're using footage from a player who is really, really good at the game, who can aim faster and converse pistol ammo better than most players.

Only the corners of the corner cubicles have tops that destruct. When they do, you can move to the side and Max will crouch.

Freaking Hitman Absolution has a better cover system.

Good shooters don't have any RNG, bullet deviation is the worst.

It's not hard to mouse over the heads of enemies rather quickly.

Yes, and then when Max retakes cover, he stands straight up like an idiot waiting to get headshot.

Wrex Brogan:


Wrex Brogan:
Cool, hope you enjoy getting bodied by the 3rd boss as much as I did.

*grumble grumble* stupid stacking paralysis debuff *grumble grumble*...

Try dodging. :)

Can't dodge while PARALYZED!

EDIT: Though, to be fair, she is designed to body players, given she's the first enemy to use paralysis, one of the first to use status debuffs, and unlike everything else you fought before her is incredibly fast and can fly while also using a quick-firing ranged attack. She's the first thing you fight that actually needs appropriately-timed dodges, wheras everything else you can just mash buttons and hope for the best.

Still, can't dodge while stunned! Dammit!

If you dont get hit, you dont get paralyzed :P. On a serious note though, there are items you find in her stage that will make you resistant to paralysis and make it harder for her to mess you up if you make mistakes.

Can't wait for this. I'm so glad to finally see one of the Sony exclusives I actually give a damn about, break free and find it's way to my platform. Now if only Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn and that superpower/electric openworld one came out I'd be very pleased!

Microsoft can just keep Forza 7, don't want that micro-transacted shit ported to PC. Oh...wait!

What other exclusives would be great to come on PC? I still remember how excited I was for Dragons Dogma coming out on PC.

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