Talking is replacing cutscenes

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Some of the scenes in Yakuza can get difficult to follow espescially when they introduce new characters but the acting is so well done and there is always such a sense of gravitas and oddball humour that it always kept me entertained. Even when it's just criminals arguing about a piece of real estate. :p You are always watching these personalities that somehow never seem to fit genre cliches.

I think that hits the nail on the head; the characters have to be engaging to care about what's being said regardless of what method/technique is being used. Bad writing has been the biggest issue with the medium for awhile now. No matter if you use a cutscene or audio diaries or gameplay, it's not going to engage the player if the characters/writing suck.

It's like in movies when 2 characters just sit down and talk without anything else happening.
There needs to be a distraction, something to keep you occupied while the exposition is being dumped, for those who either don't care about story or those who already know it.

Personally, I prefer gameplay over cutscenes.
I like being able to keep playing white someone in the background talks about something that's supposed to be important.
Cutscenes used to be fine back when they were still impressive.
Nowadays, every new release seems to look good during gameplay so cutscenes just piss me off, unless they're very well written/made and most of them aren't.

I actually like cutscenes. I look forward to them in games like Dynasty Warriors, neat little cinematic breaks. Sometimes the walk and talk is good...but I do actually agree it is getting a bit much, cause really it adds alot of tedium that is not needed. For one, its annoying when you cannot move the SAME speed as the NPC. You walk to slow, run too fast. I liked Red Dead's magnetic NPCs where you just hold like, the A button and walk with them.

I'm of more or less the same mind. Even after cutscenes fell out of favor I was pretty fine with them. I guess it helps that I'm the kind of gamer who plays games primarily to engage with the narrative, though. I can see how players who prioritize the gameplay might grow tired of them if they're handled poorly.

Actually, I'm of the mind that games could likely afford to cut some corners on how they present their narrative to focus their funds elsewhere, without actually damaging the narrative itself. For instance, the "visual novel" style of cutscene japanese games use. Yeah, it's crude, and it's not quite as engaging as a sweeping FMV, but it works. Gamers enjoy the dialogue and story beats exactly the same, and its a tiny fraction of the cost, which would mean games could actually fit more story in, if they wished.

Likewise, while voiceacting for pivotal scenes definitely helps with immersion, I would argue that not *every* line of dialogue needs to be voiced in a game. It's been proven in the indie scene that there's a huge market of gamers who will still buy a game even if it has minimal voicework or none at all.

If I played a AAA game that used visual-novel style cutscenes and had only major scenes voiced over, but in exchange that game could be 60 hours long instead of 10, I would consider that a fair trade, is all I'm saying. XD

...but that rant is only tangentially on topic... I actually agree with OP here... having character talk while I'm distracted doing something else is a bad way to convey exposition. depending on how much focus the task I'm performing requires, I can miss entire plot points... it's one of the reasons I didn't like the new Star Ocean.

Johnny Novgorod:


I swear to god we should just create a general thread that says "New things Ezekiel thinks about gaming" because we have 6 threads on the same page started by OT

More like "new things Ezekiel complains about in gaming". It seems that anything in games that doesn't fit his tastes is bad design and/or developers being lazy.

A third alternative is "Max Payne 3 is the best game ever and there's nothing to live for after it".

I don't get you people. You complain about me complaining, but when I talk about something I like, you want me to stop. Moreover, it's not completely my fault that I discuss Max Payne 3 so much. Other users sometimes invite it, especially B-Cell and PhoenixMGS. If it's relevant, I'll bring it up. Obviously, I'll talk more of the game that I'm currently dedicating most of my time to. I did the same thing with Dark Souls on Gametrailers. Max Payne 3 is exceptional. All of that aside, I just wanna say I'm tired of your snide remarks. You usually have nothing to add to the discussion. If you don't like what I'm doing, call a mod or ignore the topic. I'm not doing anything wrong. A number of people in this topic agree with me. It's because I'm right. Again.

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