Monster Hunter World Beta available for download from 8th (PS4 only)

Anyone interested in trying the upcoming Monster Hunter World title can now download the beta if they happen to have access the PS4 platform. Although it says PS plus members specifically, all betas I've personally tried without membership did still accept my humbled curiosity.
There doesn't appear to be a closing date so far, so...who knows how long this is available. Extra information in link below;

Haven't tried it yet, but I know a couple of friends who are really into the series and convinced me to give it a go. If you have any experience with this series or beta, any and all opinions are appreciated. Much love!

Never played the series before, but I'm enjoing it immenseley. Its kind of like Horizon but with more melee options to it.

The betas a pretty limited view, from what I gather. There's no progression or anything, and they're all short 20 minute timed hunts (from what my buddy has researched, apparently some hunts get into 2 hours in the actual game).

A bit daunting to get a grasp on a weapon. The training area doesn't have anything resembling a live target. ONe main note is that combos are pretty methodical, there's not much Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap stuff, you have to really let the animations go off first before hitting the next bit.

The inventories kind of a mess in the beta too. This may be that you're carrying too many items since you have a default sampler set where in the proper game you'd only maintain a more streamlined kit. I can't for the life of me figure out how the favorite wheel thing works, which makes some issues at times.

I've never played the series either but this game looks interesting, I'm getting it for PC though so I'm staying away from the console beta.

I'm seriously wishing I could give the beta a spin, even though I hear they made it much easier and quicker just for the beta.

But alas, I have no PS4, and I'm still waiting for the PC release date to be announced. :( That day cannot come soon enough.


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