Poll: Dynasty Warriors 9 or Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

The date is upon us!

For now we must decide...two titles portraying past eras, involving the clashes of sharp pointy things, angry powerful men and outdated courting sensibilities. Both with buggy open world's and niche appeal, released on the same day with equally suspicious late review embargos.
After that, the similarities become stretched, but that's enough for a poll, surely? To aid in your decision making process, extra data is provided below;

Metacritic says

Metacritic says

Now place your opinion clicks into my data hole. No pressure, but a nearby coven of emotionally damaged mole rats told me they'd commit suicide if you didn't vote with responsibility. Like I said, no pressure, don't shoot the messenger here.

I have KC:D ready to preload download on Steam, but I might simply continue playing The Witcher 3: Complete Edition until they work out more of the notable, potentially game-ending-we-should've-included-a-normal-quick-save-if-our-game-isn't-rock-solid-yet kind of kinks.

The Meta so far is right where I thought it would be, early on at least. Do I get hindsight prediction points?

The only good Dynasty Warrior games involve Gundams.

kingdom of heaven redux looks fun, but I don't have a lappy strong enough to run it. I'll have to go back to Bloodborne. At the Orphan of Kos. He's like a Dragon Ball Z villain!

Dynasty Warriors always seemed like a terrible series to me. And judging by the Steam reviews, the latest one is a very bad game.

KCD looks kinda dull because of how extremely realistic it wants to be. But I'm willing to give it a shot once all the major issues have been patched. In the absence of a new TES game, a realistic take on a medieval open world RPG might be a good idea. I want to see what mod support will be like first. It's a CryEngine 3 game, so I suspect that it will have mod support. And perhaps some of the things that I think are dull will be addressed through mods.

Neither game looks very good.

Kingdom looks to have the most potential to be interesting, but the footage I've seen in all the reviews makes the game seem like a Skyrim game trying to be a Witcher game and it doesn't look like it's half as good as either of them.

Dynasty Warriors 9 looks like shit.

Watch Jim Sterlings impressions on Dynasty warriors. I wouldn't play it if it was free. KC:D wins by default.

Neither. I've only barely heard about Kingdom Come, and Dynasty Warriors 9 I was going to pick up, but then I saw Jim Sterling's review. I decided just to transfer whatever money left to my God of War pre-order and any remaining money I took back with me. Instead, I took some of that money and bought Redout pre-owned. They had it for 8 bucks for elite pro members. We definitely don't get enough arcade racers anymore, and I heard nothing but good things about it so I got it.

KC:D is sounding better, aside from the bugs. Hopefully they have a good support system to patch them out, with possibly a tweaked quick save system to alleviate frustrating restarts.

What I like most about what I've read so far is the sheer variety and depth to the game's systems and questing. It sounds like they have real significance and dynamic consequences, which extends to the combat. I'm getting pretty anxious to play a melee game that is designed to be much more than wailing on someone until their life bar is gone.

Anything but DW9, it looks like an absolute train wreck.

Already been mentioned, but Jim Sterling has a video of it that shows it for what it is.

Neither game interested me from the start. I suppose if i were forced to choose id pick Kingdom Come, but then theres something coming out tomorrow that id much rather get instead.

Watch Jim Sterlings impressions on Dynasty warriors. I wouldn't play it if it was free. KC:D wins by default.

Cold Shiny:
Anything but DW9, it looks like an absolute train wreck.

Already been mentioned, but Jim Sterling has a video of it that shows it for what it is.

Sterling's video is provided in the last spoiler tag, because it is indeed recommended viewing for much needed perspective. :)

Quick question... Where's the bacon?

Quick question... Where's the bacon?

To your left


Quick question... Where's the bacon?

It's under "No. More. Polls. FFS!".

It's really hard to tell because the bacon is silent.

Anyway, I'm going to give it to Kingdom Come. Not because it interests me that much, but because the other option is Dynasty Warriors 9, which is utter toss, judging from fan reaction (including no1 fanboi Jim Sterling).

Of the two I'm more interested in KC:D, but I still have some reservations about the game. First off FPS melee combat can be tricky to pull off well, secondly the voice acting in some of the other trailers I've seen has been close to clingeworthy, and thirdly (and this may just be a console port issue) the texture resolution doesn't look all the great, to the point where the Xbox One trailer looks like it's for an Xbox 360 game.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be keeping an eye on KC:D come release day, but I'm withholding judgement for the moment.

By default I would say KC:D, mainly because of the Jimpressions of DW9, I mean you know you fucked up when the biggest defender of the series says it's shit. Plus what Jim said about them taking out the iconic weapons and selling them as DLC at a later date may have turned out to be true. Monday is coming and I'm looking forward to it.


Clearly, the only answer is Monster Hunter World,

Kingdom Come is actually a really good game that unfortunately suffers from some big issues with glitches and a devotion to historical accuracy that can get in the way of fun if you aren't a weirdo like me.

Dynasty Warriors 9 just sucks.

Clearly, the only answer is Monster Hunter World,


*Whacks head with rolled up newspaper*

Does monster hunter involve the clashing of sharp pointy things, angry powerful men and outdated courting sensibilities with a buggy open world and niche appeal released on the same day with an equally suspicious late review embargo?


Then git your own poll, you cheeky scamp!

Isn't Kingdom Come the first game the developers have made? What leverage do they have to enforce a review embargo? Anyway, that kind of sketchy-ness should not be rewarded, as purchasing the game will do. Thus, I say you should eliminate that clause and seek a game portraying a past era, involving the clashes of sharp pointy things, angry powerful men and outdated courting sensibilities, with a buggy open world and niche appeal. As a bonus, it was released on the same day as Fried Green Tomatoes.

Go pick up Darklands. It's $1.49 on GOG (dependent on region), and you can probably run it on your wristwatch by now.

I have no doubt that Kingdom Come is a better game. And I have no doubt that DW9 is objectively pretty terrible. Personally I'm not going to buy either in the near future.

But if someone offered me the choice of those games, free of charge... DW9, every time.

Well, Dynasty Warriors 9 seems to be getting literal tons of Bad-Awful reviews.

KC:D isn't getting a ton of "Hey its awesome", but the general consensus seems to be "Flawed but not terribly broken".

I've only payed much attention to the latter, and any technical bugs aside, it seems kind of confused. Open world medieval survival but you're dumped into a railroaded story almost immediately. "Realism", but a world with healing potions and in an early cinematic moment, your dude is just fine with being shot about a dozen times without so much as stumbling his horse off course slightly (and the actual cutscene right after only acknowledges the one cutscene arrow from before that whole segment).


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