Onrush open beta available today until the 20th on PS4 and Xbonx

Codemasters make a good vehicle game, and their upcoming title 'Onrush,' while uninspired a name, is having an open beta for this weekend, from 2pm GMT onward. It has crashing, objectives, team stuff, crashing, and vehicular combat probably. I don't know, only recently heard of it and have to assume these knowledges from the available data.



Anyone else hopeful for a good vehicular combat game in the modern technology? Any codemasters appreciators around? Hellooo? Ok, I'll leave now.

Edit: But before I do...there's also a Rainbow 6 Seige free weekend starting today on PC, PS4 and Xbonx, with apparently all available maps, moods and angry death humans.


Something for everyone, see? Hellooo? Alright, definitely walking away now.

Aw, that looks like something I'd like. Unfortunately, it's not on anything I own. Pity.


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