The Escapist User Created Content Thread

Welcome all, to what I hope will be The Escapist User Created Content Thread!
You can post anything you made in here, be it something out of Little Big Planet or a Halo 3 forge map that you shoved together. It doesn't matter which console you made it on or if you made it on PC.
Your post should have all these things:

    A title
    A description
    Which console you made it on
    Where/how to view it

You can also comment on things other people have made, give them ideas, tell them if their creation has a bug in it somewhere and so on.

If a few people contribute then I will fix the formatting and make the thread look a bit nicer, but until then happy sharing!

Ah. Good and neat thread. I have nothing to contribute with, but I approve this thread!Unless someone points out any fault it may have. Then I widraw my approval

You should give Inverse a heads up about this thread. I think it might deserve a spot on the "The Escapist Members Community Thread"

I'd love to post something but I don't do much for games.

I made a couple Stepmania simfiles, but I doubt anyone here even plays that game.
A friend of mine made very good Starcraft maps, used in tournaments in Australia and the like.

Very good idea, but unfortunately not much I can contribute. :(

Here's one.

I made a full, stand-alone retro adventure game called The Vacuum. I made it on a PC; it's available for windows, but also works on Linux using Wine and OS X using Crossover. Apparently somebody's making a little engine to port these games to the Wii, too, but that's not out yet.

Here's the little blurb I wrote up for it:

In The Vacuum, you play as Leo Wallace, a student at Aberdeen University who is headed back home to Whitefall for summer with his girlfriend, Averie Piper. As a pair of poor, starving college students, they decide to book a cheap room on a cargo ship that has extra room for passengers on this particular trip. It's a short jaunt - only a day and a half - and it seems as though it should be uneventful. But when a pair of explosions tear through the passenger compartment while the ship is still in the middle of deep space, Leo and Averie must determine exactly what happened, fix the problems, and discover what - or who - caused the explosions in the first place.

Leo must search high and low for information, pay attention to the clues that he finds, and carefully weigh every decision he makes. Based on his actions, his relationships will be altered, justice will be realized (or not), and lives will be saved or lost.

You can get it here.

Thanks for the support guys!
I'll probably send Inverse a PM a bit later, if he dosn't contact me first!
I have a Halo 3 forge map/gametype that I'll submit as an example once i have found all the little bugs in it, but untill then thanks again for the support!

I threw together a couple of weapon mods for Fallout 3 (PC). Nothing too spectacular, but here they are anyways. One's a Ripper that you can swing like a normal melee weapon, the other's essentially a flak cannon.

Earthshaker Minigun

Ahhh yes, I see what its all about. Yep, I'll add this to the community thread no problem, hopefully it gets it out there a bit.

Well, actually, I've made quite a few things for UT2004.

Mostly reskins of stock models (read: pallete swaps and cut-n-paste jobs) and custom voicepacks.

Currently two of my voicepacks, Soldier One and Repta were included in the Mars Wars 3 release.

Well I didn't make this, all credit goes to j0z.

We are working on making an amatuer game using the Source Engine, I'm writer/creative director, and j0z does all the real work. :P

We intend for it to be a hybrid of BioShock, Condemned 2, Silent Hill 2, and CoD4 to make for one original experience. Keep in mind that this is a very rough prototype and is mostly just for size reference. Here's the video:


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