DIY post-apocalyptic weapons.

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I'll probably go with molotovs, a long metal pipe to whack peoples head in from a safe distance, and finally a kitchenknife as backup.

For the actual make-your-own-weapons part, I'll probably make a slingshot from some wood / metal and rubber, and use broken glass and other sharp pointy things as ammo, should be fun :).

I make arrows out of shards of glass and shafts fashioned from bed planks.
Then I melt down all the metal stuff, and nail big metal plates to a leather jacket.
I then arm myself with my crossbow and sword, and take the fight to the raiders.
Because I am just badass like that.

I would bludgeon them to death with their own limbs.

i'd love to say combine harvester but you know... fall out and all that, i'd use my school tie as a garrote wire and i'd go for camo instead of armour cuz all i can think of is wood and i hear chainsaws cut wood pretty well so i'l pass on that

well first with my dads power tools i could fix up this club im working on to kicks ass, but i would probably just take my sharpened Katana, my slingshot with some smokescreen home made ammo, put on all the military gear in the house, hide in bushes with the camo on my gear, fire off a smoke screen and slice em up

My mums part of a reanactment society, so I'd just rob her chainmail, gauntlets, open-faced helmet and blunt sword.

But, since you weren't expecting people to have a medievil armament, and I wouldn't have any bullets left for my brothers air rifle, I'd brobably get the hedge trimmer, as its the closest thing to a chainsaw I can find.

Or steal the blade out of my lawn mower, glue some wood to the handle, file it down a bit, or the massive buzz saw in the garage always works! =P

I havent really got much in the way of armor, besides a wok pan...

Weapons: assortment of knives, molotov cocktails, a garrotte fashioned out of some floss wire and a few pieces of wood, powder/smoke bombs, a few containers of bleach to blind my enemies with and a few blunt weapons
Armour: none
My plan: Take my weapons and hide in one of our cupboards or the fridge. I then wait until one of them drops by at my house to raid our supplies. When it opens the cupboard/fridge I'm in, I'm going to cut him open and drag him to our toilet, where I will dress myself up in his clothes, take his weapons and kill the rest of them in a stealthy way.


I'd also print some pages of Ragnar Benson's books and the anarchist cookbook.

I'd let the zombies out of my freezer and sick them on the raider camp.

Ironically I'm looking into taking urban weaponry classes at a place in my town. Maybe I'll have a list of recipes for you guys in a year :P

Preparing for anarchy when the financial systems crash and bringing about a New Order? ^_^

id get my axe from the shed.... and then armour out a dustbin lid (metal) for a shield and then find some bike pads for armour

I don't need a weapon, I am a weapon

A gun that fires toxic smelly cheese at enemies!

i know karate so i can just ninja the gang. for armor ide probubly get some rope and tie a my matress to my back. for a weapon ide mabye use like a hammer or something else metal i lit on fire so it whould be hot.


Ironically I'm looking into taking urban weaponry classes at a place in my town. Maybe I'll have a list of recipes for you guys in a year :P

Preparing for anarchy when the financial systems crash and bringing about a New Order? ^_^

You shall be my right hand man of the Iron Caste :P

That and it just sounds infinitely cool.

I have probably a dozen knives around my room... And... hmm... probably go for the baseball bat or weed eater in the garage... or, hell... maybe even my skateboard... smack someone with it then make a fast getaway...

OK, a few more rules, just to make this more interesting...

There is electricity. It's provided by a single generator that runs on petrol. You also have any vehicles that you, yourself, own. They run on the same petrol that provides you electricity. Yes, this means you can have one or the other.
There are no modern conveniences. Water is provided by a nearby stream and frequently tastes of wild dog urine. There is no internet or phone lines.
You are cut off - you can run if you want, but it'd be quicker and easier to say you kill yourself. Anyone sent to get help is returned, Mad Max II style. Or in pieces, whatever is scarier for you.
Just to stress an original rule, there is no more ammo. It has run out. All of it. I will make an exception for slings and basic arrows, but don't expect them to go anything resembling straight when you fire them...
As a way of compensating for the new limitations, I am widening the search - the town you're defending has the remains of a small newsagent and a DIY store, so you have tools and, uhh, magazines.


(I'm putting these in the original post)

Grab a lighter and a WD-40 spray can.


Failing that, sharpen Wii game disks into deadly throwing weapons that can decapitate a man before he knows what the hell has happened...

Finally, now I actually have a use for my Wii games!

OT: I'd probably just re-program my Roomba so that it included a "Kill" setting and unlash it upon the raiders, so long as there aren't any sledges or slight steps n the way....

Flamethrower, made with a super soaker, a long lighter, and some gas.

And a scythe, yes I have a scythe.

I'd just grab my trusty fire axe (seriously, I accidentally took it from the local department) and suit up in my paintball gear. Then I'd spray paint the axe black so I could hide with it. Hopefully I could track down a bow, since I already have some arrows and have had bow training. Camp out outside at night, bow raiders until they realize where I am, then grab the axe and start swinging. Repeat until I die or they do.

While using VATS, of course.

I would dig a deep trench around the town, put metal/wooden spikes at the bottom, fill it with gasoline, and cover it with sticks, leaves, and dirt. That would be the first line of defense. I would set up traps like in Star Wars and Predator. I would find any tools(axes, knives, shovels, etc.) and despense them to the populace. As for me, I would raid my local police station for Kevlar armor and other useful things. I would also head to the military surplus store a few miles from my house and loot the few land mines that they have left, as well as some MREs and anything we could use. My weapons would be a machete, Kabar knife, hatchet, claw hammer, trench pike(yes, I have one), and flint lock pistol(yes, I have one and would never, ever fire the only 3 balls I have for it unless I was really, really desperate). After arming myself, I would set up the land mines a few feet in from the trench. When the raiders attacked, the frontlines of their army would fall into the trench and die, several more would step on the land mines and explode, and we would kill the rest. The fighters for my side are either dead or wounded, and I'm the only one left who can fight. My armor has been destroyed and I only have my Kabar knife and one pistol shot left. There are 3 more raiders, the leader and his best men. Two rush at me with baseball bats and I slash one's throat. The other swings and hits me in the back. I turn and stab him in the stomach, pull the knife out and drive it into his skull. As he falls a burst of buckshot goes through my left arm. The leader has a shot gun. He fires and hits me in the legs. I fall to the ground and he approaches me. He cocks the shot gun and aims it at my chest. Blood spurts onto his legs and he turns towards the wounded survivors. As he walks to them a shot goes off and his brain splatters into the air. He falls to the ground with a thud. I drop my pistol as the life fades from my eyes. "If you shoot a man, you better make sure he's dead." are the words spoken on my last breath.

You're way too into this...Also, wtf is a military surplus store I've never even heard of one. To all the people who talk about chainsaws I read somewhere that a chainsaw wouldn't work well on a living target. Anything that moves too much would (according to this article) not allow for the chain to cut as well. It works on wood and stuff because it's hard and doesn't move but a person is soft and does move.

Anyway, I'd do something like what Chipperz would with the makeshift spear. My dad collects chef's knives because he used to be chef or some crap like that so I would have enough to outfit my friends and close family. As for armor I'd break down a shelf or something along those lines and make small plates just enough to keep me alive from small knives and the like.


You're way too into this...Also, wtf is a military surplus store I've never even heard of one.

It's like where they sell weapons you have to have licences for. Like machine guns. And grenades. And missiles. There are quite a few, you just have to know where to look I guess.

Missiles? Land Mines? That's...interesting.

i have an assortment of knives and things and i can also black smith things like swords but most of all its always good to have a trusty sniper rifle and colt 1911 45. cal

Being an airsofter, I have lots of different types of army BDUs and a self made ghillie suit. I would probably grab my DPM and ghillie suit for camo. Grab my crowbar, bayonet and my bow. camo spray my weapons (OD, black and maybe a bit of brown in odd patterns), probably dye some more hessian for use on my bow and quiver and I'm good to go hide in a field and ambush some fools :D

Well I got 2 swords(katana and wakizashi) and a long dagger(needs sharpening thought). I'd grab em dressed in all black(including a black ski mask) and head in the night, stalking, waiting to pick em up one by one.

I'd use my replica Saxon spear (first I'd have to get around to attaching the tip ...) and then make some makeshift scale armour from scrap metal and leather, oh and there'd be boobytraps everywhere :)

My body armor would have spring-loaded spikes in the feet, shoulders, elbows, and along the back, allowing me to turn into basically a porcupine for melee defense.

Close range: Nail gun, throwing knives, and bracer rigged with a crossbow assembly to fire boxcutter razors.

Far range: Crossbow, sniper rifle, and a potato mortar. Only ammonium nitrate-powered, nail-filled shells instead of potatoes. On launching, a fuse is lit that gives the shell about 5 seconds before detonation.

Melee: Razor wire, boot knife, fighting daggers, aforementioned armor spikes, and pepper spray chambers. Possibly some kind of longsword as well.

To be honest, it annoys thee ever-living HELL out of me that people say that they would use a "Samurai Sword" (Katana, people!) I would use a flanged mace, yeah yeah, but it's too heavy! But it never dulls! and, the mace doesn't take a genius to swing, and even a blow to an arm is going to leave it a mere hunk of dangling flesh, whereas the katana needs a bit of practice to strike fast and accurately, and even then, you need to sharpen it, and your average joe just can't pick up a whetstone and get it sharp in a few minutes. As for guns, M1 Garand with the 30-06, or a Mossberg 12 gauge.

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