Games everyone likes except you

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metal gear solid , played 30 minutes , got bored

All incarnations of Halo fall under this heading.

Mass Effect. I can't stand that game to be honest.

So what about Fallout 3. Did you dig that?

It seems like everyone I know that loved Burnout 3 & Revenge were incredibly disappointed with Burnout Revenge. They took a really unique driving franchise and turned it into every other driving franchise.

It was fun for about a month or so, but it got boring after even with the DLC that I bought for it.

Soul Calibur, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Street Fighter, basically any fighter except SSB, although I dont think its considered a true fighting game. Basically I'm like Yahtzee on the subject of fighting games

Counter strike. It's not that good of an FPS!

Grand Turismo. For all the cries of realism the game's fans carry, well I'll just let Hsu answer this for me.

"IT'S A RACING GAME! On a good day I can POOP a racing game!"

System Shock 2. Which speaking of in less than hushed and reverent tones is apparently heresy in some circles. I'm of the wacky opinion that repeatedly running a gauntlet of inifitely respawning enemies whose weapons break and whose ammunition disintegrates upon death is neither the definition of "fun" nor "suspense".

half life
cod 5
all sports/racing/music games, excluding red card and burnout revenge.

the adventures of potatoeman! and his arch nemesis the unlucky leprichaun!

A lot of my Valve happy friends love TF2. When that released, they were all exciting. I tried it through my copy of the Orange Box and hated it...

Precisely that, I really do not see why people adore TF2. Maybe its the combo of classes and FPS, just doesn't rock my socks. With that said I've already preordered Borderlands. I also didn't enjoy CoD4 much but that was probably because I wasn't into my xbox at the time and din't play past the first campaign mission or even try online.

Life... Awful, blurry graphics in combat, sore muscles, a ridiculus damage system... Combat leveling takes too long...

I dont like the halo's but iI keep them I liked halo 1 dunno why I just think its the best one I also dont like COD 4 and WAW the FIFAs, driving games, Warhammer dawn of war 2 bit of a let down =[

Would say Portal, Counter-Strike and WoW. They are just a big meh.

Halo 3
Too good looking
too bad playing

Most fighting games that aren't Super Smash Bros., because I suck at them.

Also, World in Conflict wasn't that great.

Mass Effect. I just really don't like the combat, although everyone seems to love it.

Well there are lots of games I hate...but hey the more one game is loved the more it's hated as well

Gears of War

and Portal

I shall be shuned by society but it must be heard... I HATE METROID PRIME!!!
They are all, in my opinion, horrible and it makes me angry that people think they are the best games ever. They suck.

Call of Duty 4. The campaign was good, but the game itself was very overrated and the multiplayer was very unbalanced.

Also, I'm probably going to get killed for saying this, but I didn't think Half-Life 2 was that good. The first couple of levels were amazing, but after Ravenholm, the entire game goes downhill and stays down.

portal, half life, basically any valve games...
and for the all the people saying halo, most people who don't own halo hate it with a vengeance

also, metal gear solid games, I don't hate them, but I just don't find them very fun

and street fighter...

Mass Effect! Sure the graphics were great, if you sat around and waited for them to load, but after that, all the planets and stations were exact copies of one another, the inventory handling was terrible and only 3 missions into the game, I've already lost a third of my "playable" characters! WTF? I never even got a chance to actually have them in the party before they started dying! All that hype for a 6 - 7 hour game... Halo ODST actually lasted longer... perhaps due to multiplayer, but still!

CSS. Never liked that game. Also suck at it.

I didn't like Resident Evil 5. I just hate the control scheme.

Gears of war: it is complete mindless tom foolery. the game is designed for A.D.D. 8 year olds who can't play a game unless every 3 seconds there highly improbable design of a weapon is ripping the flesh off some poor alien.the story is a rip off of war of the worlds and halo in so many ways it isn't even funny. as if thats not enough the main character(s) are both pill popping muscle flaunting gargantuans except for one screams the whole game about that predictable ass plot twist of a wife he has oh yeah and their so jacked up on roids there schlongs are this size ---> note (objects in this thread are as large as they are if those assholes were real people).

only 3 missions into the game, I've already lost a third of my "playable" characters! WTF?

Wow, you didn't handle your conversations well did you? You need either charisma or intimidation to get through without losing characters unnecessarily. You have to lose one character, but you get to choose one over the other. As long as the two of them haven't been your main force, you should be fine.

sonic the hedgehog the new series i thought the old series was great

most first person shooters. i like 3rd person shooters but with there 1st person view its like reality with tunnel vision.

Oh and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. My god I hate that game. WTF kind of fighting game uses escalating percentages to keep track of health? and what does it mean? Why does it go over 100? Why does a character move BEHIND me when I start hitting them? That REALLY pisses me off. And for ****'s sake, why are there like 3 or 4 buttons all for jump? Couldn't think of any other move or function for buttons in a fighting game?

The Halo series (although it has almost as huge a hate-base as it does a fanbase) and Grand Theft Auto. Sure, it's fun to dick around in GTA but playing the actual game is just excruciating to me. Call of Duty isn't slightly fun to me and neither is Medal of Honor. Maybe I just don't like games trying to be more mature than they have to be. I do like Halo 2's multiplayer though

sonic the hedgehog the new series i thought the old series was great

Remember, this thread is for games you didn't like, but SOMEONE else did. NOBODY likes the new Sonic games.

Half-Life. Didn't like it. Also, search bar, it is your friend.

I agree on both points.

GTA 4.

Final Fantasy 7
(Coincidentally starting the 7th page)

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