New erotic anime game has possibly the best trailer I've seen this year

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Woah... Holy SHIT!

Ok, the trailer was kinda amusing esp with the Lord of the Rings spoof, but...

Maybe i'm just a snob when it comes to the quality of my hentai, but that looked pretty tame and lame. Moreover, the trailer straight up tells you that the sex is apparently more important to the company than the game. This does not instill in me confidence that this will be a good game.

pretty much this. Besides I'm not a fan of hentai to begin with. I hate watching sex, whether it be in movies or games or whatever, and from the looks of this trailer it looks like it's esp. poorly done in this game. most hentai.

I laughed. Now, whether I'll get it or not...still undecided. Funny trailer, though.

All the Aussies who want this better get ready to jump on the import bandwagon. Seriously though, I enjoyed the trailer. It's very honest and creative. I love the Japanese.

EDIT: Hmm just looked into it and it got granted an MA15+ rating. It obviously isn't particularly full on.

What is this strange sensation im feeling? And why do my jeans feel tighter? :)

Really... what? erm.... fail dude, FAIL!

Dohoihoihoi silly game trailer and it's jokes

Well, at least they're honest about the whole deal. That has to count for something, right?

Although I object to them blurring partial cleavage that is in PG-13 games just to make the point. It makes me think the game may be far tamer than you might expect.

I really, really like the Trailer Creator.

Am I a sick bastard?

That made me giggle. XD

While I have no problems whatsoever with boobs in gaming (quite the opposite, actually), I really don't see the point in these porn sim games and things where the explicit nature of the game is a bigger draw than the game itself. I mean, isn't there enough porn out there already? Google "Boobs" and there are 36,000,000 hits. Go ahead, try it.

That was actually pretty funny, at least they are being somewhat self aware now.

That said I still find the idea of Hentai very disturbing.

No amount of self-deprecating humour can negate the fact that there will be grown men watching this, spanking off to images of pre-pubescant little girls.

Hentai is just very, very creepy.

The beginning had me about to complain you had posted the wrong link... but you didn't. That trailer is HILARIOUS!

But nah, I won't buy Hentai of any sort. Frankly, it's dumb and just... wrong on so many levels.

Quoted for truth...

am i the only one that thought the game look great before the nudity appeared? that bad guy looked badass and that fight scene looked cool, too. shame they threw in some weird hentai.

Meh. That was only the best trailer this year if you like cheesiness.



This game is just terrible Final Fantasy clone. And newsflash, THERE ISN'T ANY ACTUAL NUDITY IN THIS GAME!

I don't see why a completely mediocre game should get so much attention just because it teases sex. It's just embarrassing to see so many people go crazy over it.

No it's not. Plotwise, maybe, but it's an SRPG, not your standard JRPG.

I'm just tempted to get it because I adore little sprite graphics, and there's no nudity so that's hardly a problem.

I picked up the demo to this game a while ago in Japan. It's story is pretty interesting (at least in Japanese) In the demo there wasn't any h-stuff in it, then again it was just a demo. It is a TBS like FF Tactics but with a few twists on the system. It was a fun game. If I remember correctly, one of the features is that you can have children. And that it is more than !you have a child! moment. They are actual characters who share the traits of the mother and father. So the right combinations can make super-characters.

Btw, that trailer is horrible and they made it for the sole purpose to get its name out. Boobs sells, just look at how well Evony is doing and that doesn't even have it in game.

If it's going to be censored in the finished product, then... meh. I'll stick with rapelay... or Leisure Suit Larry.

*adds to list of games I won't be buying*

Eh. Bob knows I'm certainly no stranger to H-games,

Maybe it was just the distraction. I actually found the gameplay bits to be the more interesting parts. I guess if they were somehow able to integrate the sex in well to the story, it'd be all right. After all, eroge SRPGs aren't unknown; Tears to Tiara is another, and I think Sengoku Rance is one, as well (Lordlee's gonna be pissed if I got that wrong).

I will admit, though, the self-aware prodding was kinda funny.

I probably won't be buying it or anything, but it was pretty funny. Good trailer, but as I'm not a fan of the genre, not enough to make me want the game.

If I wanted a porn game (which I don't) I'd buy bayonetta but I'd never buy this fucked up hentai shit

Bayonetta isn't a porn game...


And it's made by Aksys Games, who recently delivered the balls-smashed-against-the-wall Blazblue: Calamity Trigger?! o__O'

Published, not made.

You can play stuff like that on newgrounds for free.
If they want me to play it they better add more tentacles.

is it just me,
or did the two main guys look like Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske from guilty gear

If this game is coming to Western consoles, then I seriously doubt this is a hentai game. The only ones I know of that come out here are for PC.

If this game is coming to Western consoles, then I seriously doubt this is a hentai game. The only ones I know of that come out here are for PC.

This. And someone else mentioned it has a 15+ rating in Australia. There's nothing Hentai about it, it's just beer-commercial advertising.

Uhmmm ok????

Well I'm not going to bo fooled by this, if I actually try it out I'm only going to rent the fucking thing.

Looks to me more like that was supposed to be a joke on the whole "sex sells videogames" idealism. Who knows, maybe it's both. A hentai game that doesn't pretend it isn't. Oh well, i buy neither JRPGs or Hentai games, so I will lose no sleep over such ponderings.

Joe Matsuda:

i laughed

but i have seen better trailers........and hentai.......


Yep, this has already been covered by the news section.

This is the kind of game that catches the interest of that socially awkward kid in your class (the one who everyone avoids) who reads anime all the time and plays with himself to pictures of naked cartoon characters.
Also, it wasn't funny.

I would watch the trailer but my Internet is so crappy, I have to wait so this forums loads, but on the whole hentia/game thing, there is enought free stuff online for me to play. ^^

The trailer itself was garbage, but the soundtrack was hilarious.

If I wanted a porn game (which I don't) I'd buy bayonetta but I'd never buy this fucked up hentai shit

Sex may sell ( usually does which is why alot of marketing teams bother to have models help in advertising anything) but even in the case of a sexy witch whose clothing comes loose after taking damage, bayonetta would still fall in a bin labeled "BLOOD+GORE+GENOCIDE"
first than the bin that says "BOOBS+ASS+SEX"

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