Connected universe?

(flamers may want to read the Post Script (P.S. at the bottom )

could alot or alteast some games work in a connected universe like Marvel does (alot of their super heroes all live on the same Earth)

one idea I have is for a few games with some connected themes

Assassins creed , Dark sector , Resident evil , Prototype , Infamous , Time shift , F.E.A.R. , Condemned , Metal gear solid ,

they all are set in near future settings (yes I know Time shift is set in the past due to time travel but it starts off in the near future same sort of thing with Assassins creed) they all share more all less share the hero/super hero theme aswell as potentially interconnecting super soldier (secret research) technology government/conspiracy style themes

Assassins creed has a love of spheres (peice of eden) that could easily directly connect to the ray sphere of Infamous (hell they even both have free running and sandbox cities)

there is so much potential in something like this it wouldnt have to effect the games at all it could just be a fun little thing (Marvel does it well enough

P.S. I know its ridiculous and isnt likely to ever happen I just thought Id share the thought heheh

some things only go well with Nintendo and Sega.

Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom hearts? yeah they did it in a kind of weird way Im nto a big fan of the series to be honest.


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