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First lest pay homage to the first rail shooter

It's obvious that the Wii is a great place for rail shooter and as time has passed the Nintendo love for rail shooters has not died. In this list that I have composed I will show some of the best railshooters ever! First on this list is something you may not have expected, and that is Pokémon snap which was released on the N64 and was based around a side character in the TV show who took pictures of Pokemon. Even though there are many of you who believe that this isn't much of a rail shooter keep in mind that is was an innovative and colorful game which you don't see a lot of today. Next on this list is Yoshi's safari, a game not as well known as Pokémon snap, but just as revolutionary.
In Yoshi's safari you play as Mario who sits atop of Yoshi as you shoot down Gombas and other Mario enemies with your gun (yes Mario has a gun) now this isn't the best railshooter due to 3 things. The first is Yoshi and like a fat guy at a movie his head is in the way and if you hit him you lose points. The second problem is again Yoshi because having to jump over ledges is a pain with the super scope and boss battles its worse. Finally the super scope is just plain crap. What made this game able to be on this list is again pure innovation. Unlike most railshooter it moves forward and that was really different for the and common you cant resist shooting a Gomba in the face. Time Crisis 4 will probably be argued by a lot of people saying that it should have been higher but in all honesty it's a really basic rail shooter because all it does to make it different is the use of multiple weapons. Its fun and I find 4 to be the most refined.

Dead space is a strange case it feels like their trying to show a survival story instead of telling you to shoot whatever comes in your way. It is one of the best looking games on the Wii but if you have gotten to the point where you can accept Wii graphics. Please hit yourself in the head with a hammer till you can't spell Xbox. As we take a deeper look into dead space we see that it is a Columbus of rail shooter or in other words it thought differently. For me the game felt nothing like an arcade game, and was easy at times. But at other time it felt like all odds were against me. Then other levels felt like a reward for playing, by giving you tons of items. Little touches give the game a spark such as voice recordings, stasis beam, weapons that shift abilities when you tilt, collectable comics that gave a background story. If it there were boss battles if would be perfect.

The game seems very close to its roots, with the weapons as enemies. Are there bad things you ask? Yes there are. There are the times you are being attacked and you have to solve a puzzle and that's good but sometimes it's just a little unfair. There are no boss battles L and do you remember how in the first game the slogan was in space no one can hear you scream. The last sad thing is it never pulls off fear. It can be suspenseful and difficult, but you can always kill things so that doesn't matter. For the first 4 chapter I thought someone in ea made it so my original gun doesn't work near enemies, and that would cause me to have to use a charge beam and melee attacks, and that would make it scary. Well it turns out that I was holding the wii remote at an angle and that caused me to have the charge gun. Well they dropped that and now everyone won't shut up. Its to bad they wont make any more of these games because not enough people buy them, but if you want a similar game by ea get Nerf Nstrike.

In the Rayman rabid series there are shooting games. They are good. If I was to give half of them a definition it would be Sega cd game brought into the 21st century. Fun games that seem like they could get a bunch of them and put it on wiiware it would sell. The only thing I didn't like was no auto reload. Tv party is a different story because it kinda like don't hit the civilians in HotD 2 except you hit the rabbids who don't belong in the old monster movie, for example hit the rabbids dressed up as chickens in the zombie movie. Its not that great but it could be a lot worse.

House of the dead is my favorite series of rail shooters. I wont mention overkill because I do not own overkill (or the original). The first game on my list is house of the dead two in my option this is the hardest game in the series. You play as characters who are friends with G as you fight against the evil goldman. You gain extra live by saving civilians, and depending on who you save your path changes. Not my favorite but still good. There was also a spin off called typing of the dead. In this game you play with a keyboard and type what the zombies have on them, boss battles ask you question and you have to type the right answer. As an added joke all characters have a dreamcast on their back and carry keyboards instead of guns. In house of the dead three you are G and his best friends daughter after an untold apocalypse happens. You don't have alternate roots and the game is kind of short but the end boss battle is so hard you will come back. Finally there was a spinoff of the first game in Japan called English of the dead think typing of the dead but you have to rewrite the Japanese text to English. You can find this game on the ds.

Finaly duck hunt. This game made rail shoter poular with the use of a gun. The pure entertainment of this game is unbelievable. Long live duck hunt (except for that dog).
so ya my favorite genre is rail shooters


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