Annoying interruptions while gaming

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My parents must have an Ending Sensor, 'cause they'll always interrupt me at the very end of every game I ever play. One marvelous example of this is when my dad started fucking dancing in front of the screen at the end of Portal.

I was playing assassins creed on my computer finally assassinated the target and got out of the guards line of site, was about to dive into a hay pile and my computer decided to take a shit. I like the old monitors because you could bitchslap them and not worry about them breaking.

Playing my PS3 online is reaaly hard because I have to position the ethernet cable in a precise manner as to make it connect for some reason.

When shit's getting tense, everyone thinks that's the perfect time to bother me.

Probably the phone ringing while I'm playing online, forcing me to quit the game so I don't get manhandled while I'm gone.

when i have to go to the bathroom

D Y N A S T Y:
when i have to go to the bathroom

You could always buy adult daipers.

for some reason when I play MW2,Halo 3 or counter strike my body would get really itchy and I would have to scratch myself(eyes,nose,leg,arm etc..) but if I'm not playing online it doesn't happen as often which is really weird

I think I got you all beat on this one:


Nothing is more horrible than playing through hours of gametime and having everything suddenly go dark. You are left fumbling through the darkness trying to get a flashlight. and then you're forced to sit in the dim light and find something else to do instead of getting back on and seeing just how much you have to re-do.

it's a total "OH Fuck no..." moment.

People always seem to interrupt me during Metal Gear Solid 3's cutscenes. And during Codec calls in Metal Gear Solid 4. They never seem to ask me stupid shit when I can actually pause the game though.

Well.. the one that comes to mind I suppose wasnt so bad but..
I had just gotten Final fantasy 12 and I was really excited about getting started. (Bummer I didn't like the game in the end) Anyway, there I am in the middle of the opening cutscean and my gf(ex) enters telling me we need to go right now and buy cigarettes. Her timing could not have bin worse and why I had to come way beond me. None the less, it annoyed the crap out of me :P

It's not rare to be playing a game and get called away to answer the phone, get the door, or because someone called you away for something, but sometimes it happens at the most inconvenient times possible. There's nothing you can do about it, they're forces outside your control. It's especially annoying when this happens during an un-pausable cutscene, but what about those times that you're really on the top of your game, an unstoppable juggernaut that gets toppled by one of these instances? I'll start off with a couple.

This one just happened a second ago and is what compelled me to make this topic. I was playing the DLC fighting level on Arkham Asylum; the one where you just keep fighting enemies until you die. I was kicking total assage. I had a 64x combo streak going, I felt completely unstoppable...and then my mom called me to ask me a question, completely capturing me off guard and forcing me to move my fingers off the keyboard so I could pause the game. Of course, this resulted in Batman getting punched in the face and ruining my combo. Poo.

There was another instance that probably ranks as my all-time most inconvenient. I was playing the first Guitar Hero on the PS2. I had gotten to Bark at the Moon, which was absolutely pounding me into submission. Failure after failure, I kept persisting until I finally started doing good. And not just good, really, really good. It looked like I was finally going to beat it, but of course that had to be the exact instant my dad comes in my room wanting to ask me something. I tried to tell him to ask me in a few minutes, since this was horrible timing. (Those of you who know Guitar Hero know how much of a pain it can be to try to pause in the middle of a solo) But my dad, being the impatient arse that he is, got mad, started yelling, and slammed the door. This left me very agitated and completely threw me off, resulting in yet another failure just seconds before I finished the song.

So yeah, parents. Not much you can do. What about you guys? I know this has happened to every gamer at least once.

Wait til you've got kids! 3 kids can really poop on your gaming, even when 2 of those kids are teenagers and gamers and should know better! ;-)
My husband is the worst, he would just walk in front of the TV whilst I was playing Shadow Hearts (judgement ring, anyone?) He still does it all the time, makes me feel all 'kill-y'

My parents seem to like to come in when it looks like I'm really frustrated and act surprised when I snap at them.

One of the more recent I've been interrupted was when I was play Lost odyssey during the fight with Kaim and Sarah on top of the Train. The next save point was a little ways away then my mom comes done and wants to use the Treadmill and watch TV.So I ask her to wait, she comes back and asks me again I tell her wait a little longer. So she starts walking on the Treadmill and her obvious annoyance really killed my enjoyment of the scenes till I said ok I'll leave it running but I want it back right after. So I wait for about an hour till she's done she gives it back to me. Then I watch the end of the scene and there's the save point all in two minutes

Well, I live alone, but some girl that lives in the apartment directly below mine likes to knock on my door at 2 in the morning to ask me to lower the volume a bit (although it is really not loud), I agree, I apologize, and then she just won't leave and starts to get chatty about the most BORING things ever. I'm, like, "Uh-huh. Mmm. Yeah. Haha! (Oh my God, can I please get back to my game? Please?). Every...single...time. I mean, what kind of girl knocks on your door at 2 in the morning and starts talking to you about her mom coming over the following morning and how she needs to get a good night's sleep and, oh by the way, mom's a real bitch, do you know what she told me the other day, she told me that....OH COME ON, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!

i remember my mum started cleaning when i was playin my xbox. wiped the thing down with a wet rag am im playin it and hits the f-ing power cord, jiggling it or somethinf and making the thing freeze.and this shit happened numerous times.

When I'm finally succeding at a part of a game I've been failing at for ages or I finally start doing well on MW2 I always get a phonecall, and it's always that friend everyone has who will keep you on the phone for hours talking to you about nothing remotely important then the whole time you're on the phone you're really not paying attention to a word they say just trying to think of an excuse to get off the phone.

everytime i'm in a game of l4d, and i mean every single FUCKING time, my gf calls me. without fail. it's like fucking clockwork.


My girlfriend. I play with headphones on so it's an extreme pain in the ass to take them off every 5 seconds to hear what she has to say about her life.

everytime i'm in a game of l4d, and i mean every single FUCKING time, my gf calls me. without fail. it's like fucking clockwork.


Yep, and this is the main reason I stay single. Besides the trust issues and the fact I am misanthropic.

My kidneys work over time whenever I game. Makes for many, many interuptions.

People standing in front of the TV. Or waving their hand in front of my face when I'm playing WoW.

For some reason we get a lot of phonecalls that if we take them they hang up immediately , nothing pisses me off like those when im in the middle of my game.

My mother telling me to "pause" because someone is on the phone. I've tried to explain the whole "online gaming" thing, but I never seem to get the message across.

Closing the door after people walk in, then walk off and leave it fucking open. I hate that so much.

Always happens at my house.

One time, soon after I had gotten my Gamecube, I started it up. Before the opening screen for the system (note, not the game, the system) was even finished, my dad comes downstairs and tells me I have five more minutes before I had to help him on something outside. I think I got as far as the main menu.

The other major annoyance I remember was when I reached the love scene in Final Fantasy X. Kind of overdramatic, but that's just Japan; I watch enough anime and play enough JRPGs to be used to their style. Beautiful imagery in that scene, though. Anyway, it's going, and my sister comes in and starts making fun of it for said overdramatization. Somehow, an important story cutscene has much less impact with your annoying little sister insulting it the entire time.


Especially during one of my Rock Band sessions. Sorry, I don't care how important it is. It's going to have to fucking wait.

whenever my ferret decides to climb on my head (like right now) or if he trys pushing one of the buttons on my controller, i hate it when he does that...

when children or other people insist on sitting around talking to you while you're trying to concentrate.

When you're playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero, people seem to think you can just stop playing, or take your extreme concentration and use it to their advantage by sticking stuff on your head and making you look like a retard because you can't take your eyes off the middle of the screen.

Parents and siblings.
My dad watches the History and Discovery channel, alot. Sometimes he's watching a show about explosives or prototype weaponry and he would yell out my name telling me to come out quick.
Or when my sisters need help with something while I'm playing online.
"Come here, I need you to get this off the top shelf" (I'm 6ft1, the tallest in my family, and they think it's a good idea to stack shit up high)
"Hold on, let me finish this match"

That or whenever my parents barge in during Nazi Zombies.

everytime i'm in a game of l4d, and i mean every single FUCKING time, my gf calls me. without fail. it's like fucking clockwork.


Gf's are better than games and if you don't agree you have the wrong girl.


everytime i'm in a game of l4d, and i mean every single FUCKING time, my gf calls me. without fail. it's like fucking clockwork.


Gf's are better than games and if you don't agree you have the wrong girl.

i love her to death and beyond trust me; i'm just amazed and frustrated at her aptitude in calling me in a tense game of left 4 dead, which is what the thread's about. never said the game was better than her, read it again

Playing WoW in alterac Valley, we're going for the win and i'm taking out graveyards etc. My mother walks into the room and starts talking at me. . . eventually she demands that I pause my game and pay attention to her.

Have you noticed that you just can't explain properly why you can't pause an MMO?

Happened to me before. Mostly when I wasn't in a PvP situation so I could just chill out for a bit to talk, but she really does come at bad times. Especially one time when I went downstairs before I started and asked if she wanted to talk. She says no, so I go upstairs, and then 15 minutes later she walks up and wants to have a 2 hour heart to heart.

Since I live in the wonderful land of China, my connection to any game is like a sad, senile old man; it just has no idea what its doing. Its hard to get through five minutes of multiplayer with it on PC or Live.

My mother does this all the time.

The other day I was playing capture the flag and I was guarding. Everything was going good - we were winning! - until my mum calls me and tells me she wants to ask me something. I shut pause my game, tell my teammates I'll be right back, and then shut my mic off.

When I get downstairs I still have my headset on and I can hear my teammates screaming about how they lost the flag and how they were getting killed, and my mother is asking me if I want pizza.

When I got back upstairs it was too late and we lost the match.

It's worse when she calls me down to ask me to bring down her laundry. Or she's wondering when I'll come downstairs. And I have to come down at that point - if I tell her "never" she'll be upset.

I gotta go with my ex gf, in the situation where i would spend the entire day with her, get home, switch on my ps2 (this was a while back) and start playing a game, and the fecking phone would ring, it was my ex, calling me, to talk, even though we'd spent the entire day together, and then after the phone call i get an endless barrage of texts, and if i dont text back within 10 minutes, i get more texts asking whats wrong and why arent i texting back...this happened every fecking day!

Also when you've been playing a game for hours and you forget to save, and you have a power cut, i'd been playing a game for 3 hours straight, go so absorbed i forgot to save, and then the power went, i couldnt even look at the box for at least a month

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