Which country is best at gaming?

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In terms of gaming the most amount of gold medals are being farmed by the Koreans.

15.236.834.672.543.526 Gold medals,
25 silver medals &
13 copper medals

Apologies to Korea and Korean readers here, just couldn't resist this joke =) No hard feelings.

Inappropriate joke about [insert country of your choice] beeing lazy, and unemployed, so they've got all the time in the world to game.

Also, escapia. The escapists are teh PWN-sauce.

SouthKorea wins for best players but not on average and for Starcraft of course.

europe=anything other than an fps
Asia=Not enough time between communism and sax
Japan=embodienment of videogames(no duh)

LoL what? you obviosuly dont play counterstike, european gamers own at 1.6....


Mass Effect brings home the bacon for Canada by itself. However, a list is in order:
Dragon Age
Dawn of War
Company of Heroes
Need for Speed
Assassins Creed
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
FIFA Soccer
NBA Live
Prince of Persia
Max Payne 3
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Unreal (1998)

Also, more historically there is Dune, Evolution, and B.C.'s Quest For Tires.

I do like Japanese games for their artistic nature and pretty boys, but I can't stand repetitive RPG elements and turn based gameplay. I don't play first or third-person games to think at a chess-like pace, I do that the rest of the day. I love Command and Conquer and Blizzards RTS multiplayer, as well as the first Crysis (German) largely because of the mystery, the stealth elements, and teh jungle environments. New York being destroyed again? Give New Yorkers, and, you know, EVERYONE ELSE a rest and stop having the setting for every game and movie be in New York, its getting old. Only Spiderman and Batman needs to be in New York. That's it. Also, Grand Theft Auto (Scotland) looks like fun, but I hate criminals and gangs.

I was going to respond to the guy who mentionned that USA for fighters but he was permabanned...

South Korea for all genres that aren't FPS (including fighters. Japan is second in that genre).

As for FPS, Europe.

USA only has Madden... and nobody gives two shits about that.

Edit: Fuck. Necromancy... I didn't notice till it was too late.

Those Zerg-rushing, headshotting South Koreans probably have the best gamers among them. When you have a culture that treats gaming with the respect it deserves, you get great gamers.


What is it with all the thread resurrections nowadays?

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