Why all the Zynga hate?

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I started hating them when they made me give them money to get better at Mafia Wars.
That, and the games they make tend are to be repetitive as hell.
This is how my usual session of Mafia Wars went:
I eventually began to realize that I had done nothing at all, and felt no sense of accomplishment or thrill.
Fuck man, at least Runescape would let me kill things! I was actually involved somewhat!
But no, they have to make this browser game that does nothing at all.
It just seems to embody everything I hate about games at times these days when I play a Zynga game because the majority of the players are idiots, you can't do anything fun or exciting, and you now have to pay money on a few of their games just to upgrade your shops. I don't even have to bring up the malware thing that was talked about.

I'll be honest that I came here just because of the Valve v. Zynga thing, after a friend told me about Zynga beating all those other developers.

But still, I've been respectful, at least I think. It can be a little frustrating to see people voting so they can get a pink horse or somethin like that, but still. I'm sure almost all of us can agree that Valve's the better developer, no matter what a poll on some forums says.

Now that being said, I'm gonna stick around here. After seeing all the crazy shit going down in that 400+ page monstrosity, and then browsing the rest of the forums, I can tell this is a pretty rare event, and that the rest of the community is actually pretty cool.

I think i also stick around here, a lot of thick people that vote for some odd flash developer ^^ for no apparent reason is fun enough.



Just because someone plays flash applications or nintendogs does not make them a gamer.

No, it doesn't make them a hardcore gamer. However, under a textbook definition, what Zynga makes counts as games, thus, those who play them regularly are gamers. It's just semantics.

Perhaps it is semantics but I consider someone a gamer if they play a variety of games (and I don't mean a variety of Zynga games as they're pretty much all the same anyway), whereas the majority of Zynga users haven't ventured outside of Farmville yet. So, therefore, they're Farmville players. If they say they've had a go at other games then, fine, they're a gamer.

But, then, I guess it's just the way you look at it.

A bit more on topic: For me, personally, I've never hated Zynga, and I hope none of my posts in the polls have ever implied that. I've tried to remain as level headed as possible. I'm more frustrated at how unbalanced the competition is. Yes, it may be a simple popularity competition and, yes, it's not supposed to be taken seriously but what's the point in any competition if there's no fairness in it. Of course, one competitor is always going to have some advantage of some sort over another but Zynga's is so blatant and so huge, there just doesn't seem to be any point in voting any more. It isn't about them advertising on their game pages, I don't mind that because anyone is allowed to do that, but it's the fact that their fans are able to log in and vote via their gaming platform - Facebook. Some have argued that any company could advertise the competition on Facebook but Zynga are the only developer in the competition to operate solely on Facebook, that's where they base their games so of course their fans are going to see the adverts and, because it's easy to vote for Facebook users, of course they're going to vote.

That's my only problem with Zynga in this competition. I know a lot of people have a problem with their past business practices as well and it's a valid point but it's not what's unbalancing the voting. I just don't see the point in a competition that isn't fun. Also, the spamming, lack of coherency in posts, and hate in the threads just takes any kind of enjoyment I could garner from the debates that have been going on in them as they just get buried, and mostly ignored.

This is my first March Madness so I'm not sure what the others were like, apart from bits and pieces I've heard (none good), but were they civil and enjoyable at any point? If not, then perhaps The Escapist should consider another event to bring in new users for next year.

Because they recruited an army of (picking words intelligently) uneducated people to vote for them which in turned [messed up] the brackets. On a site for hardcore gamers we need more strict rules as to what qualifies in the listing.

I have nothing against Zynga. I used to play their poker game before I stopped going on myspace and facebook. I just feel the rules need to be modified because of their presence.

I don't hate Zynga, I just don't think they deserve the top position after Bioware made the masterpieces of ME2 and DA:O.

I mean really, if you think farmville beats that, you have mental issues.

It's not Zynga hate, more or less, it's jut extreme Valve love.

Which is quite well earned because Valve is the best thing since sliced bread, or unsliced bread for that matter

I don't like Zynga for two reasons.

1. Extreme platform domination. I know of only two non-Zynga games that my friends use on a regular basis; most are too busy with *Ville and *World, because that's all their own friends use. Other companies are having problems entering the market because they can't compete with Zynga's cross-promotion, deeply-deployed userbase, and profits. Whether or not their games are good, those games are what people use, and anyone trying to compete with them or play non-Zynga Facebook games is a fool and a misfit, doomed to failure (company) / isolation (individual).

2. Near-mandatory recruitment. A lot of Zynga's games' gameplay is based around "Spam your friends with requests/gifts, get good things in return!" I've blocked many Zynga games from clogging up my news feed with "I found a lost Something! Help me find its owner!" and my requests page with "I want to give you a Something! Accept immediately so I can get an Otherthing!" However, I still can't see what my friends are actually doing in real life on their social network pages, because of whole pages' worth of Zynga game events. I want to know how they're feeling, what they're up to IRL, not how many acres their virtual, non-existant farm is.

The games themselves are good, for casual games, but there's no way I can make anything for Facebook now, because my friends will all go "Why are you wasting time with that when you could be helping me get a bigger pe-- aquarium?"

I don't even know what zynga is...but if it relates to peggle, than its not all bad. These kinds of games are pretty much the only thing I can get my g.f to play with me.

It's not that I hate them, it's that they're beating all of these other developers that are held in such high regard. I really don't think that their games stack up to Valve's.

Zynga sucks a$$ i like my hardcore game but i also played mafia wars on tagged facebook and myspace but they screwed us on tagged so i'm boycotting all there stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!

In response to the OP, I think PopCap are a fantastic developer. They make casual games but they do it well. Peggle was a bit too addictive and simple for my liking but Plants vs Zombies was awesome, it took a genre I've never really liked (Tower Defence) and made it fun and crazy.

The reason people don't like Zynga is because of a couple of things. Criticisms about "they don't make real games" aside (which I think is a crock of shit, personally), the main fault is that their games are bland, plagiarised, and operate in a similar way to a gambling addiction - if you don't log into Farmville every couple of days, all of your plants die and progress is lost.

Add to that the fact that the CEO admitted to scamming players of the corporation's games for additional profits and the fact that they're essentially dominating March Mayhem due to ignorance and yeah, it makes perfect sense that there's a lot of hate towards Zynga on these forums.

I think its a joke that they are even in the march madness.
Their tiny flash games may be fun for some people, and most of them are still beta, but they aren't anywhere near the same level as quality as every other developer in the march madness thingy.

Every year the Escapist paints the devil horns on someone and try the whole competition to stop there advances and fails. Last year it was turbine, this year it is Zynga. Next year it will be someone else. Sadly, Turbine has been turned away by rampant hate and Zynga will probably do the same.

If you enjoy Zynga's games more than anyone else's then from your point of view Zynga is the best developer and there's no reason you shouldn't vote for them. Personally I like more intellectual, engaging games so I voted for the companies making Portal and the better of the FFs (6, 9, 13).

But... valve is in control of that, "blockbuster, netflix" thing. Steam.

Bringing most of the respectable PC games of the past years onto one site and creating a sort-of DRM that people ACCEPT is something that make Valve utterly kickass and do more for hte hardcore segment of gaming than Zynga will ever do, even if they made an extra billion players. Those billion will keep buying shovelware adn we'll be getting no where for an entire generation.

Oh and valve has made great games and respect their communities.

Does Zynga offer mods?

These games tore my family apart. They were so addicting, my mother and father split over cafe world and farm ville. These games are my enemy. I garantee to you the day I can draw my sword, these companies will fall. Then they shall know the pain I've felt because of them.

Heh well I can't say anything about tactics cause I've never played it, 4 was interesting but I never finished it so again :)

Pop Cap actually takes time to make some really, really fun games like Plants vs. Zombies. Zynga on the other hand, makes poor quality flash games that spam and scam the players that play it.

Also, Zynga doesn't deserve to win a Best Developer contest like March Mayhem. There is no way in hell that Zynga is better than any of the other developers that were in the tournament. Its games are pure shit and it spams and scams the people that play the games. They didn't deserve to be in this tournament to begin with. Zynga also fucked up everyone's bracket. That is why we hate Zynga

Fuck Zynga!

I don't literally hate them, from time to time I'm farming, too, just to kill some time.
But nevertheless I don't like them and I totally agree that they don't fit in this contest.

What I don't like mainly is the arrogance, seeing themselves as great(est) developers and pioneers only because of their massive amount of users but haven't released any stable game yet. To excuse the countless bugs they mark every game as "beta" so that noone can really complain. 80 million beta testers 24/7 and no final version in sight or even intended. That's ridiculous.

In addition to that of course I dislike the fact that every popular Zynga game is a rip-off and the inventors of the idea, mostly smaller app developers, have no chance to compete because of their unfair and unreliable advertising/spam practices.

And looking at the exchange rate real money <-> ingame cash you'll see that it's nothing more than scam. For a single house in farmville for example you have to pay the equivalent of $5-20. Yes, you don't HAVE to pay for their games but playing the free stuff only is like playing the tutorial level of a game all the time and you'll be bored soon. So many people see those new and shiny houses in the market area and just want to place them on their farm to add a personal style to it. Since not having to deal with great challenges ingame you can see most of the farmers as Junior Level Designers - with the difference that they can't really walk through their maps and get some action afterwards. Now just as a gag: Translate the pricing for single objects to a regular CS map like cs_italy. So many houses, you'd have to pay about $500 to get that style and atmosphere. and that's just a single map ^^.

I added some farmers I don't know personally just to get some really active neighbors and trying out the social part of it and a lot of them seem to buy oodles of BS just because nearly every week another set enters the market. And when the next one comes up they store the old stuff to get space for the next BS and won't ever use it anymore.
So I guess assuming these neighbors are the average of farmville 'customers' they pay every month at least $50 by 'playing' that buggy and laggy scam app just because they are kind of addicted and can't stop anymore because otherwise they had to admit that they wasted a lot of time and money for nothing - so they keep on farming.
Talking about free games here huh?

So THAT's why I don't like Zynga :)

People are annoyed because they should not win.

If it's a contest about which is the superior developer, then Valve win. They make full releases, which is damn hard work; Zynga make flash games. It's like comparing McDonald's to a 5-star restaurant. The former is more popular, but the latter is obviously superior.

If it's a contest about which the Escapist community prefers, then Valve should win, because people prefer them. Most of the people who voted for Zynga just did so because Zygna posted an update on their fan page on Facebook, and swarms of people voted for that reason. These people are not part of our community, so why should they be allowed to vote?

If it's just a straight up popularity contest it's pointless because whoever has the most customers wins; might as well just go to Wikipedia and look up some numbers.

You sir are made of win you hit the nial on the head and restated my oppinion exactly what do these idiots get out of spamming a community they arnt even part of.

P.s. who ever had the bright idea to involve 4chan should be hunted down and killed. thats the reason the zynga vs. valve forum is spamed with everything from porn to walls of nothing but zynga is gay.

After hearing all this crap, I was happier when the only acronym of MM I knew was Media Molecule.

I still dont get why people vote on zynga. Isn't this a gaming forum?

I still dont get why people vote on zynga. Isn't this a gaming forum?

Zynga makes games.

This site invited them to the contest as a game developer.

This forum's description includes browser games in the "gaming" thread, so obviously they think browser games are gaming.

If shallow, derivative time-wasters are the future are the future of the industry, then I'd rather the industry not have a future at all.

The main reason I hate them is because on my facebook, I've gotten 50 requests to adopt a lost cow(or something along those lines)

That, and the fact that they're even in this competition. That's probably why I'm saying bad things about it now.

Vladmir Oreilly:
If shallow, derivative time-wasters are the future are the future of the industry, then I'd rather the industry not have a future at all.

That's a little melodramatic, don't you think?

I mean, did a wise man not once say, "Can't we all just get along?" I think it was President Dale.

Anyways, the only reason I can think of valid hate for Zynga is that whole fiasco with scamming people. If the CEO changed after that, I wouldn't care, but to my understanding, it's the same guy, right? Well, that's pretty wrong. And the whole, you know, stealing artwork from other games. That's pretty bad too.

But, the games are popular. And popular things win in popularity contests.

I don't understand the big deal, though. I mean, I am new here, so that's probably the reason. But what happens to the winner of March Mayhem? Do they get anything? Anything at all? Does it carry any meaning?

What is the community here afraid of, in that manner? That people new to gaming will come here, see Zynga won, and start playing Facebook games rather than Mass Effect 5? Well, I don't see that happening.

But of course, I couldn't care less. The developer I registered here to vote for got knocked out in the first round!

Because one Zynga poster said "What is Valve?, I haven't Heard of Their Games"

Well, i hate them for being scammers and for having a name that sits on a tongue about as well as a pile of manure. Seriously, whoever came up with their company name should be shot, it's just ugly.

Whatever.Frankly, I think March Mayhem is just a bad joke. I can't wait until it's over and we can all go back to normality.

QFT. There's just so much truth in that. I prefer to call it "Hell March".

[/quote]Mainstream is exactly the kind of thing that brought gaming so much problems. back when gaming was underground there was no such thing as a 10 yr old screamer or fanboys. the quality of the games and the required IQ to play such games were HIGH. now that its mainstream you have all these kinds of idiots who are attracted to shiny but shitty games. they lower the bar of quality for everyone else. its not that people hate zynga, they hate their fanbase. the fanbase of zynga is nothing more than housewives, children, and addicts which spam this site with "ew! blood!" comments.[/quote]

My god,you read my mind.
I agree completely. anyone who has taste in games world choose valve, but people with taste are outnumered by litle kids,boring people and oring adults which none have any taste in video games, so they like shitting around on a farm instead of a EXTREMELY Well put-together FPS game beacuse it has 'Violence' wich so many idiot parents think 'If my kid plays a violent video game, He/she will pick up a gun and start killing people!' also known as bullshit. But valve will come out in the end. Think of GORDON FREEMAN. And think of fake farming. which is better? It's common sense.

Zappa Daddy:
I'm going to play devil's advocate for a minute. At last year's PAX, I listened to a speech given by some of the PopCap developers - the same brilliant dudes who brought us Peggle. Their argument was that social networking and casual games are actually GOOD for hardcore gamers. Here's the analogy they used. There are plenty of hardcore film buffs in the world, but nearly everyone watches movies. Even people who watch TV a few hours a month are still likely to have a NetFlix account or visit the local Blockbuster.

All great and good, but if we're going to include browser devs then I'd still prefer to vote for the guys behind Canabalt and Robot Unicorn Attack. Just saying.

I have nothing against Zynga personally its the mindless drones they command that I hate. I'm not saying all of them are mindless drones just the 40%(I assume that an accurate measurement) that followed a link saw Zynga vs Valve and said "I've never heard of valve... GO ZYNGA". If your going to vote for something at least show respect to the others as well.

If Zynga recruited you for a war wouldn't you want to know a little about the enemy? Maybe think "Am I on the right side, is our cause just?" or would you just go "FOR ZYNGA" and charge to your death?

I think my biggest gripe with them is that they flat out confessed to using less than legal methods with getting funds and the like. I'm not trying to start a flame war, just stating a opinion of mine.

To mods: Please don't ban me over this.

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