How Many Times Have You Quit WoW And Why?

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If you've had to quit WoW multiple times, then you've never really quit WoW, have you?

If you quit WoW, and then start playing it again later, you haven't quit, you just took a break. The same can be said about smoking, drinking, or any drug. You haven't quit until you've quit.

First time I quit I got bored with it, that is before Burning Crusade came out. Second time I took a break was for 2 mths due to family issues

First time because it was too time consuming, second time was cause I got bored and the last time was cause I got my account hacked 3 times in 2 weeks.

I've stopped playing once or twice before, and I've just stopped playing again last week. I really can't be bothered with it, I can only ever play it for so long before I get really fucking tired, so balls to it. I've ordered Champions Online for £3, and it comes with a month. That'll probably be more enjoyable.

Once... since if I went back then I would not have really quit.
And eh, it just got boring for me. I actually ended up getting more enjoyment out of fishing than I did doing the dumbass raids.
Id be that one blood elf warlock with a succubus guarding my back sitting around in awesome gear just fishing all over the world.
I kinda got a humourous reputation for that. Small private servers are soo much better than official ones.

I've quit 3 times and I'm not going back. I found it boring afer a while,which seems to be the common consensus. Plus it helps if you're lazy and never get past 50 when everyone you know is 80.

Got to level 20. Got my first area of effect spell, and was totally psyched. Went to fight an NPC orc guard. Got owned by one. Damn. Orc.
After that, I reevaluated why I was playing the game, and decided that holy shit, there was no reason. My friends were 40 levels above me, I didn't have the time nor the patience NOR the willingness to grind, and I was totally broke. Most importantly, though, was that I was bored to tears and was just going through the motions.
I hate world of warcraft. It is one of the most terrible, boring games I have ever had the displeasure of playing. The fact that millions of people play this game religiously makes me worry for the future of humanity, as it would take some kind of emotionless automaton to take joy in participating in it.

Am I the only one who finds it stupid to refer to periods of not playing WoW as "being sober"?

In any case, I quit once and I will probably never return to it or MMO's in general. I enjoyed my time playing WoW, but I no longer have the time or money to do it. Plus, since I did not have the time to play endgame PvE and was never interested in PvP, my interest began to fall sharply.

So after playing Wrath of the Lich King for a while, I simply dropped it and never came back. Never really understood all the fuss about quitting. I enjoyed playing WoW, yet I had no trouble just stopping when other priorities took over.

I played it for like a month or two then quit. It wasn't all that hard, I don't see the long-term appeal to it.

Once, now. But I think the main problem people have with it is that they treat it like a drug. If you say things like "clean now for X weeks", you're just convincing yourself that you're addicted. Yes, I know addictions can be created from anything, but in most peoples' cases, it is nothing more than a game with overhyped more-ishness.

Twice. The first time I picked it up because it was curious about why so many people played it. After a month I got bored. I got into it again when my friend wanted to play it with me and I dropped it when I got bored again

Once, when my free trial ended. xD

Likewise. Tried it because it had a Mac client when my PC was in the shop, got bored, left, never looked back.

Twice, both times I was basically cut off from it by the WoW-Nazi commonly known as "Mom". Been out of game for 2 or 3 years now (can't keep track :P)

I have quit.. Well, once. I only ever got the trial, and never really got into it. Good thing too, cause I would probably have gotten sucked in.


Once, when my free trial ended. xD

Likewise. Tried it because it had a Mac client when my PC was in the shop, got bored, left, never looked back.


probably about four times over a couple of years, due to either not having enough money, getting bored, or more recently computer death. been about a year since playing last, but i wouldnt be opposed to the idea of playing again

Once. I reached level 5, and got so bored I couldn't play anymore. No offense if you play, I just found it very tedious and repetitive. Oh that sounded offensive... Sorry...

Hm, well I've taken week/month long breaks since I started playing in 2006, but officially I've quit twice.

First time I quit was before the Lich King expansion, and it was out of boredom.

Second (And last) time I quit was back in January. I'm a game addict and so is my boyfriend. We decided that if we were to want to raise a healthy family without addictions ruling our lives we'd need to get rid of all influences. WoW tears me away from my spiritual life with Christ, takes away from my social life and sleep. I've been way better off since I quit, and so has he. =) The temptation to download the game and resubscribe always rears its ugly head, but I have to concentrate on what I quit for and what a great future I will have not having this addiction burden me.

By the way, it was my boyfriend's idea to quit video games.

I think about 5 times. Got tired of paying money.

Once... so far. I just got bored having to grind out stuff for my professions (spending hours doing nothing but killing the same enemy 20 bajillion times for something that drops barely 5% of the time is not my idea of fun), as well as not being able to go raiding because of my schedule. And on top of that my friends stopped playing around the same time, so I just quit.

However, I am now back in. With two 80's. My brother transferred my already 70 mage to his account and got it to 80, and also got a Death Knight to 80 (my brother loves WoW) But his account got hacked, so nearly all of his gear was deleted. So now I get to run instances to get better gear, which I don't really mind, because they're kinda fun, especially the raids. Also, WotLK added better graphics, better tools, and new art design/story* for Northrend is much better, and far more interesting.

* By story I mean certain instances are part of a chain, which advances a story (Brann Bronzebeard/Halls of Stone>Lighting>Ulduar, Forge of Souls>Pit of Saron>Halls of Reflection> Icecrown). I also really like the Ymirjar/vikings.

Edit: However, I do not have my own account, and I am not the one paying. Would I pay $15 a month (or buy a subscription card)? Yes. But Then I would have to transfer my mage back to my account, and possibly the Death Knight, then change the Dks name. All together, thats over $60, which I am not going to pay.

3 times now. Because I refuse to pay for my own time, and go by the charity of someone really wanting to play with me.

Meaning, everytime someone stops paying for me, I quit.

I lost count...i refuse to be suckered back in... again...blizzard hates my class...therefore i hate them...and in any case old republic is going to be the shit

once. i got bored and decided to stop paying $15 a month for a game i wasn't playing. don't really plan on going back. i may get back into MMO's when the old republic comes out.

Dropped it twice. Don't intend to play it much, even with the coming expansion. I may pick it up, but only for 30 min every 2 days or so. Once I complete my uber gaming rig, it won't be worth my time. I'll be playing TF2 since I'll actually be able to run it and maybe be playing HL2: E3 if Valve actually gets into gear...

Lol I've quit twice, first time was a few months before BC was out, because no one wanted to raid and I was never into PvP, Second time was like October '09 due to disliking patch 3.2

And yes, I am playing it again... right now infact.

You probably aren't really looking for responses like this, but never, because I've never played.

Jumped on right after BC was released. Stopped when I hit 70 and pvp got a bit stale for me. Jumped on again at Lich king, quite after pvp got stale. I've only had one cap-level character (Rogue). I want to make a healer and really take my time with it, maybe do some raiding. 3rd time, INC.

My mom forced me to quit =(

4 times
2 months sober
I got into the hardcore raid scene and it started feeling like a job

I've only quitted once and it was because it was way too expensive (seriously 15$ a month it's too much for just 1 game) and because it was boring, sure I didn't get to level 70 (which was the cap at the time I know now is 80) so I know I didn't get to experience the fun stuff but I am not going to waste my time and money doing boring grind and all that stuff if all I want is to get to the good stuff as fast as possible which means the same day I buy the game not until like 2 or 3 months of playing boring quests!


All but one of my friends lost interest, although to be fair i lost interest first. The one who still plays we all agreed has issues.

I've quit only once. I haven't played it for a year and I don't plan on playing again.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a waste of money. $20 is a nice price for an MMO but the $15 a month kills it. Besides the quests are repetitive. You're either doing:

1) A "kill monster X Y amount of times" quest
2) A god-forsaken escort quest
3) A delivery quest
4) A "retrieve extremely rare item X Y amount of times" quest

I know there's not a whole lot to expand on but I'm not into repetition.

Started playing at the beginning of burning crusade. A Mage. Then I ruled as a glorious leader of power for WotLK, then I stopped before the drop of Icecrown. Thank god I cured my sickness, by medicating with weed instead of WoW.

4 or so times. mostly got boring and when me and my friend started up again we'd restart completely. the final time my account got sold and I dont wanna make another account

I don't know exactly how many times I quit, I kinda go on and off whenever I feel like playing an mmo and most of the free ones just don't cut it. Usually though it's because I solo a lot and try to actually have fun but end up getting screwed because either my friends are too into the "gotta be the best" mind set so they're usually way above me lvl wise and won't take time out of their grinding to come have some fun, or I get into a guild that's supposedly one for fun and all they actually care about is lvling or they kick me from it because they're only concerned about the contributing members of it.

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