How Many Times Have You Quit WoW And Why?

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I've never officially "quit" WoW, but I have taken long hiatuses. I've had bad luck in finding stable guilds, so I tend to take breaks when the guild breaks up. It's either that or run around Orgrimmar on my mount for a couple of hours.

3 times i've quit.
1st time the closed down my internet and i went straight back when they turned it back on 1 month later
2nd time was when Wrath came out, i stopped playing for 6 months then tried it.
3rd time was 6 months ago, i am clean ever since and i dont plan to go back...EVER!
Fuck Cataclysm and all those whiney, kiddie-retards on Zenedar(EU)

Won't play it for the same reason that I don't do crack.

I twice, first when BC came out, I stopped for 8 months
Now I stopped 6 months ago, and this time I dont want to return. Its an easy game made for children these days, boring, repetitive.

1 time, 3 years ago, after 2 weeks of playing. I shall never return.

I quit, or more exactly stopped playing, twice. Both times the game stopped being "fun" due to guilddrama. I started playing again about 2 months ago, and I'm having fun again.

once, because i got to 70 and got tired of spending money on the shit.

Once. And I might return. Because I am in need of something to refresh my every day.

Either WoW or some more friends to hang out with.

Had a 4 month break before WotLK when I stopped with hardcore raiding. Came back a month before WotLK to have some casual fun in Outlands and WotLK itself. That lasted for another 4 months. After that I stopped for a year when I ran out of content (as I didn't raid).

I came back again last month and I'm enjoying a bit of PvP and leveling with my new Dwarven Warrior. Rerolling is cool. Might switch to Horde though, sick of Alliance sucking in BG's. Yay for faction change! I wonder how long I'll last though, in that year I expanded my gaming quite a bit.

Twice. Once during TBC because I was tired of it and sold my account. Came back 1 month before WotlK was released, played 5-6 months, and then quit again. Permanently that time. Bought a PS3 and never touched WoW again.

I don't play it in the summer holidays, since it's boring at that time

Not ta sound like an ass (TOOOOO LATE!) but.....

You can only quit something once, otherwise, you never really quit it in the first place.

Akira Fumi:
2, once because it was too hard to do much endgame without sacrificing social life, and the second time was last year when they gave in to all the crybabies about The Frozen Throne and made it really easy to get geared. I left about 2 days before the Lich King was added to the game worlds, and I really laughed when he was downed in like 2 days. He's supposed to be the last boss of that huge expansion, and he died faster then it took people to get through Sunwell or Ulduar when they came out...

It's just silly.


Longest Undefeated boss from Patch release to downing. 25 man hardmode has only been beaten by 2 guilds. Its the only mode thats even comparable to the 40 man raids of old anwyay.

I've never played it. Think I would get pretty hooked, I like my school work too much to care about it.

Only once. Had a friend that was way more into it than me, and he passed my leveling speed pretty fast. So I made a new character, but WoW was usurped by my younger brother, and I had better things to do.

Well, I sort of quit twice, between Patch 2.3 and 2.4 .

I become mind-numbingly bored with the game, and the tedious farming that really became apparant later in TBC, such as Netherwing and Shattered Sun. So I pretty much left until Wrath. Been there ever since.

I've quit a few times, right now I'm currently playing though. I've also been playing since vanilla WoW so there's no way I could have played without a break since 2004.

It had a good run, but after everybody constantly discussing it and all and never shutting up, I just got really bored of it.

Just the once.

After 3 hours of playing.

Because it was shit.


I started playing WoW after EQ went to shit and EQ2 proved to be disappointing. A bunch of old EQ buddies were playing so I gave it a shot. Got a couple characters to 65, enjoyed the PvP and hated the solo game (solo game is what kept me going in EQ, even though I was in a decent guild). Raids bored me even more.

So, though I enjoyed PvP, the solo game wasn't what it was in EQ. Daily quests got boring fast, interaction with mobs was nothing like I was used to. Did the end-game guild stuff and still wasn't that impressed. So, after probably a year non-hardcore, I gave it up and don't really miss it.

My roommate still plays occasionally and has been trying to convince me to reactivate my acct or start a new one, but I can't convince myself it's a good idea.

i havent quit, just stopped playing for a while. gonna go buy a 2 month time card sometime and play when cataclysm comes out

I have quit the game 3 times.
Once, because my trial ran out but because my friends still played it i became more and more drawn into the game.
Twice, due to a lack of decent internet connection.
Thrice, BORED of end game content, although that break was literally only for like 3 months and i am now back on The WOW, but now i seem to be playing it less and less TBH


I've never actually gone "Right, I'm quitting this game" as I've never felt that I couldn't simply log off and do something else (like at the moment I've not logged on for a couple of weeks, though I'm probably going to jump on over the weekend for some mucking around). However, just prior to Burning Crusade I decided that it was a prime opportunity to sell my account and make some profit out of the game. Had the bid up to £250 before eBay shut it down, boo.

After that just kept playing, sometimes more than others. I've never understood the whole "OMG, I've been clean so long...". Were you really that addicted? Has anyone ever been that addicted?

Thee times.
Once in vanilla; got bored.
Once in TBC; got bored.
Once in Wrath; no time to play.
Third quit is coming up in June, when my current playtime ends, and I'll be off until Cataclysm hits.
Unless Cataclysm hits before my playtime ends, but I don't see that as a very likely event.

Once because it was so utterly boring I never felt motivated to go back. Also I only had a ten day trial and I wasn't going to pay for both WoW and Xbox Live. But mostly because of the first reason.

Twice. The first because it was soul-crushingly awful before they finally fixed a few hundred idiotic design problems, the second because my guild folded when our healer got a girlfriend.

Once. I played it for 2 weeks or so. It bored me to death. I haven't returned, and I don't plan to.

This only replace the 2 weeks with 3 days.I'm mean seriously there so much grinding and there's no interesting character's T_T.

3 or 4 times. Peer pressure.

Stole. My. Avatar.

I played the demo and immediately lost interest after I hit level 8ish...

3 times and mostly because i was bored. or that were so other game that loocked more interesting.

I quit WoW once and never returned. I got fed up trying to level because it took too long and I couldn't go to all the interesting places or get the One sword that I wanted at level 36.

The Bank of Azeroth is still holding some things for me in case I ever do return.

once. no where near enough guns for my liking.

I stopped playing a while ago back when I had an old machine that couldn't run WotLK*.I gave the account to my brother but I have considered going back a few times.

*Except it could because I could play the beta just fine,even if the full version claims otherwise.

I have quit twice because it became boring. 5 months sober this time. However I fear that Cataclysm will reign me in again.

Twice. Once when I felt I had done everything The Burning Crusade had to offer. Again when I felt I had done everything The Wrath Of The Lich King had to offer.

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