SPOILERS Nier (Gestalt/American Vers.) Ending Explanation please?! SPOILER ALERT

Yeah, so... What in the fuck? I played Nier, beat the game once, and got ending A.

Ending A: Some confusing, artsy scene that made no sense to me. You get Yonah, then...then Kaine friggin-and the camera pans left and the father gives his daughter WHO SHOULD NOT BE THAT YOUNG NOW a flower and and then the older-you know what? Fuck it!

-Can anybody please help me understand what's going on at the ending of this mostly straight forward fun RPG?
--Also, could you please tell me what happens in ending B? I'd like to know if there's an ending that let's Nier get the daughter, the girl, and the whole kit-and-kabootle. You know, like a genuinely happy ending.

P.S. I know about endings C and D which are both shit in my opinion. If anybody wants to know what they are I can tell you flat out, because they aren't confusing at all to me.

i think that B is just a continuation of A and that D is the final part of it cause at the ending of B Emil just talks about Weiss and Kaine, and they are having downloadable content which im hoping you play kaine trying to figure out who that guy was in her little flashback on ending D

So are you actually on your second playthrough yet? Since you said you haven't seen B yet.

imo the 2nd playthrough is well worth it, even just from the fact that you get to read what the bosses are saying now.


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