Anyone else miss the old lego games?

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Good times. I loved those Lego games

Man, i have so many memories of playing both Lego Racers games.

I miss them now.

Lego Racer! Oh my word. I just nostalgia-ed all over my living room.
Now I'm sad because I don't have it anymore...

I'd love setting up a whole city in Lego Creator, sprinkling it with dynamite, then blowing the whole thing up. In some ways it was disturbed but it was absolute fun and it always ate a few hours I wasn't using.

When I was a wee little boy, around age six or so, the only games I ever played were the Lego ones (and Hot Wheels Mechanix, but shut up). I still own each and every one of them, and I can remember how much joy they gave me.

Lego LOCO, Lego Racers 1 and 2, Lego Rock Raiders, Lego Island, Lego Island Extreme, Lego Alpha Team. All of them excellent games that, in my opinion, are still as good to this day.

Unfortunately, Lego Racers 2 no longer works. I bought 2 copies of the game, and both of them eventually carked it. Lego Racers 1 still works, despite the fact I bought it before Lego Racers 2 and it's one of those old games where you can just copy all the installed files onto your USB and it'll work anywhere, without a disc.

Lego Rock Raiders was my absolute favourite. I don't know why, looking back, but I guess I just loved the challenge it presented me when I was nine or however old when I first got it. Besides, it's Lego blokes from space digging into some planet to get crystals to power their ship, and lava and rock monsters get in their way. No space marines, no macho badasses spewing one liners, no handsome cocky bastards.

Actually, all the games were excellent. I still play Lego Racers 1, despite its sequel being my preference because of the open, sand-box style world it had (except you can't get out of your car... but you can drive it off a mountain!) and that you actually took damage in races, so eventually your car would be reduced to nothing but scrap blocks and you had to run.

Yes. You had to RUN in a racing game. It was so cool.

Alpha Team... lasted the least time. It was a great game, and a lot different to the style I was used to (it was like setting up an intricate mouse-trap and seeing all the parts move and cooperate to reach the final climactic culmination of colour, lasers and all kinds of awesome stuff), but the disc fucked itself up somehow. I don't know how, but whenever I tried to play it a few months after installing it, it would just keep doing a three second loop that prevented me continuing past the main menu. That Tee-Vee robot would just keep spouting the same lines over and over 'Hi! I'm TeeVee! Welcome to Alp-eeVee! Welcome to Alp-eeVee! Welcome to Alp-eeVee!' It still rings in my head to this day.

Lego Island was more my cup of team for the time. I remember, I got Lego Island Extreme first (another one that's disc sadly bit the dust) and it was THE BEST GAME out of all of them. Rock Raiders was my favourite for a time, but Island Extreme was like some kind of Lego Sandbox games. Seriously, it was like a non-violent GTA with Lego. There were story missions, there were other missions to do to get more stuff and there was the opportunity to go wherever you wanted across the island, including riding cars, bikes, helicopters, aeroplanes, whatever. It seriously is one of the greatest games I have EVER PLAYED.

People, if you're sick of modern games and the endless rehashing of titles over and over then PLEASE check these games out. They are absolute bliss to play, and I personally would have the Lego Racers games over any Need for Speed or other racing game any day.

Oh god yes. Lego racers was amazing, and I had the fantastic GBC version of Lego Island.

Oh and I had this medieval castle creator thing by them, that was genius.

Sadly I only got the demo to the Castle Creator, but I absolutely love it too. Being able to change the weather to torrential rain and firing cannons at enemy castles (in Lego) was excellent. The demo limited my experiences though... but it was still pretty good.

I loved Lego Creator and Rock Raiders when I was a kid! Rock Raiders had one of the best opening cinimatics of any game.

I had Lego Racers 1 for the N64, and I had Lego Racers 2 for PC. I was the best out of all my friends with my awesome custom car.

EDIT: Oh Christ I just remembered Lego Rock Raiders for PC, that game confused so much as a kid.

Actually, I miss Legos. No, not the kits that are designed to build one thing and include as few generally usable parts as possible. I mean the old basic building block sets. I don't see why you'd play with Legos in a computer game.

I loved Lego Island and put hundreds of hours into it. I also really liked Lego Rock Raiders. My first sandbox and RTS games, respectively.

I remember getting Lego Creator: Harry Potter, thinking it would be a game about Harry Potter except played by Lego characters. It ended up being some lame game where you build things... And guess what they release now that I'm not interested anymore? Yup. Lego Harry Potter.

I played through Lego Island 2 and three something around seven times each; no other game has ever been able to come anywhere near that in terms of time put in. Additionally, Rock Raiders got me into RTS for the first time (I could never get past the penultimate set of levels, though), Lego Racers 2 got me into racing and introduced me to the concept of an open-world game, Alpha Team was the first puzzler (and 3D game) that I ever played, and Bionicle Heroes some game from 2006 that I don't want to remember right now introduced me to the 3rd person shooter.

For the record though, Lego Island 3 was the best thing they ever did prior to 2005.

Actually, I miss Legos. No, not the kits that are designed to build one thing and include as few generally usable parts as possible. I mean the old basic building block sets. I don't see why you'd play with Legos in a computer game.

Ah, you got there before me.
Anyway, this.
I loved building things with blocks and legos when I was little; it was how I spent most of my time (that, and slamming together those little metal cars). Other girls dressed barbies...I built fortresses and cities and stages epic battles. Good times.

When I first found out about a lego video game, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. I'm surprised this many people like them (not in a rude way--I've never played one, so I can't claim to have an opinion on whether or not they were good). What's the appeal?


I played Lego Racers 1 and 2.

1 was the best.

<3 Rocket Racer and that Safri Dude.


Can you mail it to me?

Yep, it exists. It was a great early attempt at a sandbox game.

Read about it here or buy it here.

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