Hilarious Names of your Characters

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Made a Mage on WoW called "Magemyday"

The only one that comes to mind for me right now is my band name in rock band, which was Rough Toaster Love.

Opian....my friends and I got a good chuckle out of it because it sounds like opium

I recently picked up Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, in which you can pick your character's first name. However, your last name must always be 'Clemens.' It's almost unheard of for me not to go with the default names at least the first time through, but the default, 'Luso,' is just tremendously stupid to me.

So my character became 'Samuel Clemens.' Proud member of Clan Riverboat.

Somewhat on topic, Cid's first line begins, 'oi oi,' which I misread as 'oui, oui.' So I went through the game ascribing a French accent to him, even though I quickly realized my error.



I'm not too sure why, but reading this made me crack up for, like, 5 minutes.

OT: I normally call my Squirtle on Pokemon Red 'Penis', so it says "PENIS uses SQUIRT!" or, later on, "PENIS uses HYDRO PUMP!"

Hahaha.... no?

hahahahahahahaha that's epic

Moe Lestor

I'd say what game that was from, but then people might using it against me. I will say this though, the height of the comedy surrounding my name was when my party mates started cracking Three Stooges jokes at my name while missing the obvious.

Cunt Destroyer is now my default.

douch for my rival in pokemon games

My character in fallout 3's name was Spanky!
"your going to need a name how does this sound"
"yes that fits you perfectly" XD

In Dragon Age 2 I was "Mike Hawke."

hurr hurr.

Also, this one was totally unintentional (and has probably been done before) but I named my Machop in a recent Pokemon playthrough "Jesus" and then every time his turn was up it said "What will Jesus do?" I got a kick out of that.

Dont really have any I did create a roman guy in SCV with siegfrieds style armed with the ogre club called Bigus Stikus.

Ive also done the change all the name thing in FFVII along with most other people but Barret always gets called BA or Mr T.

In Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer I made a Human Soldier called Brienne.(Dressed in blue of course)

Don't have them anymore but:

Female Tauren 85 shaman: Mooifurhorny
Female Tauren 85 Druid: Milkmyudders

Female Gnome Warrior 85:Pikeelmouse

Aside from that my usual alias of Gaunts or Rastien :P

The first toons I played in FO3 and FNV were both "Mike Litoris". FO3's ML was full of concommands and broken quests because I had NO idea what to do and full access to the console. FNV's I played more or less straight aside from using TCL a bit to get out of bad mapping.

Aside from that I don't play much that lets you name a toon, and when I do it's usually bannable to call it Mike Litoris.

call me a male rapist, but i just named my brown-skinned female healer hero "Mexican Maid"

Well, I go by the name of Chimpzy in most mp games.

Apparently, that's incredibly funny to some people. "Hej Chimpzy, are you a monkey?" "Hey Chimpzy, do you want a banana?"

Though those comments usually come from people with vastly more manly, cool and original names like HaloBroXxX or CloudStrife76.

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