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So, being the MGS freak I am, I got the sudden urge to try and find a FOXHOUND codename of my own. After some searching, and some initial frustration at why every generator or quiz seemed closed, I found a reliable one that doesn't just to a random codename each time.

Here's how it works: Put in your first, middle, and last name into the generator, and go for it.

Post what you got on here, and discuss about it, if ya want!

I got Flame Crocodile.



I got Flame Anaconda.

...i am ok with this.

Hell yeah! I am Shotgun Anaconda.

Right, my codename is...

I should use that more often

I got Shotgun Mantis Badger

This thing is an excellent time killer.

EDIT: tried some other names and got Thunder Jackal

Martial Arts Spider. Meet my 8 Fists of Fury!

Martial Arts Mantis Badger. I do believe just be reading my name I hand your ass back to you.

Edit: This generator could use a bit more than: shotgun/flame/martial arts and anaconda/crocodile/mantis badger.

Shotgun Mongoose... not bad~

Martial Arts Elephant.

I think i win.

Martial Arts Mongoose is what I got. Ooooh yeah.

Martial Arts Anaconda

Makes sense?

I am...Grenade Boss.

I am fairly happy with this.

First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name: ...Flame Spider

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name: ...Flame Mantis Badger...

First Name, Last Name: Flame Fox...

Out of the sheer confusing nature of Metal Gear games, I'm going to have to say that the middle one is indeed the right one.

Everyone will fear my might as I send my army of Mantis Badgers... that are on fire.

I am so glad this is a hit...

They seem rather limited.

I entered my sisters name and got Shotgun NightHawk. I'm jealous.

i got Ice Spider.
i was really hoping for [insert penis innuendo]

Martial Arts Catfish


I am so glad this is a hit...

They seem rather limited.

I entered my sisters name and got Shotgun NightHawk. I'm jealous.

I'm starting to see it too, but at least it's still fun, and the most reliable one I could find.

Shotgun NightHawk Kinda sounds like the name of a villan from the magaman X series but still verry kickass to say the least :)

Sniper Catfish.

Not bad I guess...

First + Last - Martial Arts Wolf
First + Middle + Last - Martial Arts Spider

Grenade Jaguar

None too bad.

Sniper Elephant. This program has seen into my very soul.

Deadeye Spider.

I have this image of a spider with a pistol in each leg, spinning round in a mad circle with all its legs out straight because of crazy-ass gun recoil from shooting all eight guns at the same time. Sounds like an epic tactic.


"Colonel, I've found this web, it looks-"


"Snake? Snake? ... SNAAAAAAAAKE?!"

first+last = ice spider
first+middle+last = ice anaconda


Stay frosty!

Martial Arts Mantis Badger and Shotgun Mantis Badger. Hmm...

I got thunder mongoose.

I got Thunder Catfish.

You can also find out your FOXHOUND rank there (Trainee, Agent, etc.)

I'm an Expert!

Tried just first name, then just middle, then just last, then first and last, first and middle, middle and last, and full.
Thunder Anaconda appeared the most.

EDIT: Ranking was Commander for all combos except last name only which was Agent.
So I am Commander Thunder Anaconda of FOXHOUND.

Umm i got Grenade Mantis Badger...doesn't really roll off the tongue too well.

Real Name: Shotgun Crocodile
Username: Martial Arts Anaconda
Nickname: Grenade Snake

Oh Hell Yes

First+middle+last= Commander Martial Arts Mantis Badger Somebody need to call these people and tell them that a mantis badger doesn't exist

First+last= Commander Martial Arts Spider

Middle+Last= Trainee Flame Spider

First+Middle= Commander Martial Arts Mantis Badger

Heh. Martial Arts Eel. How do martial arts work without limbs?

Martial Arts Catfish


Grenade snake with first middle last.
grenade anaconda with first last.
Seems a bit stubborn with me.

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