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With my real name I am Martial Arts Warthog. This one is okay.
With my screen name I am Revolver Spider. This one is awesome!

My real name: Poison Mantis Badger

My real name but my last name replaced with Gency: Poison Mantis Badger

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze: Poison Warthog (I think Ezio is more like a puma)

Mr. Gency: Martial Arts Anaconda

Sam Fisher: Flame Catfish

David Hayter: Deadeye Mantis Badger (they just failed)

Shotgun Mantis Badger! Damn I am a badass FOXHOUND agent!

Shotgun Mantis Badger with full name
And Shotgun Crocodile with only First and last

Thunder Crocodile, hell yeah!

My full name got me Martial Arts Elephant. I'm happy with that. Martial Arts Elephant will fuck your shit up, son.

Right, my codename is...

I should use that more often

Grenade Mantis Badger as well? There can't be TWO of the same!

Broady Brio:

Right, my codename is...

I should use that more often

Grenade Mantis Badger as well? There can't be TWO of the same!


I know for a fact that there are at least 4 Grenade Mantis Badger's here somewhere!

Boy, that sentence sounded wrong...

Deadeye Snake *shrugs* It'll do. I guess ;-)

Flame Spider

Meh. Not too exciting.

First Middle and Last:Thunder Snake
First:Thunder Mantis Badger
Middle Last: Flame NightHawk

Thunder Wolf.
What happens if I put in awesome names?

Harman Smith: Martial Arts Nighthawk

Sherlock Holmes: Shotgun Crocodile

John Marston: Shotgun Warthog

I love dicking around....

Sniper Elephant

I typed in jkhljkhliujhbiughyguygu....and got Liquid Jackal....0o

I got Flame Crocodile.

I got Thunder Crocodile.

Ftaghn To You Too:
Thunder Crocodile, hell yeah!

I got that too... Is you're name the same as mine?

Grenade Nighthawk.

I am pleased.

deadeye anaconda!! yes!

I shit you not, I got Big Boss.

My covert alias is Sniper Snake.
Take Metal Gear Solid Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I guess it could have been something worse like Sapper Pineapple...

I got Sniper Spider. sweet!

FUCK! Shotgun Maggot, wtf?

I am Thunder Elephant!
I can totaly make a character from this...

First + last = Ice Elephant, Oh yeah.

Last + First Flame Jackal :D

Username Martial Arts Catfish So.. Claptrap is a CATFISH?

Random letters Firefight Catfish

Nickname Lucky Jackal

Shotgun Elephant

Martial Arts Crocodile

Um... alrighty then.

Commander Solid Mongoose. I'm greatly pleased with this. Makes me sound like Solid Snake's worst nightmare.

Grenade Elephant...ok then

Shotgun Crocodile? FUCK YEAH!

Grenade Mongoose

Shame there are so many repeats.

Covert Mantis Badger - Do not want.

Edit: My username got me Big Eel. I don't think I could get much worse.

Solid Warthog

Meh, my old codename is better. Fat Penguin

Real name got Deadeye Crocodile... seems a bit redundant if you aske me but as for ranking I got Commander, which is pretty cool

Forum name got Firefight Spider, which I am okay with, but im a private

But my middle name netted me Grenade Nighthawk and that's just awesome

Thunder Spider....Tight.

Martial Arts Anaconda

Makes sense?

Me too

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