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I got 'Flame Mongoose'.

Quite like that one actually.

Deadeye Warthog

If the bullets don't kill you, my tusks will! rofl xD

grenade jaguar :D

Sniper Hyena.

Does not enrage me =)

Thunder Snake

Very good- Snake is the second best animal codename in Fox-Hound. And Thunder is neither a Solid or a Liquid so I'm set.

Lucky Maggot..


Revolver Maggot

Lucky Maggot..



Piercer Python (I like various piercing weapons like my rapier)

Flame Fury...wha? but why....burning to death is the horrible way to die...

I'd much rather Gear Wing or something...

Thunder Snake.

Pretty cool.

Martial Arts Bison


This either call me a spider or a maggot... I'm insulted :,(

Thunder Warthog .. Yay?

Revolver Mongoose.

That's awesome.

Trainee Six-Shot Mongoose, I liked it until it gave me that rank...

My user name is Lackey Lucky Jackal, I just cant win...

'Thunder Hyena'

...Huh. Fair enough.

Shotgun Spider.


First + Middle + Last = Deadeye Crocodile
First + Middle Initial + Last = Deadeye Spider
First + Last + = Deadeye Boss
Just Initials = Prodigy

Kinda weird, as most of the time when I'm playing an fps I play sniper.

Foxhound agent - Decoy Anaconda
Ranking - Commander

So I'm the master of of subverting attention and then hunting down and killing people? Makes sense since the fight with the Sorrow was very, very long for me.

Grenade Snake

any combination of my names comes up with Grenade (Animal)

Wow, this thing is stupid. I type in actual names from the game(s) and it comes up with poison bison.

Ice Jackal that's ok

proper full name : Commander Thunder Anaconda.
name everyone calls me by + middle + last : private grenade anaconda.

I think I need to start going by my proper name.

I am "Martial Arts Snake".

Could've done worse I guess...

Shotgun Snake. Hell freakin' yes.

Realname is Shotgun Boss. Yeah.
Engarde is Grenade Anaconda. Mmm.
I like this.

My codename is Sniper Mantis Badger, and my rank is Commander. Both of these sufficently please me.

Hermit Crab - simple and to the point, no need for a generator XD

I got Commander Revolver Spider for my screen name, and Solid Anaconda for my real name.

I got Flame Anaconda.

...i am ok with this.

Same. Not sure if that name is cool enough for me... =3

Commander Flame Crocodile ;)

Hell yeh! FEAR ME!!!

First + Last = Grenade Spider
First + Middle + Last = Grenade Mantis Badger

Flame Catfish...
Awesome -_-

I got Shotgun Panda
It fits me all too well

And people say They are going extinct...Pffft

With my Escapist username: Thunder Mantis Badger
With my real name: Martial Arts Eel
With my YouTube username: Thunder Mantis Badger
With my username: Grenade Anaconda

Commander Thunder Warthog

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