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I am Commander Thunder Fox. Wow I love that name.

...Grenade Badger?



WTF Is a mantis badger?

Ever heard of a movie called The Fly? From there, use your imagination.

Or the game Impossible Creatures...

Poison Spider i like... oh and i did my brother and his name would be Solid Spider

Ice Eel ... odd

my girlfriend got Deadeye Elephant ... WAY better

Poison Anaconda

Cool, I guess. :/

I got: Shotgun Fury...

That was rad.

Ice Mantis Badger.


Awwwwww Yeah!

I got Ice Anaconda.

Grenade NightHawk


Knife wolf

this name is suitable badass enough.

I got Flame NightHawk and Thunder Mongoose by switching my First/last name order.

real name: Sniper Warthog

username/gamertag: Revolver Mantis Badger

...I think we all know the winner...

Fragrance of Mtn Dew:
Sniper Elephant. This program has seen into my very soul.

xD Oh i laughed for a good minute over that =]

I got Flame Hyena... I suppose you can't complain =D

Edit: Private Flame Hyena... xD

Right, my codename is...

I should use that more often

So is mine....

I was hoping for Ghost Rapist but Shotgun Jackal will do I guess....

Shotgun Spider, looks like it only has a few names to choose from...

Martial Arts NightHawk

Ice Jackal. FUCK YEAH!

RANK: Commander

Codename: Grenade End

Yeah that fits me

Thunder Mantis Badger


Poison Snake...

I am Deadeye Snake, Commander Deadeye Snake. Does "deadeye" mean, if I see you, you are dead, or... that I am blind in one eye?

My covert alias is Flame Elephant.
Take Metal Gear Solid Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

.....Why did I get the least awesome sounding name here?

Flame Hyena.

Huh, I kinda like it.

Martial Arts Elephant.

I think i win.

I think not!

SNIPER WARTHOG all the way!


I got Flame Anaconda.

...i am ok with this.

Same. Not sure if that name is cool enough for me... =3

I see!
I like it, and going by what the Bosses from the MGS have been in correspondence to their names, im guessing if i were a boss my powers would be stretchy, flaming Grappling Hooks/Arms and an unhookable Jaw.
Which is pretty sweet if you thing about it.

grenade spider.

too many grenade names for me to be happy with that.

Grenade Fury, meh

First Name - Middle Initial - Last Name = Shotgun Spider

Flame Snake for just first and last.

Flame Jackal for all 3 names.

Martial Arts Warthog.
Fuck! xO

Martial Arts Anaconda.
Seems okay.
Like Lucy Liu in Kung Fu Panda.

Tried user name, got Thunder Mantis Badger.

Six-Shot Anaconda for my First + Last name

Amusing and definitely not the worst that could have been generated.

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