The last thing you killed now is after YOU.

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The Stonker:
A pig in a leather jacket.

... What game is this?

a skeleton with a giant sword that sounds like yoshimitsu from tekken in demon's souls. yep, i am royally screwed...

A TF2 Scout bot. Considering this bot won't do anything unless it sees me, killing him again will be easy.

My nephew in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Hmm, not so sure if multiplayer games work for this thread.

Scare thought, I'm not sure it was a regular infected (Left for dead) or a witch! The first one I could probably handle with a frying pan, but the witch would tear my ass off. :S

An Imp in 4 Heroes of Light. Provided I can ice it before it puts me to sleep, I'll be fine.

I'm dead. killed super scarab in halo wars.

Oh shit, it was a Xenomorph...I'm fucked.

Last thing I killed was a Minecraft creeper... I'm screwed.

Ditto. We're doomed!

Firstly, Amazing thread. Secondly, I have mud crab after me from Oblivion, I think I'll be ok...

You sure. It might be more fierce than you.

OT: A zombie on Dead Rising 2. Well it was a night zombie, but still shouldn't be too much of a bother. I own a bucket and some drills, so hilarity ensues.

well i killed some random on MW2. if his accuracy in the game is the same in life im good for about a year. this dude had a M4A16 and i had a USP with no ammo... i won.


Master Yi from League of Legends. Fuck... *Loud slicing noise*

My self-esteem?

Interplanetary ninja assassin claptrap

Oh shi-

I really need to go and watch that on reply. It was some unit in StarCraft2.

Edit: It was a banshee and it had had cloaking :/

i just got done murdering a bunch of campers. i guess the smartest thing to do is see who can wait the longest

when all else fails do a barrel roll!


Katarina from from League of Legends, fuck...

Katarina is bad, but not compared to the triple kill I got. >.<

Cho'Goth, Garen, Akali.

If that doesn't count. I killed Sonic in Brawl just before that. >.<

Man, I feel pretty bad for you. ;)

The last thing I killed was a pig I punched to death in Minecraft.

I think I'll be okay.

A rune priest from Warhammer online.
Not the worst scenario...


That'd be the entirety of Megaton.

Hm... Was either a random civilian in Saints Row 2 or a Necromorph in Dead Space. One I think I can take. The other... Yeah I'd probably be relatively screwed but I'm not too worried. I'll just find an axe or a really big stone and go to town on it.

Now if I'd seen this thread a week or so when I took down the first "real" boss from Painkiller... Then I'd be fucked.
That big hulking giant in the graveyard is not to be toyed with...

Scout from Tf2. Could be worse I suppose, and besides "Bonk!" OH Shi.....

A tiny shade from Nier.... I should be okay if I can use the baseball bat I have under my pillows.


Hmm, well I'm probably protected by my border patrol people and his easily recognisable green shirt + shades.

Well, I just took out an Elite. That was the last enemy of the campaign though...
Judging by how that went, this won't end well.

A sheep in World of Warcraft...OH NOES!

I "accidentally" ran over a hooker in GTA:IV, Oh well, Zombie Hookers!!
(I wouldn't touch them though)


That'd be the entirety of Megaton.

Oh Shi.. Well, have fun running away from them, just hope there were no deathclaws that got caught in the explosion

Sofia Martinez from FlatOut 2. I rammed her car into a wall and it exploded and she flew out through the windshield.

The next time I'm walking down the street she'll flatten me at 200 km/h.

SSSSsssss..... aah crap

So yeah, I'm not exactly screwed, but I'll have trouble killing it.

A Praetorian, mass effect 2.

Currently waiting for Shepherd to save my ass. Any minute now...


One of those combat mechs from Enslaved.

I think I'm screwed.

Hey, me too.

Those things would be scary as all get-out in real life.

Trouble is; I was playing while writing that post, so I don't know what type of mech that would be after me.


So yeah, I'm not exactly screwed, but I'll have trouble killing it.

Spoiler tags don't help when you don't tell us what game the spoiler is for. Just a heads-up.

You can write on spoiler tags by writing [ spoiler=What you want to write on the spoiler tag ]Content of spoiler tag.[ /spoiler ]

Without the spaces, of course.

it would be one of 5 heroes from league of legends that i was last up against. i think it was pantheon, zilean, xin, galio and WW. so not a fun day for me

at least it wasnt chogath

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