The last thing you killed now is after YOU.

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A Star Wars stormtrooper. I've won, they can't hit the side of a space-station.

Damn mosquito is coming back for more aye ? well i will show it >:D

Well.. I dident Game this week.. But i did hit a Bunnie with my car.. Does that one count to?

crawmerax the invicible not a chance

A grunt reach, all I need to do is yell BOO! and it will run away, that or I can make it my pet. Either way I'm fine.

And now mine is MINAC. Now I am actually going to die :(

A Malkavian vampire... So I'm going to go insane and then all my blood gets sucked out. Lovely

A golden elite with an energy-sword... I is screwed.

Great, now the whole Chinese and Greek empire will march on to my front door and beat the living daylight out of me.

Not to mention the city-states

Oh darn it, the last thing I killed I think was a wizard thingy in the Lunar Substarain in FFIV DS! Those things are an absolute pain! Run away!!! (*mentally holds down 'R' shoulder button!*)

Ashera's Army from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Oh Fuck.

A demon dog from silent hill 3.


Do the blocks in Peggle count?

a grunt in Halo: Combat Evolved

brin the popcorn folks

Last thing I killed was a stalker bandit.. I'm playing on the easiest difficulty, so assuming I have a weapon I think I should do fine, seeing as they can't aim for shit, and I think I'm an ok shot.

I think it was a Grunt from Halo.
I should be just fine.

a zombie from Minecraft. somebody hand me a sword or something.

Random splicer.

a taliban soldier....damn it.

A Taken from Alan Wake... As long as I have a good torch with some batteries.... Ohhh...

those mines from Minesweeper...

......oh shit

a grunt?! ha I aint scared fool!

A grunt, im not really worried I have a staplegun.

the last thing i killed was a rabbit on wow so i'm fine



Maybe if I go play Portal right now then one of the turrets would attack me instead. I think that I could handle that one. I'll go do that now.

Hell, even if you can't, I wouldn't say I'd object to being killed by the cutest lil' automated defence systems ever :D

They're so polite about it, too: it really helps to know that you're being shot to death by something as cute, polite, and oblong as those turrets.

FML, A Reaper... I'll be waiting for my wife to catch fire, get extra buff in a matter of seconds, grow 2 extra eyes and go "Assuming direct control" now

Oh crap, Vegeta is after me. Better start writing my will...

Kreamed Khorne:
More bloody zubats.

But you don't really "kill" zubats, do you? You just knock them out. Which sucks.

They should make a pokemon extreme edition, where yo can be good or bad, and you actually can kill pokemon. Or other trainers. Would be awesome!!! I mean, seriously, why does team rocket run away if you defeat their podemon? Why don't they just pull out an uzi and hoze you down?

...Sorry, got a little carried away.
Hmmm... I'm trying to remember what I killed last...
Ah shit...

I killed the Harbinger...

Edit: OH SHIT, I FORGOT!! I was playing the Force Unleashed last!!!
And I killed Darth Vader!!!
Well, at least I'm gonna get killed by the most badass villain of all time...

A Creeper, huh?

Sounds like a challenge.

The Raven King/Bohan from Heavenly Sword.

"OH NOES! Andy Serkis has killed me with his melodramatic acting!"

I'm fucked...

A L4D Tank.


A Spy in TF2 hmmmm better keep my eyes peeled for one of my teammates acting suspiciously...

A Spy in TF2 hmmmm better keep my eyes peeled for one of my teammates acting suspiciously...


Sorry... couldn't help myself...

Executor-Bomber from Aquanox, I guess I'm save as long as I stay out of deep water

A mole rat from fallout 3... I think im safe

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