Fallout: New Vegas character builds!

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Let's see.

1st guy is/was level 26, Guns, Repair, Lockpick. He was using a marksman carbine, Ratslayer, Modded Sniper Rifle and Riot Shotgun. Fun times till the PS3 saved over it, I'll have to start it over, which pisses me off immensely. Somehow managed to be good even with all the theft and indiscriminate murder. EdE and Boone.

2nd girl. Level 20?, Might be lower, but Energy weapons, Repair, Lockpick. Plasma rifle, Incinerator, Fully modded laser rifle. Again, good somehow. Ede and Veronica.

3rd guy. Level 14, Repair, Melee, Unarmed. I fucking love Knock Knock. Evil as fuck. So far, nobody, but I'll probably end up with rex and Veronica, mostly cause the supermutant would be too much like adventuring with my grandmother.

4th guy. Mexican assasin level 5. First time I boosted Charisma and Intelligence. Guns, Sneak, Speech. Makes fixing stuff and B&E a pain in the ass, but I always get what I want before shooting you in the head with a silenced .22. Rex and Raul.

Just wanna notice that if your game lags on the pc for no good reason than download this fix it really works.


No problem ^^

Thanks for not reading my post BTW mine is :

A guy
100 Speech
100 Barter
And some low shit

I am used to talking but I need the lady killer perk.


Tags : Guns, Medicine and Repair

Traits: Wild Wasteland (everytime, I just can't resist:-) and small frame.

I'm currently level 19 and am doing very well. My Speech is high; my Guns and Energy Weapons are at 70 and my Repair is 99. The only one I need to raise is Lockpick, up to 100 to get the Gobi Campaign Rifle.

For New Vegas, on my first Hardcore run I decided to tag Guns due to the plentiful ammo/repair opportunities, Repair because I wanted Jury Rigging for unique weapons and Speech due to the many opportunities that it affords. I also tended to favor using a fully modded 10mm and a fully modded Hunting Rifle for long-range encounters. This seems to be a fairly common combination, however, so my next character that I boosted with the Vault 11/Shake down Goodsprings EXP exploit I tried something different. I used a 9mm submachine gun/9mm pistol extensively using the essentially infinite ammo found from the Goodsprings glitch and I found it to be an excellent, run-and-gun combo. I also tried playing "realistically", so to speak, thinking of perks and traits that I would realistically want to have in a post-apocalyptic setting, and I found this to be an excellent aid in my decisions.

All I can say is, unless you want achievements, just play for fun and see where different choices take you.

Science, lockpick, and either repair or energy weapons (I forgot). I chose those because I like taking stuff and figured I'm good enough at fighting.

Also, I'm level 9, and my SPECIAL build was pretty strong, even smarter, but kinda slow and socially awkward.

Huh. I suppose I'll post my starting SPECIAL stats, traits and tagged skills.

STR: 5
PER: 5
END: 8
CHR: 1
INT: 9
AGL: 6
LCK: 6

Traits: Small Frame and Trigger Discipline.
Tagged skills: Lockpick, Science and Speech.

I'm also going to be focusing on the Lockpick, Science, Guns and Repair skills. And probably Speech as well.

My character had a SPECIAL rating of something like this by level 10:

Strength - 6
Perception - 8
Endurance - 6
Charisma - 6
Intelligence - 10
Agility - 7
Luck - 6

I personally invested in Guns, Speech and Sneak skill as tags and wore light armor for most of the game. I tended to talk through problems more often than not.

By the end of the game, my SPECIAL looked more like this:

Strength - 8
Perception - 9
Endurance - 6
Charisma - 6
Intelligence - 10
Agility - 7
Luck - 6

and I never once spent a perk to raise it.

For the final battle, I was outfitted in remnant power armor, a set of fancy glasses, the 1st recon Beret and I carried a modified sniper rifle for resolving most problems. I had a DR of around 40, perfect skill in guns, speech, sneak, science and medicine.

I'm considering trying again as a "Cowboy Gunslinger" as such a build could easily be stupidly powerful. The Range Sequoia pistol or Hunting Revolver alone do as much damage as my sniper rifle at much lower VATS cost and that enormous damage boost provided by the right selection of perks is just too good to pass up.

Starting SPECIAL:

STR 6, PE 5, END 6, CHR 1, INT 8, AG 5, LCK 9

with implants:

STR 7 (8 with power armor), PE 6, END 7, CHR 1, INT 8, AG 6, LCK 10 + DR implant

Traits - good natured and built to destroy

Meets important weapon requirements and perk requirements (silent running, better criticals), more than enough skill points with educated and comprehension to get near max for many skills and high crit chances with high luck and finesse for better damage.

My first char had speech, lockpick and science tagged. Got that to level 30 using guns and energy weapons, and went with yes man.

My second char had guns, repair and barter tagged but I only used explosives and big guns(dynamite-> grenade rifle-> Annabelle) I got that to level 30 and sided with the NCR.

My third char had melee, unarmed and speech tagged. I only used unarmed though(bladed gauntlet->power fist->ballistic fist) and got that to level 30 and sided with Mr.House.

My fourth and second to last char is a guns only with guns, speech and repair tagged which I am in the process of getting to 30( level 15 atm) and is going to side with Caesars Legion.

My fifth and final char is a copy of my fourth but will be used for when dlc comes out seeing as my first three only have saves at the ending section of the last mission.

So far I like the game. I'm happy that the new dlc is going to raise the level cap to 35. Looking forward to the rest of the dlc though.

S. 4
P. 4
E. 4
C. 6
I. 10
A. 4
L. 8

Perks Wild Wasteland, Good natured

Tags Repair, Medicine, Lockpick, Speech.

For some reason, I cant seem to use anything other than Alien Blaster and Spiked Knuckles.

My first, in Hardcore mode:
S - 9 (10 with implant)
P - 3
E - 7 (8 with implant)
C - 3
I - 9 (10 with implant)
A - 3
L - 6 (7 with implant)

Also recieved the other two implants (the subdermal one is the more useful, the healing one is useful to save you stimpacks over long periods of time and pretty useless in battle)

TAG: Melee, Science, Survival (but also ended up with 100 Speech and Repair and moderately high medicine)

Primary Weapon: "Oh, Baby!" (it was pretty much instant "Your Head A Splode" in fights)

Secondary Weapon (used on more enemies than "Oh Baby!" but mostly lower level, lightly armored foes): Various Machetes (mainly Machete Gladius)

Factions sided with in order of most favored to least:
Followers of the Apocalypse > Brotherhood of Steel > NCR > The Kings > Yes Man (largely ignored) > The Great Khans (quest bugged on me, so I had to kill them) > Mr House (disabled, not killed) > Caesar's Legion

Main companions: Cass, Rex

I dont have it....yet

But I would get Guns, Sneak and Speech I reckon as my tags. Then level up Lockpicking to be awesome. (Y)

I am currently on a Hardcore Mode playthrough with a level 25 that is probably the best fallout character I've ever made :) His attributes are listed below:
S = 6 P = 5 E = 5 C = 7 I = 6 A = 5 L = 7
TAG Skills = Sneak, Barter, Speech, and Repair (Taken using TAG! Perk)
Weapons: Primarily Guns (Marksman Carbine, Sniper Rifle, 12.7 SMG, etc.) A few frag grenades and mines for when faced with large groups. And some holdout weapons (Silenced .22 Pistol and Throwing Knives)
This character was designed as a Pacifist who would always try to talk himself out of fight, but knew how to fire a gun should it come to it.
Barter - 100 (Can never have too many caps)
Energy Weapons - 16
Explosives - 25 (Frag Grenades and Mines)
Guns - 100
Lockpick - 25 (Should have boosted more)
Medicine - 25
Repair - 100 (Fix EVERYTHING and sell it for profit)
Melee Weapons - 18
Science - 25 (Should have boosted more)
Sneak - 57 (Just get this over 50)
Speech - 100 (Makes the Final battle a LOT easier)
Survival - 22 (Really should have boosted more especially on Hardcore)
Unarmed - 22

Followers - This is a toss up. If your into the stealth sniper type of role than I recommend Boone and ED-E. I used Cass for the majority of the game. She's a good shot and can take a beating. Arcade I would stay away from on Hardcore. Veronica's good at keeping them busy allowing you to pick em off from a safe distance. Just get her some decent armor so she doesn't die. I currently use Rex (Lupa's Brain) and Cass (Hand of Vengence). Just remember to tell all followers to report back to the Lucky 38 so you can easily swap out followers.

Perks: Just recommendations (try your own combos for different results)
Intense Training (Had to boost Strength up to a 6)
Confirmed Bachelor (Speech options)
Lady Killer (Speech options)
Terrifying Presence (Speech options HOWEVER not much use for this perk)
Toughness (I recommend this perk regardless of your character)
Tag! (I used this for a quick boost to repair)
Hand Loader (Takes the .308 Sniper Rifle round and makes it even more deadly)
Jury Rigging (Allows you to repair valuable weapons with cheaper weapons = CAPS!)
Commando (Makes VATS lethal at a distance with weapons like the marksman carbine)
Pack Rat (Kind of a waste especially if traveling with followers)
Weapon Handling (Allows characters with a strength of 6 to use weapons like the Anti-Material Rifle =D)
Grim Reaper's Sprint (Stay in VATS all day!)

Can't remember his build entirely off the bat right now. I've augmented it a couple times, I think. What I CAN remember is that he has Luck 10 and Wild Wasteland, making my journey rather fun. Not only have I had my share of the game's extra weirdness, but things having to do with luck have been cropping up in funny ways, like when talking to a Robco robot about authorization...

[LUCK 7] Ice cream.

...and immediately being left alone by security. That, and uhhh...this is a game where you go to VEGAS. I think luck is important here! I also built this character to have ridiculous criticals and some decent AP gain, not to mention purchasing some of those augmentations from that one clinic. My New Vegas character is about playing the field, beating the odds, and screwing around. He's not the grand heroic fellow and not an evil bastard, though he's gotten himself incredible karma from the things he's done.

At the moment, he's capped out at level thirty, because I'm playing the hell out of this game. I've collected a good assortment of weaponry, like...

-Dinner Bell from Red Lucy.
-Annabelle from Tabitha.
-The Q-35 Matter Modulator.
-The Alien Blaster.
-That REALLY powerful laser, Pew Pew.
-A loaded Fatman.
-Oh Baby! (The sledge.)
-Vance's 9mm SMG.
-The Avenger Minigun.
-Lucky (The .357 pistol.)
-That Gun.
-This Machine.
-The Tesla-Beaton Prototype.
-Multiplas Rifle.
-Tri-Beam Laser Rifle.

...plus alot of others and usually the resources (one way or another) to 'feed' them with repairs and ammo. Honestly, the custom weapons are sometimes really worth it, especially since Pew Pew is nearly as strong as the Alien Blaster while its only drawback is that it's a real ammo-guzzler. (But then, it runs of regular Energy Cell!)

Mine is Sneak, Repair, and Guns based. Main weapons include the Machete Gladius, Mysterious Magnum, Brush Gun, and Anti-Material Rifle, all with hand load ammo. Currently Lvl. 34.

I have what I call the "Ultimate" build.


These will allow you to go anywhere you want, and unlock almost any dialog option in the game.


Currently level 16 or something. Such a fun build.

My skills are guns, laser weapons, and speech. Level 21. Favorite gun is by far, the Ratslayer.

Agree with what I have to say, or you're getting it.

I'm fussing over what to make in Fallout New Vegas... the Fallout 3 character I'm playing currently is a typical high int/boosted skill points build that's basically good at whatever I want to do.

I want to try something different in New Vegas. Maybe a Heavy Charisma based Wasteland Negotiator build

My first Character was a a high speech gunslinger. Being my first build i don't think he was all that good but it really didn't matter much since his Speech got him out of nearly every confrontation anyway (including the final Boss Battle).

My second build was much, much better.

Starting Stats:

Tagged skills: Unarmed, Explosive, and Sneak.
Traits: Heavy Handed and Kamikaze.

Ending Stats (Level 30)

Perks: Action Boy, Animal Control, Beautiful Beat-Down, Bug Stomper, Confirmed bachelor, Demolition Expert(level 3), Grim Reaper Spirit, Heave-Ho, Legion Assault, Lord of Death, Monocle Breeder, Ninja, Paralyzing Palm, Piercing Strike, Purifier, Ranger Take Down,Silent Running, Slayer, Sub-Dermal Armor, Toughness(2).

I used this build in Hardcore mode and ultimately sided with Caesar's Legion when I beat the game. Honestly I believe Unarmed is one of the most overpowered and under-appreciated builds in the game. Granted my character was a complete moron in the intellect department, but he often took out even packs of Deathclaws with only a few well aimed hits and usually with out too much damage.

Out of all four of my characters I'm currently using a cowboy build, level 10 at the moment:

STR: 4
PER: 4
END: 6
INT: 4
AGL: 8
Hunter, Rapid Reload, Gunslinger, Quick Draw, Mysterious Stranger, Trigger Discipline, Heavy Handed.

just gotta get my STR up so I can get melee up to 45 for the cowboy perk.

Lockpick,science,speech. I somehow can't notice the difference when not having high guns anymore, and it makes the game more fun than just being to one shot everything. I usually have high int and endurance. I once did 10 luck and won every caravan and never lost in the casinos. It made me so depressed that I broke the game just by making my character :(

I forgot my tag skills for the time being, but my Courier is a fellow geared for maximum luck (Hey, this game has gambling, dammit!) heavy criticals, and extra damage with three levels of the Lord Death perk amongst other things. Currently, because I am a monster, he is at the maximum level.

(Also: Ice cream.)

A recnet build I used was restricted to melee weapons and one handed firearms. I had a Fire Axe for melee, Silenced 12.7 mm pistol for sneaking, Scoped 44 Magnum for general purpose combat, 10mm SMG for close quarters, Ranger Sequoia and Sawed off shotgun against powerful enemies like Deathclaws(ranger for long range, sawed off shotgun for point-blank)

As for skills: melee, small guns, sneak, repair (also jury rigging perk because otherwise maintaining some guns is a pain in the ass)

Sir John the Net Knight:
If this is essentially similar to FO3, would there be any reason I wouldn't want to TAG Guns, Science and Lockpick?

Replace Guns with Speech. Speech now has a bazzilion more uses and most new weapons don't require 100 gun skills to hit anything this time. The lever gun seres are all excellent weapons at any range outside point blank and any variety of shotgun is going to fill that niche with 12ga of hot lead.

For true Lolz, make a character with high strength, perception, agility, and endurance, and low charisma, luck, and intelligence, with melee, unarmed, and survival tagged

Why, you might ask? Because you are now roleplaying as a murderous zombie out for revenge on the entire wasteland. If you leave a settlement with anyone alive you are not doing it right.

Hilariously this makes the villain of the game not the man who shot you, the NCR, the Legion, or Mr.house, but rather Doc Mitchell. I played it for a bit before I returned the game due to glitches, gotta say its a lot of fun. The first thing I did when I was resurrected was run outside and melee the robot to death.

Im a level thirty with tagged skills Guns,Sneak, and Repair. All these are maxed including speech and lockpick, everything else is low except for science which is somewhat in the middle. My character wears Reinforced Combat Armour Mark II, sunglasses, and a First Recon Beret. He uses a Gobi Campaign Sniper Rifle, an Anti-Material Rifle and Maria(unique 9mm pistol). Also have Boone and ED-E as followers so he's pretty much unstopable. Serousisly can take out a deathclaw with one head shot from sneak. Also have an unarmed, explosive, melee character and playing with that build is a blast.

I've focused especially on: Lockpicking, Guns, Repair, Speech, The ability to carry great quantities of loot.

My guy is Melee, Unarmed, and Explosive focused. I should've called him Brick.

Strength - 7
Perception - 7
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 5
Intelligence - 9
Agility - 9
Luck - 5

Can't remember my Tag skills but my highest ones are in Lockpick (Max), Science (Max), Sneak (90) and Melee (90)

Basically I just sneak my way in and out of every where and use the Oh Baby! while sneaking around to kill anything in a one hit. Also my favorite Perk is the Mister Sandman.

My tag skills are melee weapons, Speech, and lockpick. You really dont need anything else when you have 9 strength like i do, lol. But, yeah my favorite weopon in the game is Knock-Knock (the unique fire ax in the irradiated firehouse) 80 dam fully repaired, HELL YEAH

My first character was just for shits and giggles. I did some stupid random spread of stats, I think charisma was low and strength was high, and I tagged guns, lockpick, and sneak, thinking I was going to play it like FO3. Then I turned into the ultimate "assertive" cannibal merchant. I had all the merchant perks, I got cannibal and got all the perks associated with that (including the one where you have to eat Mr house, caesar, the king, and president kimball, Im really rather proud of that). I primarily used the riot shotgun, the all american, and a silenced sniper rifle. I ended the game by taking over Vegas with yes man, devouring legate lanius and the general guy because they were both dickheads, and had my pockets lined with 215,000 caps.

My new guy I'm making is going to focus on hi-critting energy weapons and a stupidly overpowered chainsaw (and yes, I know that doesnt make any logical build sense) so I can go texas chainsaw massacre on everyone in the strip because I'm siding with the legion this time around. I will be feared!

PS: Props to the pulse gun, that little pistol made fighting all the robots the first time around a breeze. I always had it on me, at top condition.

Speech, Sneak, and Guns.

I'll persuade, rob, and then shoot you. ^_^

Love your way of thinking

Explosives + the named missile launcher + high explosive missiles is really fun for cazador packs. Especially since half the time it disables their antennae and they finish each other off.

Combine that with melee and Oh Baby and guns/sniper or energy/YCS (and meltdown for kicks) and you'll overpower pretty much anything at any range (on normal difficulty.) Speaking of which, I'm usually a fan of bigger challenges but I find New Vegas more fun on normal difficulty. It's not a ton of fun to sneak crit headshot a deathclaw and see his health drop to 75% as he steamrolls toward you.

I believe my last complete playthrough was tag skills energy weapons, repair and medicine, level 35. I always play the "intellectual gunslinger" on Fallout games, and weild either guns or energy weapons.

I always lower strength, endurance and charisma and beef up perception, and try to max intelligence, agilty and luck.

Ive also never played the game on any other setting than very hard/hardcore mode. Its a pain at times, but still a lot of fun when I have such massive critical chances and damage levels with some of the best weapons in the game. I may only be able to take one hit from a deathclaw, two if Im lucky, but I can blow its head off from about half a mile away with the YCS gauss rifle in one shot or turn it into goo or ash with the matter modulator and pew pew.

Plus I LOVE applying your characters powers of intellect in the Fallout games with the various stat checks in conversation and out.

Edit: I created a new guy not long ago but he wasnt all that different. Im probably going to try different weapon setups and perks this time around.

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