Combine the last 3 games you played!

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black ops, vanquish demo, and packman champion edition xd edition demo. it would be a supper stylish gritty game about shooting rusian ghost robot terorist

A run and gun multiplayer FPS set in a post-apocalypse Renaissance Italy, with an emphasis on killing certain targets and the whole world has a retro 50's theme.

Black Ops
New Vegas
AC: Brotherhood


A guy with a hoodie and superpowers fights alongside his trusty cyber-dog, puzzle-platforming and parkouring through an undead filled radioactive wasteland to collect annoyingly placed green bottles. HELL YES.

COD black op, halo reach and minecraft lol

KOTOR + Medieval 2: Total War + Civilization V

Armored Roman Knights with lightsabers.

Fuck. Yes.

wow + black ops + scott pilgrim vs. the world.....omg, epic

A faceless, silent protagonist of indeterminate gender sets out to fight supernatural evil other than Dracula in a giant robot. It would have been more interesting if two of them weren't mech sims.

team star pug:

Geo Da Sponge:

Dragon Age: Origins, Team Fortress 2 and... Recettear.

Leliana: *Sigh* I miss Zevran. It was a pity he had to go on the run from the Antivan Crows.
Morrigan: He was just a Rogue. I kill plenty of Rogues; it's a silver a dozen back stabbing scumbags, like you!
Morrigan: If you're waiting for me to say 'no offence', don't hold your breath.
Leliana: If you were able to beat them they were not like me. And nothing, nothing like Zevran!
Morrigan: What are you, president of his fanclub?
Leliana: No; that would be your mother!
*Tosses down photos of Zevran making out with Flemeth*
Morrigan: D:
Leliana: Indeed.

Sandal: Enchantment, ho!

That is without a doubt the best internet fanfic crossover, as it was intulectual, researched and humourus. great work.

Aw, shucks!

Here's a TF2/Recettear one:

Tear to Recette: Hey look little girl. I'm a finance employee, that means I solve problems. Not problems like 'what is beauty?', because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosphy. I solve practical problems. For instance, how am I going to stop some little girl defaulting on her father's loan? The answer? Use capitalism. And if that don't work? Use more capitalism. Like this 1,200 pix longsword that's in high demand so has a doubled value; bought by me, price hiked by me, and you best hope... not being sold to you.

Warden: Is everything always about sex, Zevran? Don't you have deeper feelings?
Zevran: Hey look Warden, you know who has a lot of feelings? People who let long term relationships develop into something more important than sex. Antivan Crows have standards. Be horny. Be stereotypical. Have a plan to fail to kill everyone you meet.

Killer7+Mini Ninjas+Super Mario Galaxy 2: I am an LCD addict who manipulates gravity to travel across a cell-shaded cartoon version of feudal Japan.

Counting only games that I played for longer than 5 minutes before selling, replace Killer7 with God of War and: I am a gravity-manipulating servant of the Shinto gods traveling a space-opera combo of ancient Greece and feudal Japan on a mission to kill Ares and his samuri army.

A massive hack and slash killing champions of a godlike league and their vietnam era soldier minions.

Call of Duty Black Ops, Sengoku Basara, and League of Legends.

FUCK YES, 1000th POST!

Fallcraft 3: New Vegas

Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Minecraft

Ok, seriously - am I the only one who didn't run out and battle to get CoD: Black Ops the very instant it was released?

Guys, you do realize that it's pretty much the same as Modern Warfare, just with a crossbow (that no one uses)... right?

Batman Halo New Vegas. This would be the most epic game ever. A post apocalyptic/interstellar RPG where you have to battle the Joker and a massive alien army with stealth tactics and a Batsuit/Mjolnir armor.

A MMORPG where you choose a class, shoot hell spawn in the face, and solve puzzles to progress through a hospital made of blood and flesh.

Silent World of Doom

Silent Hill
World of Warcraft

hhmmm, World of Warcraft, Tron 2.0 and Minecraft... become World of Tron Craft 2.0!

And Epic Online Tron game where you can shape tron and build what you want on a mmo server!

Oblivion, Mass Effect 2, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

An open world sci-fi setting where people live inside of a matrix that depicts a world that uses all the new technology to keep things the way they were in the 16th century.(Assassins Creed)

Your job is to organize a resistance to fight against the matrix and free the human race, but you soon start to wonder weather being free is really what you want or if leaving the matrix is even freedom at all(Mass Effect)

All while you have bizarre adventures in your eternal quest to get the goddamn thing working, and to learn to live with the odd behavior of your fellow matrixes(Oblivion)

Let's see... Disgaea 2, CoD: Black Ops, and Minecraft:

An army of humanoid demons and monsters need to build castles and houses out of lego blocks they mine in order to stop Russian sleeper agents from launching a surprise attack against the US?

US Special Forces soldiers are tasked with stopping Overlord Zenon from acquiring weapons and armor made from diamonds and building an obsidian doom fortress?

The last man left on earth and his Russian imaginary friend must use a vast assortment of guns and exploding children's toys and hunting equipment to kill groups of demons?

anyone of those games would be awesome.

So I had just recently discovered a hidden underground cache of vehicles and supplies which had survived the war somehow. I took my Ford Lighting down the remains of the highway heading toward New Vegas to spend some of the caps I had from selling salvaged goods. Once I reached New Vegas I was strapped to a chair and interrogated as to what the numbers on a platinum chip meant.

Banjo Tooie, Combat Arms and Solitaire.

So, I'm a brown bear with a sharktooth necklace, yellow shorts and blue backpack wielding a red/orange bird dragon thing or 'breegull' as an assault rifle to kill zombified playing cards.

I would play that.

Survival horror game in which a suicidal widower and his chirpy young assistant must uncover the secret of a mysterious town and its equally-mysterious tower while fighting animals and people warped to evil by the power of a malevolent force from ten years in the future.

Guess the three!

Just Cause 2, WoW and Arma 2


An extremely realistic MMOFPS about a latino warlock with a grappling hook.

That could work.

Hmmm, Mass Effect 2, Red Faction Guerrilla, and HAWX.

I'm thinking Mass Effect 2 is the primary, with destroyable environments and crazy weapons from Red Faction brought in, and with the ability to dogfight in the Normandy as well.

I'd get down with that.

Call of Duty Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas and World of Warcraft (w/ Burning Crusade).

So basically

World of Duty: Black Vegas

A game where you play as an agent for the alliance on a quest for reconnaissance, special tactics, vengeance and glory in order to stop the dispute between the Allies and Horde for control of Black Vegas. You must also fight the the Burning slaver Legion led by Dragovich.

This would have been more confusing if I put Ocarina of time in this mix :\

In post-apocalyptic Rome, you are a gunslinging assassin, killing muties and humans alike in the hope to be able to see your family again, and to get revenge on those who threaten the freedom and will of the people.

- Red Vegas: Brotherhood -

Halo : Reach, NBA 2K11, and Peggle.....uuummmmmmmmmm?

Mass Effect 2, Black Ops, and Halo Reach
So, Commander Shepard uses noob tubes to stop the covenant. I'd wanna play that game.

A game where Michael Jordan commands a huge empire in the 18th century where in millions of people kill each other and respawn all the time.

you run around as a walking hacky sack searching for the Cintamani stone so you can catch the origami killer

A frozen waste land where you fight zombie, alien, demons, all in the name of love

Castlevania:Lord of Shadows, Lost Planet 2, Dead Rising 2

Battlefield: Bad Company + Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare + Mirror's Edge/Final Fantasy VIII = Best Shooter Ever!

Combines the massive field of war/destruction physics and ballistics, action-packed shooting/bullet penetration and Parkour! YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Final Call of Duty - Edge of the Battlefield

Empire TW , L4D2, and ARMAII?

ummm Sailing a Ship of the Line with a boat full of Zombies dressed as Russian Spatnaz?

wow+assassins creed and black ops

so basically playing a rogue in stormwind with a gun and scope :)

A crazed AI traps your level 80 night elf druid in an experimental facility and forces you to play dumbed down rock music with a plastic guitar.

Condemned Criminal Origins, Silent Hill 2, and Pokemon Gold Version....
So a game where the pokemon are insane and try to kill me so I have to kill them first? Damn that is a scary game.

A strategy game where you lead the nations/soldiers of the 18th century world in fighting against the zombie apocalypse across the galaxy.

Empire: Total War, Left 4 Dead 2, and Mass Effect 2. :o

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