Poll: Vindictus: (Lann) Swords or Spears

the topic pretty much explains itself, im playing a lann on vindictus and i cant decide between swords or spears

No, no I don't think the topic explains itself. So to spare us the google search, please elaborate at least a little bit. At least provide a link. This could easily get reported as a low content post.

I just picked swords because they're cooler...what the hell is vindictus and Lann? Is it some sort of LAN?

He is speaking about the character Lann, who uses dual swords or dual spears, in Vindictus. I'm guessing his possible "low content" comes from him expecting responses from people who already have knowledge of the game.

I play Fiona so I don't know the difference between swords and spears.

I just picked swords because they're cooler...what the hell is vindictus and Lann? Is it some sort of LAN?

Vindictus is that new free (I think) MMO and Lann is probably what the warrior class is called there.

And OP, put some fucking effort into your post, especially since you're not on a good start by making one of the "choose for me" threads. Some information about the game, about the class, about how the weapons look and how they work would all be welcome.

I choose swords just because I like them more and that's all I can go by.

Both will work...but people in groups tend to frown on Lans who spin the entire instance and die at every possible opportunity. Nothing clears trash mobs faster though...
I personally won't take spear Lans, swords tend to play smarter and um, NOT DIE.

To flesh out the OP...Lan is one of the melee characters in Vindictus. He can use either twin swords or twin spears. The "main" attack for spears is a move called Hurricane, where the character spins around damaging enemies. Problem is it's pretty useless in a Boss fight and they lack one key ability, a move that dodges all damage for a short time after you "dash"...and in this game boss fights are all that matter. Swords are able to escape harm better with that dodge skill. In the higher level instances, bosses kill in one or two shots, and timing is everything.

Swords are more defensive, and spears are more offensive. I myself had to do some Google-ing before I decided which I felt like specializing in.

Ultimately I went with Swords because I felt like playing more defensively. Apparently though (according to my research) it doesn't really matter too much until later in the game

EDIT: As a side note, I've noticed that on the North American servers, people are obsessed with spears. Because of this, you may have noticed that they cost FAR more than the swords. Last I checked, Blade of Ykesha, and Blood Lancer (two weapons of the same level and with comparable stats) were something like 20k gold and 80k gold respectively. So if you do go with Swords, you are going to be potentially (things could change in the future) saving yourself HEAPS of gold.

Apparently as in some other forums, in korea spear lanns get kicked out of lobbys automatically.

Spears are fun and headstrong, while the sword lanns can take on bosses that should take 4 or 6 people to beat (cough cough black hammer lann solo - for those who don't know the game you can youtube the vid, though it will just look boring to you).


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