Call of Duty: Black Ops - Overdoing the Adult Humor on Emblems?

Noticed while attending to the online multiplayer CoD: Black Ops, that many people have taken "Advantage" of the Emblem making. Even though it's very nice that you can customize and create your own unique Emblem, many have crafted "Adult Humorous" ones mainly involved with the Manhood or some Sexual activity...

Honestly, I really don't mind because it's their choice to do so and I think everyone has had a laugh about some... but, it's being overdone because everywhere I literally go, there are from animals having it, to agents "close" to another... or just the "subject" itself, I get uneasy seeing so many. So, with your honest opinions, how do you feel about it?

Well, when you give these tools to a large community, you have to expect that sort of shit to happen. Hell, with many PC games i've seen and played, there's usually a nude mod. and, in oblivion's and fallout 3's case, prostitution/controllable sex mod

I wouldn't reall call it adult humour. It's childish and purile.

Well... it's immature that what it is. But if the do it with some sort of creativity, I guess anything goes.
I laughed a bit at a guy with an emblem of two rabbits doin' it.

1. Give xbl the tools to draw giant cocks, swastikas or planes hitting two towers.
2. xbl draws giant cocks, swastikas and planes hitting two towers.

Treyarch are just out of their depth in game design. So many questionable decisions in the design of black ops.

this is what i do

'Whenever i see something inappropriate or racism in CODBO i just report it'

That way they lose there ability to make emblems so they make a new account and they have to worry bout the leader boards.


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