RIFT Community Event - Details for the Weekend

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On Belmont right now, then hitting Wolfsbane.

Wolsbane - Evyl!!! invite!

Jeralt on Wolfsbane, will be creating on Byriel as well before pop fills up, same name if available

Shenanigans will be the point of contact for the moment on Belmont.

I'm on Belmont as Shenanigans. You can send me a tell for an invite. Feel free to spam me if I don't answer as I may miss your tell.

Title post updated with contacts when you get into game. I will try to get these updated as I know more people are invited.

I'm on byriel world(server). My name is Hoak in-game and like to get an invite to guild please.

im therrold on belmont

on byriel, totallysane

on byriel as dawncrusher cant wait to meet you all!

Name : Shroompants
Shard : Byriel

on byriel, totallysane

on byriel as dawncrusher cant wait to meet you all!

Name : Shroompants
Shard : Byriel

If you haven't been invited already, make sure to send a /tell to one of the contacts from the first post.

On Wolfsbane as Nevryie. :)

I'm on as Delat on Byriel.

I'm on Byriel, name Vykthryth, Champ/Beastmaster at the moment.

Why Helllooooo there.

My info:
Byriel, and my name is Catalys. It's shocking, I know.

Byriel, Ringwraith.
Easy enough.
I'm wandering about doing stuff.

Hey guys! Thanks for the VIP Beta Key! My in game name is Farekri ... I'm about to track down the guild now! Thanks!

My Characters name is Calv

I am on Belmont. In game name Callisto. I would be happy to help invite folks, I should be on most of the weekend.

I am on Belmont. In game name is Rodnath/Ridnath/Rednath/Rudnath/Radnath :) I have several so I can try various classes but one of them will hit 10 :)

Vancelot on Belmont

Ok well I'm Lizmichi on Wolfsbane.

my IGN is Kildare - on Belmont server.
Shaade - on Belmont server.
Bezelbub - Belmont server.
Im keeping my fingers crossed hoping I win the gaming laptop. Its so horrid playing Rift on my single core AMD Athlon 64 3400+ rig.



Posted 2x sorrys..

Xyaliaa on Wolfsbane

In game name is Aerron on Wolfsbane.

I am Kaitlyne on Wolfsbane.

Byriel: Staren. Looking for people to invite me. :)


Sorry I didn't make it back on earlier, I was called back in to work. I won't be going home until around 5am. After a few hours sleep I'll be back on Wolfsbane to help out. Hope to see you all there

Byriel: in-game name Kleim

Dirkrhyolite on Belmont

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