RIFT Community Event - Details for the Weekend

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Cheers to all the beta testers for a grand time! I hope to see you all in the next beta, where we can once again get smashed to tiny pieces by a level Death Earth Dragon. :D

Ditto! I hope the next Escapist event will also use PvP servers. :/

+1! pvp servers please :D

I agree! I actually rolled two toons this past beta event...one of which was on a pvp server. Really hope we can get Escapist guild on that server! Had alot of fun during beta while on Wolfsbane with Escapist...imagine the possibilities with great folks and pvp :)

btw the server I rolled my 2nd toon on was Sunrest. Her name is Illllllllll (because in game it looks like a barcode). Just in case we can get Escapist there :)

A winner has been chosen! Congratulations to zero_blahs who will be receiving a 17" Gaming Laptop from Origin PC! Thank you to all who participated, it was a blast. Hopefully some of us will get chosen for the next round to meet up online with those who already have VIP keys.

Grats to Zero! Or What! Or...Grats!

Congratulations Zero_Blahs! Enjoy that prize (by using it for Rift of course haha).

Spinwhiz will there be something going on for the Beta event on the 28th with Escapist? Even if there are no events I'd like to continue with The Escapist guild and have fun with the next event!

Hey Zero_B, you played as what, right? Congrats mang, you got a free laptop of awesome gaming goodness and had a great time to boot. Hope to see you all in 3 more days!@.@ Here's to losing more sleep!

Thanks for all for the grats and the great time and yes my charecter name was what. Hope you all had a very merry christmas! Also I will say I will be in on the next upcoming beta hope to see some of you there!

Beta 3 has been up since yesterday & the small fixes have been telling. The game seems to flow better... and the Rift incursions have only multiplied.

Toon: Jyzzabyl, Server: Wolfshard

Ewhac, on the Belmont shard. And I appear to suck at this game.

There are rift incursions all over the bloody place, in addition to roving bands of whatever, any one of which will curb-stomp you. One of the roving bands waltzed in and destroyed a wardstone. I was able to kill all of 0.3 of one of them before being turned into ash.

I also have a backpack full of crud whose function I haven't the slightest clue -- stuff whose sale value is one silverpiece, but you're supposed to drag it into a "set" to make it do something. Exactly what a "set" is is conspicuously unmentioned.

Add to that the staggeringly low framerate (13 fps with nothing much going on), and it's been a, shall we say, uneven experience.

You do get a feel for which rifts and invasions you can take, and which you need help with, so keep at it.

Those mystery items are "artifacts." Right click them and it opens the collections dialogue and add it to a set. Doing so unlocks titles, and grants you miscellaneous goodies (gold, potions, etc), but can otherwise be ignored.

Beta 4 with Warfronts sounds exciting. And they're opening up new zones and raising the level cap to 27. Should be a fun weekend. Who on Belmont still has beta access?

Just got Beta access. Forget which server I'm on, some PvP-RP which had low pop. Right now level 10 rogue. Definitely no WoW killer, but I'm having a blast.

Got an invite for the Beta starting Tuesday, Is anyone up for that one who fancies going through some quests with me?

anyone doing the latest beta?

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