How to download Steam Games faster?

My internet is quite good but for some reason when I am downloading Fear and expansion packs (17gb), its downloading very slowly. 0kb/s to 170kb/s, lots of times it will just sit at 0. No matter where I download from it stays like this.

Anyway to increase it?

Check any other computers connected to your internet and see if they are downloading or using the internet. When I try to download games off of steam, I can not be using my computer and the internet must be free otherwise it will take a while to download.

I got the FEAR collection as well, it's been doing the same thing as yours. Sometimes it'll pick up to 1mbps, others it's down at 250kbps. I just toughed through it, everything eventually got downloaded.

EDIT: Also, if you use wireless internet, clear out a few inches of space all around it, especially the antenna area. That actually boosted my speeds a little bit.

First always check your steam settings.

Steam>Settings>Download+cloud tab

From there you will see what "speed" you are letting steam know you have in order for them to process your downloads. Also ensure that your region is the closest to you as well. Many people default on Modem and L.A. as their region.

Servers are busy because everyone's been cashing in on the lovely lovely bargains.

Set your download server to a country where it's early morning and all but the most hardcore nerds are blearily putting coffee in their sugar, stop browsing the escapist for a few hours and it should pick up a little.

I feel your pain. Fallout 3 GOTY is installing at an average of around 80 KB/s... It's been saying the end time has been seven more hours... for the past five hours >.>

Make sure you're downloading from the nearest Steam server. It doens't make sense to download from New York when you're closer to Pittsburg.


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