Fallout New Vegas: what did you do with benny? (SPIOLERS)

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After talking to yes-man I went back down to get him alone in his room and clobbered his arms off with the cement mace weapon of doom, whatever it's called.

Rebar Club?

Challenged him to Gladiatorial combat, had Boone snipe his ass.

Talked him into going to his hotel room and after listening to his bullcrap justifications for a bit, topped him with a .44 magnum I smuggled in.

You don't fuck with me.


After talking to yes-man I went back down to get him alone in his room and clobbered his arms off with the cement mace weapon of doom, whatever it's called.

Rebar Club?

That's the one. I find my name for it is more aptly suited to describe its destructive powers. I've yet to find an enemy that doesn't go down in under three hits.

After murdering the entire Caeser's Legion camp, with Boone and Rex at my side, I untied Benny. Then I told him he was dead meat, and let him start running, while just walking behind him, serial killer style, with my Displacer Glove. When he got to the edge of the island, I punched his head off.

1st Play-through: I challenged him to a honorable duel to the death in the arena.
2nd Play-through: Me, Boone, and Rex slaughtered everyone in Ceasar's camp... everyone.

First Character, a Male NCR Ranger, took him out from the balcony with an Anti-Material Rifle, blew his head clean open.

Second Character, a Male Bandit, lured him away from his bodyguards and shot him repeatedly with a Revolver.

Third, a Female Scientist, slept with him then killed him afterwards.

When I first met him, I asked him if we could speak in private. We went up stairs and then I beat him to death with a Pool Cue

My first character was all good and NCR and honor and that so I dueled him in the camp and actually he almost had me because I wasn't very high level at that point... but it was a good death - too good for his kind of scum really, but I had to maintain my honor.

My second character, still in progress, is more neutral and opportunistic - but I'm working for Mr. House who wanted it clean so I worked with the Tops manager to make it a quiet event in Benny's room.

I'm a little surprised how many people were ok with hopping into bed with someone who shot them in the head and left them for dead in a shallow grave... not really what I would consider for the situation unless I was playing a dark sex goddess of death personally.

As a woman, I seduced then killed him.

As a man, I dueled him...

By playing a children's card game!

I did the noble thing and dueled him to the death. He boasted about how skilled he was with a blade; I made him look like a fool.

Went up to his place, talked him into paying me, killed his guys, then let him go after slaughtering the Legion.

I put a bullet in his brainpan. Squish.

First character(male, sneak/guns, unarmored, neutral, sided with House): convinced him to head up to the room before me with the help of a speech magazine, sneaked up after him, picked the lock on the presidential suite's safe, and shot him in the head repeatedly with the 10mm SMG I found there (hidden the whole time). I already had a 10mm pistol and a combat knife on me, but I couldn't pass up the chance to return his bullets 30-fold (also, 1mm larger diameter and coming from a 6mm longer casing).

Second character(female, heavily armored, energy/explosives/melee,good, NCR): convinced him to head up to the room before me, followed, had a conversation... and attacked him with the unique cleaver I had managed to hide on myself with the help of a sneak magazine when he wouldn't give me the chip. He actually managed to get three rounds off at me (into my combat armor) before he died that time.

First time I had him sent off to be Crucified...Then I realized that he wore a snazzy suit and I should have it..So I shot him on the cross...and stole his clothes...yeah..

Second time I had him go into the Private room of the casino..Picked up a Snooker cue and proceeded to beat 7 colours of shit out of him.Which is much more fun.

i made sure i got power armor training from the BoS before i went. I then broke him in half with the humble cudgel

"Son of a bitch." *gunshots*

I didn't actually have much choice, because when I visited Caesar I didn't actually notice him in the corner. I only realised later, so I next saw him after fighting through the Fort and wiping out Caesar and his garrison. It was kill him there and then or let him go, and the latter wasn't overly appealing. It's what I would have chosen anyway, though.

I said "I'm back" in my own way, that is with a .44 Magnum to the face.


I've only ever sexed him to death. I'll have to try this arena thing. It sounds interesting.

haha beautiful. gonna hafta play as a girl and see how it differs.
I 1)turned him into mashed potato in the arena

2)sneaked a frag in his undies

3) punched his face off while his hands were tied

You may want to take the Black Widow perk. I don't know if it is required, but it was definitely the Black Widow conversation responses I used.

hmm I'm sensing that alot of peole went and played as female charachters jsut to seduce him

At first I didnt realise you could actually manipulate objects half life 2 style.....I think I spent a little too much time re-aranging corpses, there is a headless powder ganger sitting on a chair outside of the saloon in good springs, right next to easy pete

I Levelled New Vegas, i ate everyone.... everyone...

First time, I punched him for about 5 minutes until he died, it was very unsatisfying. Second time I smashed him around his suite with a bumper sword.

I had him crucified.

I was going to say did NO ONE crucify this guy.

OT: Shot in the head at Caesar's camp. (Guns char)
Fought to the death in the arena. (Melee/Unarmed char)
Seduced and killed without having sex with him. (Energy/Explosives char)
Crucified. (alternate playthrough Energy/Explosives char)

I put a bullet in his brainpan. Squish.

Oh, Summer Glau, you made such an awesome crazy lady/secret government weapon.

First Character; Slept with him, Let him run away, Tried to help him escape Ceasar's Camp, saw how difficult it was so I said "Screw This", reloaded my save and killed him in the arena.

Second Character; Slept with him then killed him in his sleep.

Good times.

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