Who is your favorite love interest in Mass Effect 1/2?
21% (112)
21% (112)
6.8% (36)
6.8% (36)
10.5% (56)
10.5% (56)
46.2% (246)
46.2% (246)
1.1% (6)
1.1% (6)
4.9% (26)
4.9% (26)
3% (16)
3% (16)
5.6% (30)
5.6% (30)
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Poll: Mass Effect Love Interests

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British accents on women make me attracted

That would make sense if Miranda had a British accent. Miranda speaks with an Australian accent (a mild Sydneysider accent to be precise).

Don't take it into offense, but I could hardly tell the difference.

I've always had a thing for Liara. ME2 and LotSB really fleshed her out and made you feel for the pain she's endured since you, y'know, exploded and how scarring the effect is. It felt right giving her that hug after you ended the Shadow Broker.

Mr. Doe:
...I'm the first Jack vote, now I feel like a creep.

Don't. I prefer Jack over Tali and Miranda. Liara is first and foremost for me, but Jack is second by my preference.

also, is it me, or does it seem like Jacob is almost never liked?

Romancing Jacob?

Heavy Risk...


Garrus was such a klutz with the ladies. I liked my fem shep seducing him ^u^




British accents on women make me attracted

That would make sense if Miranda had a British accent. Miranda speaks with an Australian accent (a mild Sydneysider accent to be precise).

Don't take it into offense, but I could hardly tell the difference.

It's odd that so few Americans can.


it's Garrus he's the only "Renegade" romance potion
Tali is second place
then Jack

they're the only three that seem believable
all the other romances are sort of weak, like "oh Shepard I love you because you were nice to me 5 times in a row"
Garrus was the only one who was like "I wanna fuck" and Shepard was like "Okay, so when do we do this"

I have to disagree, he seems kind of put off by your whole "being human" thing. that and kissing turtle lips doesn't appeal to me. I have a thing for lips I guess.

Personally, Joker. That would be a bad ass romance, kinda forbidden with his illness and me being an intergalactic bad ass, but we've been through it all together.

as far as actual options go, I chose Thane. He's dying so its kinda doomed, but its also sweet. Kaiden was alright, but kinda too Carth-like for my tastes. I wish Tali would've gone for my Fem-Shep, I would have gone there.

He was put off by Shep being human but that's not really what I was getting at
all the other romances are just that, they're romantic love at first site things. love at second site for Tali.
The Garrus romance is like casual sex. The only feelings between them were respect

also I agree with you about Tali being bi, or Jack. Jack even talked about being bi in some of the conversations. where the hell's Les-Shepard going to go after Liara? Kelly? Sorry but feeding my fish just ain't gonna cut it.

Darh Abdomino:
Legion. There, nightmare fuel.

I wanted a Legion romance
you could tell those Geth were totally into Shepard

Shepard: "Why did you use my armor instead of fixing it sooner, or with something else?"
Legion: "...No data available..."

now if that's not an alien robot pickup line I don't know what is

So little love for Miranda. /sad

I could fill a dissertation with all my reasons for hating Miranda

and the reasoning behind most of the people that do like her is "Dat ass"

I romanced Liara in ME1 mainly for dat alien side-boob, but I actually did begin to like her enough to stay loyal in ME2, though if Tali was a lesbian option I would totally have tapped that instead.

Then the Shadow Broker DLC really made me glad I romanced her in ME1, it really tied things together and had some hilarious dialog.

Hristo Tzonkov:
I'm obviously a creep because I like Tali and Garrus...But hey Tali has a skintight bodysuit and a mystery to her(WHATS HER FACE OMG) and Garrus has reach.

oh definitely this!!! Every time i think of that "reach" story i chuckle :))))
If i ever play a female Shepard i'd only romance Garrus...every single time :D

but i just played males, and i romanced every one (even Jack for a short time) to see how it's like. Voting on this one was not easy. ME1 had some good characters, but ME2 had better. It is the first RPG i played (and i played very PCRPG from Baldur's Gate1 onwards) in which i liked every NPC in the game (even Jack had her moments). And the romances....ah the romances...4 of them!!! In ME1 i romanced Liara 3 times out of 4 just because Ash was too conservative for me (although i too like poetry). But in ME2 with TLOSB.... just when i thought "look what they've done to my Blue baby"....she SHINES!!! Suddenly i didn't felt bad for romancing her in ME1. I wish they'd do the same for Ash.

Tali...i just lover her in ME1. She and Garrus were my favorite NPCs.And still are. Romanced her twice of my 6 ME2 games, but as some posters pointed out, my feelings for her border more on the brotherly love then romantic interest. Or a best buddy love. Still Shepard and Tali have a history just like Shepard and Garrus , and this goes a long way in my book.

Finally here is Miranda. The first 2/5 of the game i really didn't like her. I mean she was almost Cerberus incarnate. And she was on the game logo :P .... I usually feel that characters put on the logo are "meant" to be liked, so they turns me off (like Ash). But as the story progressed and i completed her loyalty mission i began to change my mind. There was actually a person under her suit...i mean agenda. And she actually admired and envied Shepard. A genetically crafted super human, a famme-fatale and she envied you. And on top of that she actually felt insecure because of her superiority.

In the end i romanced Liara, Tali and Miranda 2 times each. I voted Miranda on the list, mostly because of her flirting style that only becomes evident in the latter stages of the game....and because Tali is winning ;)
but overall a tough choice :)

Kelly is nice, but I wish Bioware could of made it so you could romanticize Kasumi in the game.

Now she is everything i want in a girl, damn you Bioware for teasing me.

Well, she has a canon love interest in Jacob (even though he isnt interested.) so at least its explained unlike all the characters in DA:A; also all the dialog and cutscenes would probably make the DLC XBOX HUEG.

Seriously, I thought Kelly was great and totally my 'type'... until we got into the bedroom. Am I the only one who got completely creeped out by that? You have three options:

1) Awkwardly hold each other and staring without ever blinking.
2) Awkwardly lying next to each other in bed
3) Awkwardly (and silently) watching her do a ... sorta sexy dance? Kinda?

I mean, she ended up feeling like a call girl who realized halfway through the show I didn't have enough money to pay her more than half what I owed, but she needed the money bad enough she couldn't leave.


Tali needs her own option.

She's way too popular to share an option with Garrus.


As for FemShep, I leave it undecided.

Really? You couldn't decide between the Dinosaur, the Guppy. and the Human? :D

I mean, I haven't decided which romance is most believable as a romance. I guess if I had to pick, it's kind of a toss-up between Garrus and Thane. To be honest, I don't like Jacob that much as a character. He shows the most signs of the infamous "Bioware Face."

I was doing all the right options for everyone on Mass Effect 2, though in the end I went with Jack. It was a pretty interesting match up, her hateful personality took a lot of work to crack open. It's a shame Tali came so late into the game, it was practically a "Drop all relationships built up with the rest of the crewmembers and shag me" type deal. My hardnut character was better suited towards Jack, though I'd probably pick Kelly or Tali depending on how she looks.

I think I'd have to go with a 3-way tie between Liara, Miranda, and Tali. I like Miranda because of her rather cynical nature, Tali for her drive for exploration and curiousity, and Liara for logic and rationalism.

I like both Tali's and Jacks. Which is odd because at first I didn't really like Jack.

Shut up he is romancable.


I love how if you're female and talk to him too often he has a sort of "Let you down easy" dialogue with Shepard, it made me laugh pretty hard when my roommate got into that situation.

Since bioware doesnt see profit from gay relationships and only allow boobfest lesbians for kids to watch, i made male that romanced Garrus with the awesome savedit mod xD

Bioware isn't anti-gay, they just didn't want it in Mass Effect. Dragon Age has one straight and one bisexual romance option for each gender.

I hate almost everyone who's romancable. If I had to choose, I'd pick Tali. I like her accent.

Garrus. Always Garrus.

God i really dont get why so many people like Tali. Shes just annoying as hell and her voice makes me want to RIPP MY FUCKING EARS OFF.

Since Samara seems to be quite popular among the Mass Effect fans, I'll assume I'm the only one who chose Morinth in this poll.

Garrus <3 Love me some turian!

I guess I liked how nervous Liara was in ME1 and seeing her come out of her shell was always nice. I've got a save now where I've got her romanced and stayed faithful. But I've got a soft spot for Jack as well, and no one can hate Tali.

I'm one of those who went through the game blind with the idea that you could romance anyone. Much to my dismay, I ended up going for everyone who WASN'T romanceable. Joker, Mordin, Legion...I was aware of the salarian lack of a sex drive but I wasn't adverse to an asexual relationship, so his rejection made me sadface. Legion practically already has a crush on you but it's a robot, so I can KINDA see why it's not an option...but WHY NOT JOKER?! Is it that he belongs to EDI? IS THAT IT?!


Shut up he is romancable.


I love how if you're female and talk to him too often he has a sort of "Let you down easy" dialogue with Shepard, it made me laugh pretty hard when my roommate got into that situation.

He does it if you're male, too. I was pleasantly surprised, even if he was still rejecting me.

People have a huge thing for Tali, I never knew why. I always went for Miranda cause..well she was modeled after Yvonne Strahovski :)

I am beginning to sound like a broken record player on this issue but, I find the romances to be, for lack of a better word, forced so I never bother with them.

First post: soo mercy plzzz!!
Anway...Liara is the one for me!! Tali was really cute in m2 but her repeated flirting with Garrus in me3 just pissed me off bad( more so coz i was rmancng her). Plus Liara came off as a really strong character in m3. And she looooks soooo gooood!

Jack looks damn good in 3. It's amazing what a bit of hair and a better outlook does for her attractiveness.

( This isn't the first time I've posted this however my choice and reason for it remain the same ).

I know that my choice isn't the " popular " choice but I prefer Jack. Here is my reasoning. Tali is a kiss ass , Miranda is a cheerleader and jack is more complex ( like most good characters are ). Now most people don't choose Jack due to her attitude , troubled past and or shaved head. I say most if not everyone has a troubled history to some extent what you do with that history will define you as a person NOT the history itself. Her " bad attitude " is due to the FACT she is being forced to work with the same organization that TORTURED her as a child. The fact that she can still do this despite her pain ( both emotional AND physical ) makes her strong. As I said some people don't like her for her shaved head. Now this is actually an aspect of the character I like. A character that steps out of the mold of society not just with philosophical sense but also a physical one. By doing what is considered the ultimate taboo a woman can do in that society ( that being to willingly go bald ). Most women in this society obsess over their hair yet she as a female character defies that culture and says " fuck you " by not having hair to obsess over she DOESN'T have an unhealthy obsession of physicality ( granted her interests aren't exactly " healthy " ). Her defiant personality and appearance makes her a challenging character to which sets her apart from the other characters to which will just blindly follow the leader as if they were cows being herded for the slaughter. Jack gives the series a sense of individuality to which it ultimately needs in the series. And between you and me I'm more attracted to someone that goes outside the crowd rather then follow ( and or blindly agree with ) a single individual like a bunch of mindless zombies.


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