What happened to guitar hero?

So Ive only herd very very vague things about the series, has it gone under or somthing? Im surprised It was a big cash-cow franchise with mainstream apeal

Got axed, so to speak.

They're not making them any more. I guess the games stopped selling so well.

Assuming I recall this correctly: Activision took over the Guitar Hero franchise, where Harmonix founded Rock Band.

Rock Band games remained consistently good, and to my knowledge, have sold pretty well... Guitar Hero games not so much.

What happened to it?


Activision milked it dry by churning out crap sequel after crap sequel and then cut it when it stopped yielding a profit.

I was surprised they cut it myself, I was beginning to think they were going to try to take the record away from Tony Hark's Samey Samey Skate Crap 28 and EA's Football Again 28

People suddenly realized that it was stupid. I mean jeeze, if you're going to put that much time and energy into learning how to play guitar, buy a bloody guitar!

After Harmonics left the series, it sold worse and worse, then the music game market became over-saturated and the public grew out of the genre.

the mindless sheep of the gaming world suddenly at long last came to the realization that the games sucked.


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