New Vegas- Did you kill the legendary creatures?

Did you kill the Legendary creatures (Legendary Deathclaw, Nightstalker, Cazdor and Fire Gecko) in Fallout New Vegas?
If so, which ones did you kill? What weapons did you use? And how difficult was it to kill them?

In my latest run through the game I killed all four of them, and I used This Machine loaded with JSP hand load rounds along with the help of Cass armed with a brush gun loaded with SWC hand load rounds, and ED-E.
That combination was incredibly effective, I was able to kill the Legendary Deathclaw with only two clips fired (16 shots) and loosing no health. That same combination also allowed me to kill Legate Lanius far easier than any other combination of weapons (except for the Alien Blaster).

Killed them all...

Sneak attack + Anti-material rifle + Better criticals = insta kill :)

:O What are these legendary creatures you speak of and how does one find them?

:O What are these legendary creatures you speak of and how does one find them?

The Legendary creatures are four unique variants of certain creatures (Deathclaw, Nihtstalker, Cazdor and Fire Gecko) that can be found in the Mojave wasteland. The Legendary creatures are far larger and have fore more health than the regular versions of each creature. They reside in caves/caverns around the Mojave.
Here's a link to the Fallout wiki site that explains the Legendary creatures and where to find them-

Still have to find them

Only ever found the Nightstalker and the Cazador. Used my Grenade Machinegun and made short work of them.

I set out to kill the Legendary Deathclaw once.
On my level 30 character.
EDIT: Did I mention I was also alone? Yeah. I did it alone too.

100 guns, fully repaired Anti-Material Rifle, Mysterious Magnum, & Dinner Bell.

After many, MANY sneak attack headshots and backpeddling my ass away while firing off the Magnum and even MORE reloads, I managed to kill it.

Unexpectedly, and unknowingly, I did this on very hard as well.

Where do I stamp my man card?

Found and killed them all. I didn't know they existed until I ran into the legendary Fire Gecko and almost crapped myself.

i didnt kill them i took them on a picnic and went skipping

I only took down the legendary Cazadore and Deathclaw. The deathclaw was the big one for me. Told boone and Rex to wait outside. went in with Ratslayer, anti material rifle, grenades, mines, and a fat man. worked my way through the deathclaws then when it came time to take on the big fish, BOOM...knee shot... times 2. then "Boom, Headshot x 3"

I just sneak-punched both the nightstalker and fire gecko to death and used this machine on the others. Because I like simple answers.

Yes. Though my first encounter with the Legendary Deathclaw was a bit brief. Turns out that without a really big gun, and a host of damage bonuses, the damn thing is nearly impossible to kill before it gets into mangling range. Once at that distance, it is capable of killing the average anything else in the game in one hit (player included). Thanks to the fact that it (like all deathclaws) ignores armor in it's attacks means you need at least 251 hp to survive it's standard attack and 450 HP to survive it's special attack. Combine that with the fact that it has a Damage Threshold of 15 and 850 HP of it's own means that it takes significant firepower just to hurt the damn thing.

The anti-material rifle is probably the best solution and even then you need better criticals and two shots to get the job done. As far as I'm aware, it isn't even possible to bring the thing down in 1 shot, even with maxed gun skills, a perfect condition anti-material rifle, hilariously expensive hand-load rounds, the various damage boosting drugs, a sneak attack bonus and better criticals.

Yes. The Holy Hand Grenade is amazing for those guys. You need the wild wild wasteland perk though. But it'll kill the deatclaw in one shot.


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