Poll: Video Game Induced Motion Sickness

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Used to get it when I played Half Life 2 but oddly not from TF2 or L4D 1 + 2. Suffered with if for a while when i upgraded my graphics card but I got used to it after playing with seabands on for a week :D

My friend wouldn't play games because they made her sick, but when first met in our first year of college she made a point to learn so she could blow me up in Unreal Tournament 2003. She overcame the motion sickness, but not my flak cannon; end result was her editing the textures in her game so all the characters had either her face or mine...

Never bothers me, although my gf says she gets dizzy playing them.


There's a liquid in your inner ear that is used to register movement. In fact, without it you wouldn't be able to keep your balance standing up. When this sense of motion conflicts with what the eyes are seeing, for some people, it results in nausea.

Here's some cool extra info on this phenomena courtesy of my BS in Biology and asking my professors about it when Cloverfield came out and people were having the same problem: When your brain notices that your eyes are telling it that you are moving but your inner ear liquid's lack of sloshing around is telling it that you are sitting still, your brain assumes that you are hallucinating due to trippin' out on drugs. It then tells your stomach to feel nausea and vomit up the non-existent drug. This is something we evolved so that when our hominid ancestors snacked on a hallucinogenic plant or mushroom, we would vomit it up before we could do any more damage on our bodies or brains. I wonder if you can induce the same effect by moving violently while making it appear to your eyes that you are standing still? Maybe that's why people get sick on rollercoasters, their seat and car they're in looks static while the body twists around.

I for one don't feel nausea on rollercoasters or by playing the aforementioned type of games. I even tried to eat a lot of food really fast before getting on an intense coaster, but no negative reactions. Whether that means my brain is advanced enough to not be tricked into thinking I'm ingesting drugs, or my brain is primitive enough to not know that I'm "ingesting drugs" and that drugs are bad, I can't say. I can say that it lets me enjoy those things where others can't (loved Cloverfield, but most people can't seem to get past their nausea). It also let me torture my little sister when I was young and playing the 5th boss in Yoshi Island, and later again with Super Mario Galaxy. Running around a small planet until the screen is just a blur of colors while your annoying sibling gets nausea is really fun

Amnesia induces intense headaches through it's wobble cam but that's about it.

Had motion sickness for about six hours, and hell, I used to parajump.

Anywho, I had just gotten a REAL gaming computer (thanks to iBuyPower), and installed Gears of War, the first game in my lineup of NEXT-GEN MODERN VIDEO GAMES that I wanted to give a go. The instant I was finished going 'oooo', and 'aaaah' at the graphics and the game actually started, I instantly moved the mouse to look around, and found myself staring at my own ceiling. How I got there I don't know, but it took round about six hours of game-play off and on before I could comfortably stare at the screen for half an hour.

Now I set motion blur to max in every game I can, hurr.

Dead Space, because of really low consolish FOV. Bad times...

Because I fail at life, yes, I do get motion sickness from certain videogames (and pretty much everything else you can possibly get motion sickness from).

It mainly happens while playing games with a first person perspective, but in a few really sad cases it's happened in other games as well, but only under certain conditions; the Ecliptic Express in Resident Evil Zero makes me sick to my stomach and I could never use the flying carpet mounts in WoW for the same reason.

The single worst case has to be Portal, though. That game made me so sick I had to go lie down to keep myself from throwing up over my keyboard.

I also had a friend that couldn't watch me play Oblivion because it made her sick, while I didn't react to it at all.

same with portal. Any turning thats too fast and now-a-days i just get sick as can be. It really sucks considering how I used to be good at FPS's then...well this happened

I get gaming sickness all the time. Almost all games in First-Person, and certain games in third person (like if you're right up to the back of the character, or the screen bounces while you run, or the bg moves constantly.) I've almost got what makes me sick in games down to a freaking science. First time I felt motion sickness while gaming was with Duke Nukem.

To fight it, I've found a few steps that can help:

1. Always play in a well-lit room. If you're playing at night, have some lights on.

2. Take breaks after every 30 minutes. Lets the eyes rest.

3. Don't sit insanely close to the screen. Obvious reasons.

4. Take Ginger Pills (or Dramamine) before playing games that you know will make you dizzy. Ginger pills are easier to come by and don't make you drowsy.

5. If you do feel sick, don't push it. Pause the game and take an insta-break. During this time, step outside for air or drink a glass of water. Chew gum. Pet a cat. Something to get your mind in the right order.

I still can't play certain games (most FPS's), usually do to the game's mechanics - such as a shoddy camera scheme. And I also found that Wii games don't make me nearly as sick as other systems. Something about sitting forward with a wiimote opposed to a standard controller. Even gamecube games on the Wii can make me sick, but I can somehow complete the Metroid Prime series and Zelda Twilight with a wiimote with little to no problem.

I've only had it once.

When I was playing Portal.
I was on a flinging area, and I kept accidentaly swinging my mouse around due to my speaker being ontop of my wire (And out of reach) and back when it happened I was really effected by motion sicknes. It never happened again, and I was only left with a head-ache for about 5 minutes.

Onyx Oblivion:

Daystar Clarion:
Never affected me, although my friend fells ill when he plays Halo.

Just Halo. Don't know why that's the only that FPS that affects him.

Is it all the fucking bloom?

My dad and sister won't even attempt to play Halo CO-OP. Their excuse is the screens are too small and the game jumps around too much. I don't see what thei- BBBLLLLAAAAAARRRGGGG What was I saying?

Never affected me personally but I do not get motion sickness. My girlfriend however cannot even watch me play Ace Combat without feeling sick.

Got it a bit when falling through endless portals in Portal.

I have only experienced this once, and I do not get motion sick. Ever.

It was a recent thing. I was at a friend's house and he was playing Fallout 3: New Vegas on his computer, but it was patched into his High Def large screen TV. It wasn't one of those sudden things. It crept up on me. But by the time I left, I was nauseous and had a huge headache.

After ten or fifteen minutes of sitting still and not watching anything, I was fine.

This is the only instance. Though I sort of worry that it doesn't bode well for me. I only watched him play for maybe forty-five minutes. If I get a HD TV like his, it worries me I might have a relapse on games I love. But then I remember that most of the time, I play third person.

I feel a little heavy around 12 Gs, I pass out at 16.

Compared to the real thing pure visual stimuli is nothing.

Played planetside recently, colossus definitely attempted to give me motion sickness.

When I tried to get my dad to play first person shooters, he said that he always had to stop after about half and hour because he felt a little sick. Strangely enough, I have nothing like this. Neither does my brother.

Old people. I'm tellin' ya.

I've never really had trouble with this, but my roommate was always really disturbed by Mirror's Edge, to the point where he had to leave the room while I was playing it; not only watching me, but the sound of falling, made him feel sick.

Yes it happens to me, the game that has made me more sick as an Alien game on the Playstation.

its never happend to me but i know a few pepole who cant play fps for more than 20 minutes or so with out fealing ill

I found I had it with Prey, also guitar hero, other than that though not really

It happens to me occasionally, but only in old FPS's. Doom and it's associated games.

Yeah, I've had that happen to me. First time it happened was when I played Doom way back in the day. Got it really bad when I tried playing Descent. Never got it bad enough where I actually threw up though.

Mirror's Edge was the first to really make me sick.
Since then Half-Life 2 does too. It didn't before.
I blame Mirror's Edge for making it worse.

I have it with some other first person games as well, but it seems pretty random and it varies in severity.

I used to be very susceptible to motion sickness, but then I started taking public transit to school/work every day and I think my body may have adapted to it or something because it hardly bothers me now.

But no, I've never been bothered by motion sickness when I was playing videogames.

I have it happen on certain games, usually FPS games and it also varies between the platform that the game is on as well. This is why it pisses me off when they decide to skip making a demo. I will not waste money on a game I could end up not being able to play. Besides if most of them put out a true demo we could see what crap they are trying to stick us with before we shell out the funds and they would never get their hands on the money.

It happens to me, too, but very rarely. In fact, I found in most cases it helps to just turn off motion blur. I don't know why, maybe then the balance organs have an easier time convincing my visual cortex that it's registering just a series of images, not actual motion.

Never have any problem with it. Even with stuff like bloom and motion blur.

I never used to get it, now I very occasionally get it from games that include falling from great heights. Like falling off a building on GTA/Just Cause or Minecraft. Dunno why it happens but thats the only situation where it does.

The only instances of game-induced nausea I can recall are from playing the old Wolfy 3D and from the dialogue in oh-so-many cutscenes.

I do occasionally get Simulation Sickness (i.e. the form of motion sickness described in the OP), but its not common for me. The one I remember most giving me it was Portal. It see's that my current monitor is big enough to confuse my visual cortex into thinking I'm seeing myself moving whilst my ears disagree.

As TVs get bigger, and games like Portal get jump-ier, I think we'll see more cases of this.

I had this problem most of the times in FPS's with a ton of bloom (Mirror's edge comes to mind)where I almost get nauseous and can't play anymore,because I am getting dizzy.

I don't, not at all. Even Mirror's Edge without the crosshair was no problem.

But now it has happened in a very mild form, in a place I didn't expect it one bit. Last week I finally got around exploring the Worgen starter areas in WoW. When I finally became a Worgen, his running animation made me feel a bit nauseous. Luckily I got both forms now, so I can switch back to the plane ol' dude form when I'm feeling queezy.

My sister can't play Source games for this reason.
It makes me sad inside. :(

I get motion sickness too, in very nearly all shooter games. For me, no configuration of proper lighting or Ginger Pills has helped. I first noticed it when playing Halo for the first time (so I wasn't always like this). I think it has a lot to do with the in-game surroundings; the level design in Halo 1 repeated itself a lot, and I had a hard time figuring which way to go. Anyway, games like Portal are out of the question for me. Team Fortress 2 gives me no trouble after I get familiar with a new map, but if I'm playing a shooter where I don't already know where I'm going and can't check the level map every 5 seconds... Well, let's just say I better have a bucket nearby.

I've found my body can build up a sort of tolerance for it; if I play often, it takes longer and longer each time for the nausea to hit me, so in the end I'll no longer start feeling ill at all. If I switch games or have a week's break from a game, though, I'll have to start from scratch.

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