March Mayhem 2011 Is Over, Mojang Wins!

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March Mayhem 2011 Is Over, Mojang Wins!


March Mayhem: Developers' Showdown 2011 is over and the winner is none other than the tournament Cinderella and 16th seeded wildcard, Mojang.

At the beginning of this year's March Mayhem, Valve was projected to take it all once again, but Zynga was still on the tip of everyone's tongue. Last year, the casual gaming king upset a number of community favorites until meeting Valve. Even after generating the highest voter turnout for a match-up in March Mayhem history, Zynga lost right at the end. 2011 was a different story. As the first round came to a close, Zynga was sent home packing by Cryptic Studios. As the dust settled, voters noticed another, more impressive upset -- number 1 seeded Nintendo had been taken down by wildcard and number 16 seeded Mojang AB, creators of Minecraft.

Mojang was voted into March Mayhem by members of The Escapist Publisher's Club for one of four wildcard spots going up against the number 1 seeds. Little did fans suspect that the Minecraft community was strong enough to send a powerhouse like Nintendo home in the first round. Mojang continued its Cinderella journey as it bulldozed through veteran developers Namco Bandai, Epic Games, and Obsidian before finally crushing last year's champion, Valve.

This brought the newcomer face-to-face with BioWare, who had just given Blizzard Entertainment a kick to the curb without breaking a sweat. The stage was now set for a battle for a showdown between the indie developer and the veteran powerhouse. After four long days of voting, Mojang AB emerged victorious and won a paid advertising contract with The Escapist! BioWare, Valve and Blizzard also received advertising contracts for winning their divisions or being part of the Final Showdown.

As for the community, many participants voted for their favorites over the six rounds of battle and each time they did, they were entered into a random drawing for the Grand Prize, an Alienware M15X Laptop. Three other winners will also be chosen at random for one of three Alienware M11X Laptops. The amount for all of the prizes together totaled almost $5000, thanks to March Mayhem's exclusive sponsor, Alienware. These winners will be chosen within the next couple of days.

As a side bonus to those participants who filled out their brackets before the event began, we took the top 13 brackets with the best scores and made them Publisher's Club members. They now get to enjoy high quality video along with video podcasts and mobile access, exciting bonus features, discounts from online retailers, and an even better user experience without the hassle of advertisements! Congrats to the following winners:

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated in this event. A special thanks to Caliostro, Celtic_Kerr, GeorgW, MiracleOfSound and XxRyanxX for being our Escapist Ambassadors and helping answer questions from new members as well as fielding questions regarding the tournament.

March Mayhem: Developers' Showdown is over, thank you once again and see you next year!


Long live Mojang!

Oh man! Obvious outcome was obvious! Underdog always wins on the Escapist... wait... damn that's kind of ironic.

Congratulations Mojang!

Looking forward to next year!

Captcha: issider Wingspan

I seriously, totally, cannot believe Mojang won, basically ruined my bracket xD.

Ah well, Congrats are in order, Well done Notch + co.

It's going as planned.

Was there any doubt that they were going to win once they beat valve? Ok, I'm going to try to restrain myself from re-iterating why I think valve should have beat mojang on the 10th thread about this, but for now congrats mojang.

there is still not reason majong should have beat valve or nintendo

I guess we know how to win a popularity contest now. Charge for beta + never release = lower expectations & huge profit.

I like minecraft as much as the next guy but this is just disappointing.

Better see what all the fuss was about.
*Of to download Minecraft.*

there is still not reason majong should have beat valve or nintendo

Because no one played Alien Swarm and we're all still sore over Metroid other M? Apparently it's supposed to be about who was best this year, not overall.

Congratulations are in order to Mojang.

(I wonder how much time until this thread turns into a cryfest/flamefest by the same people over and over saying Mojang didn't deserve it and how awful and pointless Minecraft is).

Well down Mojang. Awesome Job right there. GL for next year!

I for one, welcome my new Overlords.

I am still very annoyed about the result, I honestly would of preferred pretty much anyone else winning. But, lets not get into that. Well done *Grumble* Mojang...

Mojang is not or ever will be the best developer for anything.


Lol my bracket was pretty much riding on the hope that this would happen. I guessed rightly!

They have no choice now but to finish the game fast and with better quality then before, how that can be done, only god can tell.

there is still not reason majong should have beat valve or nintendo

Yeah there is, people voted for them more, plain and simple

Now I have to change my avatar...

Twas fun. Until next year!

Thankyou Escapist for the publishers club, *hugs*

Bah, Bioware is still better. *fanboy grumble*

And the best part?

With this advertising contract, all the people whining about how Minecraft shouldn't have won will be inundated with ads for the game! Sort of adding insult to injury there for some people.

...Meh. See you guys next year.

Absolutely pathetic. Mojang has one average, but addicting sandbox game, and they beat out fantastic developers like Bioware and Square? No. No, should not have been.

...So a company that hasn't finished a game at all beat companies that have finished about three in the time they haven't even cleaned up theres?

Congrats to them, but to be frank I think that is bullshit.

gratz to the winners ! =D

Majong deserves it, no sweat. I'm still kicking myself for not bracketing them as the winner.

Anyone else disappointed by this?

I had a good time not participating, therefore not getting worked up over anything!

Im Nightmare:
Mojang is not or ever will be the best developer for anything.

and yet they still beat Valve, Bioware, and Nintendo.........

Im surprised people didnt try to get a last-minute vote surge going, but I guess once their favorite developer lose people decided to not come back....

oh well, here's to next year!

Just goes to prove how strong the fanbase for Mojang is, stronger than other companies it would seem ;)

Don't you need to have actually finished a game before you can be called a developer?

I don't hate minecraft, I keep thinking about trying it out but come on.

Nice to see Mojang the Destroyer win and not some spam reliant conglomerate (Hi Zyngie, we're waving!).

Now, serious question this:

What was the general tone of this year's MM like?
After three years of general bad feeling and ban-a-matics I avoided it completely this year, but did notice it popping up in the recent comments bar a lot less than I remember, so I sort of assumed argument stacks weren't happening as much.
So, were people nicer this time round?

This is another little sign that indicates that we have an early contender for game of the decade.

I never wanted to play minecraft and never will.... GMOD is 10 times better than this
/me blames fanboys *rolleyes*

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