Are the Shao Kahn fights in Mortal Kombat too hard?
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Poll: Mortal Kombat... Is Shao Kahn too hard? (mild spoilers)

So, here's my story. I've been playing the story mode of the new Mortal Kombat game. Really been enjoying myself, too. Until I reached Shao Kahn. Frankly, he's too hard.

Now, before anyone jumps on me, yes, I know that boss fights in fighting games are SUPPOSED to be hard. That's kinda the point. But, in my opinion, Shao Kahn isn't hard, he's broken.

While I was playing story mode, I had the difficulty on beginner mode (since I'm not the greatest fighter ever, and I just wanted to see the story). And for the most part, it was good. Never had any significant difficulty with any fight. THEN I hit Shao Khan, and it was like hitting a brick wall.

His health is ridiculous. X-Ray attack barely register on him. He hits like a speeding train. He has super armor, so he's difficult to start combos on. He has block-breaking attacks. Blocking his attacks does considerable chip damage. He's immune to grabs. And to top it off, he seems far more agressive than most other enemies on that difficulty level.

I fought him, and he pounded me into the dirt. And again. And again and again and again. I never felt like I was making any progress with him, he always beat me by a HUGE margin. So, in despiration, I exploited his A.I. in order to beat him. The second time I fought him, I had similarly disasterous results, so I resorted to spamming projectiles to beat him. All on the easiest difficulty setting.

Now, I'm not the greatest fighter ever (as I've already stated), but I know my way around a boss fight. I've beaten Seth from Street Fighter 4 with every character. I've beaten V-13 on the hardest difficultly setting in BlazBlue's arcade mode (with Tager, no less). I feel like I'm fairly competent. What I'm saying is, I'm not really new to fighting games. So how would an ACTUAL newbie to fighting games handle this guy, when I couldn't even properly beat him ON THE EASIEST SETTING? Which, I will remind you, is what the easiest setting is FOR.

And after I beat him the first time in the story mode? I went back to having no problems. I beat the 2-on-1 team up of Kintaro and Goro (mini-boss characters) on my first try. I played the three fights in a row with no health regeneration... twice, and beat them on my first go.

This difficulty can't be by design, it's simply unreasonable to expect a new fighter to be able to beat this guy. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Oh lord!

I am terribad at fighting games, I suck major hardcore ass at them but I loves them.

I played SSF4 and beat Seth after few tries with Sagat, by spamming every move starting with "tiger". I know what you mean though, on SSF4 I never lost a match till Seth beat me like 10 times in a row. I often never got passed the first round.

Which means I am going to die alot to Shao Khan, awww nuts.

He's either a cheap motherfucker or the game's got a terrible difficulty curve. I remember having the same problem with BlazBlue against V-13; admittedly she was just cheap with blade spamming. Even after I'd gotten half decent with the controls she was still a bitch to battle.

He can't be as bad as Brolly from DBZ Budokai or top of Tower of Souls Algol but I won't know until I play it. I wish people would stop making Fighting game bosses so insanely broken as you have said. I mean the boss in DoA4 can take off about 1/3 or more of your health in a single unblockable once it starts combo.

I haven't fought him on Story Mode yet, but I've fought him quite a few times on Ladder Mode. On there yeah, he's a bitch, but defeatable...eventually. I just tried to develop a system with each character. Though I have no idea what he is like on Story.

Oh boy, the final story mode fight is terrible.

But trust me, it feels amazing to be the only one of my friends to beat him so far.
And only two days after release.


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