Portal 2 Turret Opera Translation

So, I managed to get ahold of the lyrics to the Portal 2 turret opera. They are in Italian:

Here is the translation according to Google Translate:

Now, I do not speak Italian, but the lyrics do seem to match whats being sung by the turrets. I also do not know how close the translation is to the real thing, but it seems close enough. I think this really sheds light on how GLaDOS really feels about Chell.


It's also much more emotional than "Want You Gone"

thats...definetly interesting

Im not sure 100% correct..but yeah very interesting

They could have been saying goodbye to the companion cube.

I know they weren't but I've never seen a turret shoot a cube.

The lyrics for the Turret Opera vel. Cara Mia are around the net for quite some time actually.

Old news is old. Go to any Cara Mia video on YouTube and look at the highest rated comment and you'll surely find the translation.

Anyway, love the song, like the lyrics, beats every other song in the game (including Want You Gone and Still Alive).


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