games with zero replay value

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Portal and Portal 2. The jokes aren't funny the second time, you know the solutions to all the puzzles, an you know the plot. I loved both of those games, but sadly, I don't think I'll ever play them through again.

Red Dead Redemption
its a very very good game i agree
but i wouldn't replay all the missions as they slowly build up to the ending whch i wont spoil but kicks ass
my point being, once youve done the missions, free roam is better than replaying
especially since theres a missions select option anyway

Mass Effect, mostly because I didn't want to redo everything simply to see what if I did that and such. A lot of RPG games where you make choices, like dragon ages.. it's nice you get choices, but I don't feel like finding out afterward.

Way too many. My short list:

The Witcher 1
The Witcher 2
Assassin's Creed 1
Hydrophobia: Prophecy
Just Cause 2
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Fallout New Vegas (like hell I'm gonna make another character)
Far Cry 2
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (got the game and beat the campaign yesterday, and I feel like I've seen everything already)
Metro 2033

I replay every game I have.I don't think there is any game out there with zero replay value.

Enslaved. It was good for a first run for the plot, but after you've done it once you know the story and since the gameplay is so dull there is no reason to play again.

Any and all FPS Shooters.

Most especially Halo, COD & Half Life series. Once you've played the story once, you never need to play it again.

If a FPS is fun wont you play it again? Halo was fun so I played it three times.

Any puzzle game because once you play through it once you know all the answers and then there is no reason to play it again.

The Phoenix Wright series, unless it has been long enough to totally forget the stories.
Most RPGs
Legend of Zelda games, excluding four swords for some reason.
Portal, when not accompanied by a lack of sleep.
Luigi's Mansion
A lot of the 3D Mario Games.
Plants vs zombies after beating the entirety of it.
Professor Layton: [insert any fitting title]
Any terrible Game.
A lot of the Final Fantasy series.
Random Party games.
The pokemon series
Avalon code within 5 years of having last played Avalon Code.
...Honestly I can't replay any game at all, they all have no replay value for me.
Stupid situationally activated Eidetic memory

If you enjoyed a game, then there is always a reason to replay it, even if it's just to appreciate it from a different angle, or notice things you didn't notice before.

I never play games just the once. I always finish them twice, same for books and films too.

Infinite Space

It's such a good story, and it's fucking LONG.
But the combat is pretty much identical from the very start to the very end which really dragged it down for me.

Most FPS games or shooter games like Halo 3, Mafia 2, Kane & Lynch: Dead men, Call of duty: Black ops and also puzzle games like Portal, but i might go back to it just for the dark humour.

Legend Of the Dragoon for the ps1 :P iv played that game 20+ times over the years and its so long and my memorys so bad it always has some entertainment value and the combos uniqe to all charecters makes it fun everytime "HUT HA HAH VALCANO!" DART FTW

Portal. Once you know how to solve the puzzles it really loses a lot.

1 adventure games. Even good ones like MI and Sam&Max, unless you develop amnesia.
2 puzzle games that don't randomize, like portal
3 anything you don't like

Alan Wake. I played it once through and had a decent enough time with it. I just don't feel like playing it again anytime soon.

Pretty much every single-player puzzler/platformer/adventure-styled game out there.

I'm talking everything from the likes of Braid, Limbo, Professor Laytons, Portal, and the like.

Don't get me wrong, these kinds of games are generally amazing fun and rewarding to play the first time through, but once you've solved the puzzle and gotten the plot, going back and playing them again is generally just Doing the Motions with none of the reward. The only way they could really be at all replayable is to come back to them after you've forgotten all of the solutions...

Well, if I had to pick one game that has absolutely no replay value whatsoever without modifying/breaking the game itself, I'd probably say One Chance.


...Do I win?

Daniel Cygnus:
Alan Wake. I played it once through and had a decent enough time with it. I just don't feel like playing it again anytime soon.

Pretty much this, It's more of an interactive story, asides from achivements there isn't really any point to replaying it.

It's still a really good game though.

Portal. I love the games, but on the second try, you know all the puzzles.

Saints Row 2. Not much replay actually. I'd go for most Sandbox titles.

Portal's replay value (both games) is actually kind of poor, seeing as once you know the puzzles it's less satisfying to go through them again.

Only reason to keep it installed is for new content in the form of custom maps or DLC maps.

Aquaman and Drake of the 99 Dragons. Why you would want to evens tart either is beyond my comprehension, but if you make it through both without quiting at all, you'll never want to play again.

Any puzzle game ever that doesn't have randomized puzzles. Doing them again is not fun.

Half-life 2, LA Noire, and Far Cry 2 are at the top of my zero replay value list.

Enslaved/Bioshock 2/ Lost Planet 1/Darwnina/Mirrors Edge (if you even manage to tolerate it)/Prince of persias from warrior within-beyond/Singularity...

Im sure there are plenty more only I dont want to root through my Xbox previously played games list to figure them all out.

Almost any singleplayer game, excluding ones which allow for many paths (a la Indiana Jones).

I'll probably get a lot of flak for this but I'd say Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines. If you play anything other than Malkavian on your first playthrough, you can replay it once (as Malk) and have an entertaining experience. That's purely for the dialogue though. The game is incredibly linear, and when I started a new playthrough after finishing the game with a Malkavian, this became painfully apparent. I just didn't have fun with it anymore. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved this game when I first played it. I quite enjoyed it when playing as Malkavian on my second playthrough, but as I said that was only due to the changed dialogue. I tried playing it a third time, first as Nosferatu and then as Tremere (I think that's what they were called; the mage types anyway) but I just got bored and frustrated.

heavy rain (what? that was it!?)
fallout 3 and oblivion (finally got to the end of them and got rid!)
batman arkham asylum (what? I didn't enjoy it)

fable II and III (I made the huge mistake of thinking they would have learnt from their mistakes in fable II and bought III, seems it was my mistake!)

Daniel Cygnus:
Alan Wake. I played it once through and had a decent enough time with it. I just don't feel like playing it again anytime soon.

I thought the same, but funny enough I played it again recently and it was great - there's something addictive about the atmosphere in that game, even if the combat is a bit lacking.

I wouldn't say Heavy Rain has no replay value, but despite all the choices it isn't very fun to play it again. Especially if you get the "best" ending.

All the people saying first person shooters and action games surprise me. For me, those games are played for the gameplay, not because of the story or the secrets. True, you remember where you encounter much of the enemies, but the AI usually makes things a little different on that front. I've played the first FEAR game 3-4 times, long after the 'scary' bits and ambushes lost their surprise factors, because shooting crap is fun.

For me, it's any story-driven game where the gameplay itself is fairly weak. See most JRPGs. Some avoid this fate by allowing class changes with multiple possible combinations for the party members in order to keep party building interesting. Most don't, though.

I'm getting annoyed by the people that are essentially saying that if a game is linear, there is absolutely no reason to play through it again. You might as well say there isn't a single movie out there that is worth watching more than one time.

In my opinion, the Professor Layton games have zero replay value whatsoever. It's just a bunch of brainteasers tied together with a great story, and all the intrigue and mystery vanishes without a trace after you know how it ends, meaning there's really no drive to finish the game again.

Portal. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome game, but you've gotta forget how to solve the puzzles before it's fun to play again.

What about the advanced chambers and other challenges? Though I do agree that it is not much.
I think that puzzle games in general have little to no replay value. It's not their fault, of course, but it's all about figuring out how to do it the first time. Aside from testing your speed, it's kind of a dead end. Braid, for example, didn't really offer much other than the time challenges and secret stars.

Surprised no one has said this game but
Heavy Rain. Seriously, once you beat it, or even see the ending, any reason to play the game disappears, you notice all the glaringly massive plot holes and issues in the game, and it just isn't worth it...

I actually found Heavy Rain enjoyable to platinum. But my two play through were spaced about 9 months apart.

Zelda. I played the original, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask. Then I said "screw this" and never touched a Zelda game again. They all feel too similar for me, it's like playing the same game over again.

Ace Combat games, Batman AA, Prototype... and those are just the ones I remember.


Heavy Rain. Seriously, once you beat it, or even see the ending, any reason to play the game disappears, you notice all the glaringly massive plot holes and issues in the game, and it just isn't worth it...

Don't forget the fact that for the most part, choices are ultimately meaningless until pretty damn late in the game. The game does a good job of giving the illusion of choice, but you can neither die, nor alter the course at all until quite late in, which is really apparent on subsequent playthroughs. And yeah, plotholes galore. So many plotholes...

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