games with zero replay value

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I feel that way about all games usually. I keep them, but it's really hard to keep going through the motions for the same result.

Puzzle games typically have little replay value. I felt this way about Portal 1+2 in particular.

It depends for me portal 1 and 2 have replay because of the humour and I cant remember all the puzzles

I mean really I think anyway game can be replayable if you enjoyed it enough, its not like gamers are ADD idiots who need somthign new to be entertained for a couple of hours...right?....right?

Sinclair Solutions:
Any Legend of Zelda, especially Twiight Princess. I just remember all the shit I have to do and go, "Well I'm not going through that again."

That's a funny one, because the moment I finished OoT3D, I started up Master Quest for my 3 heart run. xD

It's a whole different ball game this time, for sure. Harder on so many levels. :) I wish Zelda games had more stuff like this! Fighting the lizalfos in the 2nd temple after a flaming bat (OUT OF NOWHERE) killed me and burned my Deku shield, I had to actually go through my items and find something to help with the fight. I had to dodge around and strike fast because blocking wasn't an option. I've died a lot so far but I'm really seeing how playing with those restrictions makes it a much more rewarding experience overall.

Not sure what my point is, other than Nintendo needs to make special alternate "hard modes" available in Zelda games. Bonus points if they just have a new game plus feature that lets you turn on or off special things like no heart containers/pieces, no healing/fairies, no unnecessary items... I've tried 3-heart runs in LttP (yeah, nope.), OoT, Minish Cap (much better this way, really. Couldn't beat the last form of the end boss and ended up losing the cart later), and TP. (by far the worst. Stupid heart pieces in dungeons...) They're much more fun with the added challenge but Nintendo really needs to capitalize on hardcore Zelda themselves instead of just letting players do it themselves for no reason at all.

Puzzle games typically have little replay value. I felt this way about Portal 1+2 in particular.

What puzzle games are you playing? Because Meteos, Bubble Bobble, Tetris, and Puzzle League (Tetris Attack) are some of the most replayable games this side of Elder Scrolls. I've put more time into those than the vast majority of what I play... Portal is the exception more than it is the rule.

I would have to say Amnesia The Dark Descent because that game is heavily scripted. Once you know where all the monsters are going to attack you its a lot less scarier.

I don't think I'll replay L.A. Noire for a long time. I need to forget everything first.

Same here

but im still playing the DLC's

there awesome

[Nicholson Plating was awesome]

Transformers Dark Side of the Moon. Such a bad and tedious campaign that it make me cry.

Duke Nukem Forever...

However that didn't even have the initial first time playthrough value... so, uh, yeah...

To me... Minecraft.
Honestly, once you've found diamonds and built a house, then there's nothing to do.

Horror games, since you know what's going to happen.

Medal Of Honor Tier 1. Completed it in about 3 hours on the medium difficulty, cannot bring myself to care enough to replay it, even on the tier/prestige mode.

Maybe Fable 3 as well. Played it through twice now (The second time after getting screwed over by the time jumps in the RTS-style section) and then the saves were lost. Really don't care enough to play it through again, which is dissapointing for a fable game. I'm playing Lost Chapters for the 20th time instead.

For me Shadow of the Colossus first time through big, opposing enemies second time through memorized climbing puzzle. Also most linear RPGs and any other puzzle games.

No replay value award has to go to borederlands after the 2nd time around evverything seems so played out story wise and its so limmited on the starter area oh and any spiderman game(except flying around on webs thats always fun :P) OHHH and crackdown

Damn, I've beaten the original campaign on borderlands at least 5 times! Then the Armory DLC nearly twice after i played it to death the first time before I lost the save file. Especially on hard mode, I found some of the fights quite challenging and so fun. The story that was there was not intrusive and generally entertaining if i chose to listen to it (which i wouldn't always do).

In any case, story is usually a reason not to replay a game for me. I beat Portal 2 and went back for round 2 and found myself bored outa my mind before I got to the first test chamber. It just starts off too slowly and the story is no longer interesting because i know what's going to happen. Portal 2 has a few other crutches as well. The puzzles just aren't as challenging as in Portal, not until late in the game anyway. Then there's the lack of a challenge mode and I've probably spent more time playing Portal than Portal 2, even after the Co-Op campaign.

Basically i feel that games that are too story oriented are harder to replay than other games.

When I beat my enemy several times through clever paddle maneuvering I just couldn't bring it upon myself to go about it again.

Uncharted and Modern warfare series are my biggest gripes, after you have seen the pretty pictures the game shows, pushing forwards to win doesn't let the game be enjoyable a second time.

Dragon Age 2. I had to force myself to finish it the first time. I tried to replay it as another class like I do with all RPGs, but in the end I couldn't face the long slog back through all the repeated uninspired locations and tedious fights.

Alan Wake...I actually really enjd it, but even collecting all the damn manuscripts on nightmare has no appeal for me

for me, a game with zero replay value was a game with zero play value. If a game is worth playing once, it is worth playing again. Perhaps not right away, but later on down the line.

I think Myst is almost in this category. I had to wait 10 years before replaying the third one so I could forget about how to do all the puzzles.

Sadly, it's also a fantastic game.

I'm replaying Fallout 3 for the first time in about a year I think, and because i haven't played it in so long I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I guess I was just wondering if there were any game you guys had played that you never wanted to/felt like ever playing again.

Even a year later.

I'm not anticipating winning any awards for Most Original Statement, but Metroid: Other M. I really did enjoy the overall experience (though I was wanting more the whole time) throughout the (short-ass) game, in spite of its numerous flaws, until I finished it. There were even points where I thought, I'll enjoy playing through this again. But as soon as I finished it, I ejected the disc and took the game to sell it.

Also, (Whoa! flame shield) Metal Gear Solid. The good one, I mean. The Gamecube remake, the version without the epileptic jaggie-thon, the one that looked good. When I first played the game I loved it. I didn't play it for a year, and the whole time I was like, what did I get out of this the first time?

Uncharted 1 and 2. I sold the first one and still have the second one but I simply don't have the incentive to go through it a second time. I don't know why but I much rather start a new file on RE4, Symphony Of The Night, Arkham Asylum, Mass Effect 2 etc. I really want to like that game enough for me to play through it again but so far, aside from the wow factor of the first playthrough, when I try to plow through it a second time, I find myself getting bored quite quickly.

What's worse, I love every single Naughty Dog game ever made. And I STILL can't bring myself to play U2 again.

Portal 2. Once you figure out the puzzles its pointless to play again


Crysis, every CoD except 4, pretty much every war shooter, and Crysis 2.

You sir... there is something wrong with you.

There's something wrong with me because I have a different opinion about a few games?

I really disagree with you on the Crysis series. They were MADE for campaign, explaining while crysis' online was okay, and crysis 2's was below average.

So why did I never get the urge to play Crysis again? Why did Crysis 2 bore me so much I didn't even finish it the first time?

I would say they're average shooters at best, made solely to allow people to justify spending more on their computer than they did on their car via bragging about how high they can turn the eye candy up.

Not really.
I don't think I've eer had a game with zero replay value that was even worth playing to the end the first time.

Kind of sucks to say it but portal...
I mean replaying a puzzle game is pointless

Sinclair Solutions:
Any Legend of Zelda, especially Twiight Princess. I just remember all the shit I have to do and go, "Well I'm not going through that again."

I don't feel like that at all. I replay most Zelda games (especially Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess) many times. Even though following runs usually aren't very challenging because I'm pretty good at remembering how to solve the puzzles I still really enjoy them. Don't really know why.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, because that game sucked.
And games where the main selling point are things that you learn, after that you already know it, and then you probably won't enjoy re-playing it as much, of course there are exeptions I'm sure.

Bat-Man Arkham Asylum, I just did not enjoy it. I don't know exactly why, but I found the non-lethality of explosive gel except on the far side of a wall to be a great ruiner for me. Also a lack of pounce and flee moves, hiding in the shadows and then one-striking to the temple before gargoyle swinging to the other side of the room is a lot more fun than pouncing, doing 3 strikes, getting shot at by everyone, including the guy you attacked in the first place, this is normally followed by death.

The best formula for making a low replay value game is to rely on linear story telling and repetitive gameplay. The game I would choose for this is Assassin's Creed 2. I liked it, but I'm in no hurry to go back through it. Its long and once you've had fun with all of the gadgets, there's really not much else to do.

As for a game I did enjoy replaying, Tales of Symphonia. That may seem a bit contradictory to my above statements, but pulling off combos is fun, and if you go back and play it after beating the game, you won't believe how much foreshadowing there is to the events in that game. I was still finding subtle hints on my 3rd playthrough. The Tales series is my golden standard for JRPGs.



More recently there's Bully. The ending kind of ruined everything for me.

Bully? Whilst not winning awards for most super-duperest spectacular ending ever, it tied everybodies fate up nicely and fit in well with the tone of the game, that's not one I'd have picked out for criticism. What ruined it for you?

Maybe it's because I felt the ending boss went by too quickly or maybe I felt he didn't get everything that he deserved. Either way, it left a bad taste in my mouth and it's not something I find myself wanting to play again anytime soon.

Any game I hated.

I can find reasons to replay any game I enjoyed.

Yep. That about covers it right there.

For me, mainly puzzle and horror games. Which is why I alternate between Dead Space 2 and Portal 2; I play Dead Space 2 one month then Portal 2 the next, and so on. It sort of helps the problem, doesn't fix it, but helps.

Final Fantasy II, the actual 2 by the way. Yeah it's a good game, but it's unclear about what you're supposed to do a lot of times and while the level up system works well most of the time, at times it just pulls a dick move and refuses to level up your stats.

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