Let's design the perfect controller by combining parts from ones that already exist

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I actually like holding the Wii controller + nunchuck. If they'd creaty a new version of those with "hardcore" gaming in mind, that would be perfect.

Unless it can provide physical feedback, I'm not sure if it will really work for hardcore gaming.

Even with physical feedback, motion control isn't really usable for hardcore gaming.

I don't mean the motion controls part, I mean the "Not having to hold your hands together" part.

Xbox 360 Shape
Xbox 360 Button and stick layout
Xbox 360 Triggers
Playstation D-pad

I seriously hate the shape of all other current controllers.
The 360 is the only one that fits my hand comfortably.

And it's battery runs of hand sweat.

Talal Provides:

The perfect controller already exists. It's the 360 controller.

Even with that d-pad?

I'd have to say yes. Never had a 360 controller with a D-Pad I didn't like or couldn't use, I prefer it in every way to the PS2 controller.

I actually can't think of a way to improve on it. Even the PS2 controller I own is styled with a 360 style D-Pad.

Note: Apparently Captcha wants me to start answering little puzzles now. Newsflash, I don't live in America and I care about fucking Ron Howard or where he can stuff his pictures!

I want one of these, but with more buttons on it.
Actually, I'm happy with its current application.

360 controller with a PS3 d-pad. I honestly can't think of a better controller.

The 360's face buttons are the best I've ever used, the analog sticks are the most comfortable and most responsive, and the triggers provide by far the best control/responsiveness. The d-pad is too easy to press the wrong button on though, because it's really just on big button.

The PS3 has probably my least favorite controller, just because of the terrible, terrible triggers. Otherwise it's not bad (the PS2 had a great controller) but the triggers are just so... bad that it ruins the whole thing.

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