Poll: YuGiOh or Magic:The Gathering, which is better?

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I play Magic, and my friends that used to play YGO now play Magic instead. YGO is good to see if you like TCGs, but Magic is better in terms of being able to play tactically and whatnot.

I am sorry but I have played both of these games and the amount of 'tactics' involved is whata ctually makes me lean more towards yu-gi-oh. In all honesty the amount of strategy involved in magic is ends after you build the deck. There is never a good reason to hold onto cards unless you plan on stalling for a better draw otherwise it is basically everyone just playing whatever they have enough mana for. It is also entirely possible to flood the field wit literally INFINITE monsters/tokens. Making the game broken in a sense.

Yu-gi-oh on the other hand has the extra level on stregic element simply because of the implementation of spell/trap cards. Ths combined with effects monsters,fusions and what not make it alot more interesting. The recent addtions of 'XYZ' and 'synchro monsters' kind of unbalances the game a bit however with the right deckl anything is possible. The only real problem I ever encounter in it is making people understand how card effects work. Then again magic has the same problem so meh.

Also you can play yu-gi-oh online browser game for free on a site called 'dueling network'. Which has complete lists/rules.

Yugioh is much better in my opinion and here's why, MTG just feels way to slow to me between the summoning sickness and waiting to tap/untap everything. i used to play Magic back in middle school and it was fun for a little while but it just died for me, i ended up going back to a few games because my friends were still into it but once Yugioh came out we dropped it and never looked back.

Most people who say Yugi is broken fall into the category of people more obsessed with power to a point they forget how fun flaws can be or to even have fun in the first place at all. Sure it doesn't take any level of skill to make a OTK deck but if you look at D&D in the same sense you can just as easily create a retarded tank character if you're willing to take most of the joy out of the game to have an easier time. Me and my friends have been playing Yugioh for over 10 years now and none of us have resorted to OTK decks against each other, we only ever whipped em out when dealing with immature people with big mouths which most of the time were kids(and if you look at it kids are usually annoying online and offline in all games).

As for the Banned cards, some of them are okay to use casually as long as you don't abuse it. all it really takes is common sense. Yea Yugioh has had to ban alot of singles but i've heard that MTG has banned whole boosters, now what's that about?

It's funny Magic claims to be the more mature of the two games but they were the ones that got so whiny they felt the need to sue Yugioh Because they labeled some of their cards "Magic cards" and demanded they change it in which can only be seen as a crybaby move to me. I mean it's not even like they invented the words or even coined them, sorry but the use of the term "Magic cards" has been around way before MTG *Gasp*

Also a large portion of MTG players are just as bad if not worse than alot of the immature Yugioh players in the sense they are too snobby to have a civilized debate about why they hate yugioh or why they feel MTG is better. To each thier own, who cares about what other people like as long as everyone is having fun. It's just pointless to hate on a game as a whole, it's just obnoxious

I dont think it's changed in sometime but heres my reason for liking MTG more then YGO

YGO basically to play in a competetive tournament enviroment you have around 35? i believe cards THAT ARE MUST HAVE. As in you are dead in the water without this back bone, you then build the rest of your deck after that.

MTG for all it's faults keeps the game fresh with standard and sets constantly rotating in and out of play. Some people may view this as a way to milk cash, which i can't dispute but to me it feels more like patches for a game and new things being added and the game changing.

Ummmm, is this even a fair contest.

As far as I can tell, I will always give my vote to Magic: The Gathering. It's the only collectible card game which gives you the most freedom of customizing your deck compared to the rest. The only rule in a deck is it's 60 and each card is limited to 4 outside land. That's it. You just need to make the deck function and you can make any deck your imagination desires.

I always found Yugioh and Pokemon to be very restricting in terms of deck making. Their evolutionary or high-star-level cards need some requirements to be used, and those requirements aren't as universal as Land/Mana Pool in the Magic game.

i lol at stuff like this i have played both when they first came out and let me tell u something yugioh is by far my favorite game these people saying yugioh has no skill just goes to show u that none of them are very smart but im not going to say uigioh takes no skill but i know if any of u idiots say that yugioh takes no skill build a deck and ill play you and i know ill win and then build a magic deck and ill beat u in that and here i will show u that u dont know anything, and i can point out whats wrong with both games. Magic is a very slow game i mean really slow game and the good decks that win in like 3 turn most magic idiot magic plays get all mad about it cus they lost to it and they are to stupid or cheap to spend the money on good cards, where as yugioh to build a deck that can win a lot could cost u about $50 and the game isnt boring cus a deck that wins by turn 3 isnt boring and doesnt always win by turn 3 just can u can otk u need to plan out how and work on keeping ur monsters on the field, now yugioh does have one thing thats really bad they can have a few really strong cards like bls-eob that cards has been banned for so long and then they broughtit back but its still balanced cus they made some cards do deal with cards like that and the other thing is the game is more based around people who love the game vs the peoplewho just want money like wizards and hasbro since hasbro owns wizards, the cards are more out there magic cards eaither cost a lot or a horded by the players but thats the politics of the co. so i cant hold thaton which game is better cus we the players have no control but yugioh as one person puts it is better for tournaments cus the game has a lot of good cards and anyone can jump in really with any kind of deck wheres magic you need the most recent deck and if u are original with it ur going to lose cus magic the only good cards in standard are rare and cost a lot wheres yugioh has the best cards cheap or common like one cards that is used in almost every deck gorz is like a 2 to 3 dollar card, i can say more but i have to stop typing if you want more info on what i have to say msg me back i can keep ging as i said before i have played both games and i do feel that yugioh is a better game and magic for sure now is really a bad game but they r both games and it really comes down to what u like doing if u want to play hard core play yugioh if u want to play with ur kids and friends only then play magic or pokemon, BTW magic is now a family game hasbro and wizards say they want both crownds in there game just for those morons who say yugioh is for kids only and magic is for adults cus thats just then living in the past when that was the thing to so about yugioh cus its not true im 21 and i like yugioh the best.

James Nixon:
Feel like getting into a card game and can't decide between these two. Played quite a bit of YuGiOh on the PSP and played Duels of the Planeswalker on the PC and enjoyed both. Can't afford to buy cards for both so I'm wondering which is more fun in the longterm.

I've never played Magic but I can confirm Yugioh is unbalanced as fuck.

If you are hoping to get into a card game I'd recommend a LCG aka a 'Living Card Game'. This style does away with the money grubbing booster packs and whatnot and allows you to simply buy the cards you want so you can preplan your decks with relative ease.

Magic. Yu-Gi-Oh is the lovebaby of a pay-to-win MMO and a printing press.

My experience with the games is a whole lot of Yu-gi-oh with friends six years ago and Duels of the Planeswalkers the last two years or so. I've grown to prefer Magic for a few reasons, I like that it's a bit slower, I like the extra level of hard decision making that comes from you and not your opponent deciding which of your creatures are vulnerable, and I like the art better.

I stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh! when they decided to ban everything that wasn't shit.

Magic is generally much more fun. For me, it's much more of a challenge. I hated the guesswork nonsense you have to put up with for those Magic/Trap[1] cards.

[1] You've activated my trap card!

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