Favorite combat system in a video game

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I'm a huge combat-junkie when it comes to video games. Nothing beats 2+ people/groups slaughtering each other to determine which one amongst them is the strongest. In my opinion, they also get better with various methods to kill enemies, such as weapons, abilities, and/or allies.

My favorite combat-systems are Golden Sun, Super Smash Bros., and Mass Effect. Golden Sun has the performance-enhancing creatures known as djinn. SSB and its two sequels, Melee and Brawl, are incredibly chaotic, especially when I create 2-on-2 team-battles. And Mass Effect (particularly the second game) lets me quick-scope as a sniper-rifle wielding Infiltrator, while up to two allies accompany me to reduce my loneliness and increase my survival-odds.

Which video game combat system do you enjoy, and why?

One of my favorites is the one from Beyond Oasis. Imagine a Zelda game with a combat system that's a cross between Streets of Rage and Street Fighter. It's one of the coolest action RPGs I've ever played. Aside from that; FPS games, which while based around combat, don't have combat systems per se; and fighting games, which kind of win by default, I don't usually notice combat systems unless they don't work very well.

As far as JRPG's go, I love the combat system in the Tales of series. Pretty much combines the things I like about JRPG's and fighting games.

Batman Arkham Asylum is fantastic, with the Assassin's Creed games coming in a close second.

As far as JRPG's go, I love the combat system in the Tales of series. Pretty much combines the things I like about JRPG's and fighting games.

This, also Super Smash Bros. I'm really liking how stuff works in TF2 so far, although I just started playing so it might be the new game hype talking. And say what you want about Halo, that is a seriously enjoyable combat system. Spirit Engine 2 (which you can get here for free) is also criminally underrated - that's literally one of the best (and certainly one of the most elegant) RPG combat systems I've ever played.

My favorite combat system is that of Devil May Cry 3 & 4. Never have I seen those levels of depth, variety, and precision elsewhere.

Batman: Arkham Asylum's freeflowing combat is the absolute tip-top for me. In a similar vein I also love the combat in the Assassin's Creed games. And I think Red Dead Redemption struck a good balance with the lock-on system in that it didn't stick to targets or snap to them if you weren't already aiming at them.

I prefer fast-paced combat that includes parrying, dashing, counterattacks and awesome finishing moves. Basically, stuff like Darksiders, Bayonetta, Alice: Madness Returns, Devil May Cry, etc. There's something about beating down one enemy, dodging an attack from behind and beating down the attacker and trying to be as untouchable is quite funny and awesome, in my opinion.

I would have mentioned Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I have a crippling fear of Games for Windows Live.

Kingdom Hearts.... it was simple, easy, and super fun.... wished there were more games like it...

and i mean the original KH1 and KH2.... the other games... where more of the same basicly...

action/adventury type stuff: prince of persia 2, absolutely love the fluid mechanics of that game

jrpg: ff7, what can i say, i enjoy the materia system/turn based combat very much.

wrpg: dragon age ----> i love the real time hybrid of turn based strategy involved with it, and not to mention the 3rd person view of it all.

shooter: (broken down) first socom 2 was the best overall third person i had ever played, even better than battlefront II (yes i know you can do battlefront II in first person also) as the mechanics were perfect, involved looking around corners and the camera angle was PERFECT.

now for first person TF2 or halo take the cake, halo is alot more fun to me personally but my xbox broke so im stuck with tf2 which is also amazing.

i don't play many other genre's really..so any other ones are a toss up.

My favorite is a system based of off d20. I find that system, if done right, fun

Also, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have good combat.

I always found the gunplay in RDR to be, in my opinion, the best out there.

I especially love the strategy involved in capturing ghosts in the Ghostbusters game.

I really enjoy the combat in the Prince of Persia series, but I'm not sure if that counts as a "system". I'm also really enjoying the combat in Dungeons and Dragons online, which is good, because that's about 65% of the game.

Overall, though, I'm not too picky when it comes to combat system. I just don't want it to revolve around slowly plinking away at the same enemies over and over and over and over and over and over.

It's not the repetitive enemies that bother me, it's having to hold down the fire button for 5 minutes to kill EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I'm sorry, if you're going to pack that many of them in the game, I wanna be one-shotting them at that point, because NOTHING INTERESTING IS HAPPENING ANY MORE.

Just like others already said, Batman: Arkham Asylum. It has the most satisfying, and still not too difficult to pull off, combat in any game ever.

I also absolutely love the combat in Descent and Descent 2, which is very hectic and confusing most of the time. It's quite exhausting though... can't play those games for more than an hour straight.

The fluidity and elegance of the combat in Batman Arkham Asylum just does it for me. It's especially satisfying when you turn on hard mode and are not outright told when to counter attack, instead relying on subtle bodily cues from the attackers. When I clear a room perfectly without taking any damage, almost dancing between the enemies while delivering skull-crushing blows, nothing feels quite like it.

Outside of fighting games, which are basically nothing but combat engines, I'd say Ninja Gaiden 1&2. Near perfect combat engines that reward skill and practice.. just like a fighting game engine. Not a shock I suppose seeing as how it was made by the same team that had made fighting games in the past.

Out of fighting games themselves, I have to go with Capcom VS SNK 2. The 6 different combat grooves, each with it's own unique play styles and tricks, plus the ability to make your own. Then layer that on top of an extremely solid 2D fighting game engine, with all of the engrained strategy of the style, and a very diverse cast to fully take advantage of it. Yummy.

Batman: Arkham Asylum's just made perfect sense to me. No more unblockable attacks, no more useless moves. All enemies in the game are pretty much perfectly explained, and none of them take any tricks of just attacking until you happen to get through their block.

I also love that the game had no blocking, in favor of just countering everything. Really keeps combat moving.

Army of two : 40th day for best third person combat, regardless of the rest of the quality of the game this was great, plus they let you swap hands making it easier to lean out of corners which is something I miss playing any other 3PS.

Best FPS melee is without a doubt condemned 2, smashing a brick onto a guys head and then kicking him a couple time just felt so fluid and visceral.

Uncharted's system allowed for quick traversal across the enviornment, with taking cover, hanging from ledges, and sneak attacks. FAN. TASTIC. I will always critisise Gears for not being as fast and fluid as Uncharted.

This topic is just to broad and vauge. What constitutes a combat system anyway, movesets? The way encounters are designed? Does level design factor into it? Is sonic rolling through enemies a combat system? ect.

As far as JRPG's go, I love the combat system in the Tales of series. Pretty much combines the things I like about JRPG's and fighting games.

Absolutely true.

I find the RTS formula to be the most rewarding in general...think Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2.

Devil May Cry 3 & 4. Also, Mega Man X/Zero. Being able to change directions in mid-air without losing momentum, plus the ability to dash-jump off of walls, allows for some stylish fighting.

Maximum Carnage has an awesome combat system as well. You're fast, you can knock down multiple enemies with a dashing shoulder charge, you can climb up walls and drop kick enemies, you can pull enemies towards you with webbing, Scorpion-style, and all of your actions have fast recovery times. Best. Spider-Man game. Ever.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma is my favorite. Fast paced, multiple weapons each with there own strengths and weaknesses, and the game was hard. To be good at that game you need to spend time training your skills with Ryu

Second behind Hunted: The Demon's Forge. I loved that game. the co-op was much better then trying to play it on your own

I've always loved the turn-based fighting with focus on special button timing in the Paper Mario series.

Ive just found it recently, but ace of spades is really fun.

You can build up fortifications and such minecraft style while skirmishing.

total war games are also really fun.

Mount & Blade is my favourite as far as third person action goes. On the surface and in practice seems quite simple but over time and with experience one really learns how to use it to the best effect with elements such as swing momentum, positioning, and timing all coming into effect. It's also got a very nice ebb and flow to it, very fluid. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, just the way I like it!

Batman: Arkham Asylum would probably be a close second for me in terms of third person combat. Again, simple to learn but hard to master. I like that. Games like God of War and them are nice and all, but I prefer the simplicity over flashy showiness and a bajillion combos I'll never use.

For more tactical games, Temple of Elemental Evil is probably my favourite rpg combat system. It's just really, really good and the closest to the table-top experience any game has yet to have achieved. Game itself was a bit meh truth be told, but the fantastic D&D tactical combat made it worthwhile and I think it's a crime that no other developers have tried to copy what Troika did with that game. Bloody brilliant.

And of course X-Com bears mention as well. So good!

Shooty games all really kinda feel alike to me though so I'll leave people more suited to those experience to judge em.

i liked the assassins creed brotherhood combat. so fluid sometimes and just the act of slaughtering hundreds of guards is just fun.

Uncharted 2 was awesomely fluid and great fun, whether you were melee-rushing mercs or sniping at chaingun-wielding Juggernauts.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones had a good idea with the dual-weapon-combat, although it could have been executed a bit better.

I've only played the demo of Arkham Asylum, but that was brilliant.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age have good combat.

Thank you, it seems that you are one of the few people that agree with me on this...
OT:^dragon age: origins and silent hill. I know that the combat is clunk as all hell but it portrays the characters as they are...

The fighting System used by Arkham Asylum, or the Tales Series. Honorable Mention: the combat system used in Scott Pilgrim the Game/Castle Crashers

Arkham Asylum.
Because 1) You're Batman
2) Even if you fudge the stealth you know you're capable in combat
3) Easy to learn and you can mash buttons, but it takes some real skill to be good at it (that means hard mode)
4) You're flipping Batman!

Lost Odyssey has raised the bar for JRPG combat imo. Guard condition is a fantastic implementation that promotes party diversification. I like that.

Ninja Gaiden 2

I have played nothing else that makes you feel badass because you beat it on normal...

I'm working on the hardest right now, I want to cry

After fighting loads of bullshit enemies, when that game finally gives you a break and sends some normal human (normal shurikan <- that's a big one there) enemies after you, you can do nothing but smile and either

A) decide that you want to kill them as fast as humanly possible
B) see how high you can get your hit counter to go
C) see how much blood you can spread on the battlefield

Kingdom Hearts.... it was simple, easy, and super fun.... wished there were more games like it...

and i mean the original KH1 and KH2.... the other games... where more of the same basicly...

What was so addictive about those games? It was "X, X, X, X, X, O to jump away, repeat". At least that's what I remember. I also remember I couldn't put the first one down after really playing it for a good bit.

OP: Well, I must admit that I like two different kinds of control schemes almost equally:

1) Megaman Zero's. I like this one so much because the "dash" function is mapped to the left trigger instead of being on the far right face button or, worse, double tapping whatever direction you want to go. For me, it makes it feel a whole lot more fast paced and frantic, yet much easier to control than any other Megaman game. I also keep my sword on the main attack button and my blaster on the right trigger, which is why I wish they could make a 2D deathmatch out of this game because I'm a fast motherfucker who would slash my opponents' face to pieces before he could even have a chance to perform a basic attack back.

2) Call of Duty's on the Xbox 360. I know, I know, it's an overplayed overhyped average FPS. But the controls are almost perfect for me. Any shooter that copies this control scheme I can almost instantly get into. Maybe that's why I got so easily into FEAR 3.

All in all, I like the combat systems of action games better than RPG's. I do like the tactical, plan-it--before-it-happens approach of RPG's, and there's a certain satisfaction in that. But in good action games, situations often raise their ugly heads which you're wholly unprepared for and you have to think fast, right then and there, and that rush is so much better to me than the more tactical one.

I'm not going to sound unique here, but Arkham Asylum -- also, by extension, the system that obviously inspired AA, Prince of Persia series combat.

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