You get the powers of the main character of the last game you played, but are transported...

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Plasmids would sure be useful in Metro 2033. Or did I play Aqua Aqua before Bioshock 2?

Are you me? Because I too would end up slinging hypnosis blobs and whatnot throughout post-apocalyptic russian underground networks.

You wish you could be me.

And can't say I've used hypnosis in Bioshock 2. I'm all about the interno, scout, and decoy.

Last game where he actualy has powers was Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi acadamy, FUCK YAH! Game before that was Endless Ocean... Ok, umm, well then, ok. I'm a jedi, in a sea full of nondangerous fish that can't hurt you. Seriously you can bump straight into a great white's mouth and he won't attack you. Can I go to the game before that one, which was Frontlines: Fuel of war. I get to jedi mind trick russians into killing chinese people, yay.

so i would have the powers of bayonetta in Hello kitty. time to smack that kitty.
sorry jsut joking.
i would have the powers of bayonetta in assessin's creed. so basicly fuck steal it witch time/ other dimention time. and i will kill you all with my guns

off-topic: man alot of ppl still play VtM: booldlines

Last game played that featured a super-powered protagonist was inFamous, and the game I played before that was Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Damn, I'd be unstoppable, what with everyone wearing metal armour. Although, I doubt my magnetic shield would repel arrows, so that could be a problem. And there's no electrical outlets to restore my power, so I'd have to rely on zapping people or zapping objects and then draining them.

Last game, Back to the Future so Marty McFly
Game before, Plants Vs. Zombies.

There must be something in the past that caused all these zombies in the first place, we have to fix it!

I have the awesome powers of Cole MacGarth from the first Infamous game (yes I am still playing the first Infamous hehe, got a late start on it and looking forward to picking up the sequel).

I am transported into the gameworld of Dead Rising 2. I look waaaaaaay better than the game's regular protagonist, Chuck Greene (ugliest human game chracter I can think of...ever). My super awesome lighting based powers let me basically rape the Dead Rising 2 gameworld. I absolutely destroy that annoying ass chef pyschopath boss I could not defeat as Chuck Greene (seriously HATE that asshole chef pyscho, infinite healing supply nodes=bullshit boss fight mechanics). Still do not like the timers on the goals in what is pretty much a sandbox game (seriously DR2 devs?, maybe make the game time play out in real time and not double or triple time).

This time I explore the dark side of Cole Macgarth and destroy EVERYTHING! FUCK FORTUNE CITY!

I have major problem though...being electricity based, HOW DO I BATHE?!?!?!

Im a scout in the legend of zelda twilight princess universe. Winning much?

I don't think I'll do too well as Marcus Fenix against the spider ninja clan.

Heh... I'd be Duke Nukem reincarnated in Dragon Age 2.
No real superpowers, except a major ego!
The Devastator will still be...wait for it...DEVASTATING in medieval times though, so I'm sure I'd do just fine!

Last game i played huh? Awesome, I'm Swain from League of Legends. Game before that? Great! I can go walkin' around TF2 with a Lazar-Crow and a pimp crutch.

I have the nanoaugmentations of JC Denton in Team Fortress 2. I wonder how this will turn out.

I get to be Duke Nukem in the Splinter Cell universe? AWESOME!

So I would have the powers of Mario with Fludd in Kingdom Hearts 2......

REALLY, like Organization XIII would die from a few squirts of water.

I'm now a master of CQC and firearms cause I'm Big Boss. I suppose I'm Big Boss within Trilby the Art of Theft. I suppose i don't have to worry about using too many tazers because Big Boss has never been uncomfortable with the stun rod.

Get to drive a souped up Subaru around a mine full of creepers (NFS World before Minecraft). Dont think that would work too well somehow!

I was playing WRATH OF THE TITANS. So I can summon armies of robots and gun turrets. But before that I played BIOSHOCK. So I can fight armies of Splicers in tower defence format. Joy.

Uhh i was playing NCAA football 11, and before that GTA IV... I guess I'm a russian football player?

Oblivion character in TF2? fun time~

Well, I was playing Bioshock.
Will any of the plasmids really help me out in RIFT? No, but the guns might

I now have a portal gun, but I'm trapped in Super Mario All Stars for the SNES.

The powers of the lead character from Dragonquest 6: Realms of Revelation into Fallout: 3.

I'd be a pretty good melee character.

A Front Mission Evolved wanzer being thrown into Raccoon City (Resident Evil 3)

Nemesis is so boned >3

Let's see. I'm a blood mage/keeper warden in Dragon Age Origins, with access to all elemental spells and creation glyphs, with a touch of Mana Clash as my anti-mage spell. In the world of Witcher 2. Basically, nothing short of three dragons could stop me, and even then, they would be bleeding from every orifice before I died. If a bunch of soldiers attack, I'd either impale them with roots and/or boil their blood. Sorceresses would be literally helpless.

*evil laugh*

Alice Madness Returns, Transported into....Strong Bads cool game for attractive people...That is all kinds if fucked up lol

Harsh irony from me, as I played Darksiders last night, and Fate of the World before that. So I'd be freaking WAR setting out to solve the worlds climate problems....

Nuclear winter qualifies as getting global warming under control right?

Dragon age 2-Im an archer
Before the. portal 2.
What? i couldn't do anything then.

So, Im me in Mount&Blade With fire and sword... Eqiped with a "Good Pistol", 16 Bullets, a Heavy Mace and a Heavy Halberd, as well as Steel armor, a horse and 27 strength. Not to mention The abilities that come with the character.

However, im transported into...

Dwarf Fortress.


ColdBridges has a new migrant!

Shadow flame master:
So I would have the powers of Mario with Fludd in Kingdom Hearts 2......

REALLY, like Organization XIII would die from a few squirts of water.

Dance, Water! Dance!

Dragon Age 2 Mage powers in Infamous 2. Unstoppable.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Game before that: Half-Life 2: Episode 2

So I get to stomp the Combine with a gigantic robot that can create entire armies. Awesome.

Well, Heroes of Newerth doesn't really have a main char.
But since theres a hero named after the big guy of S2 i'll go with Maliken, getting thrown into TF2.

I was playing Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, and taking Goku's lightspeed and kamehamehas into World of Warcraft just isn't fair.

So I'm Kain from Legacy of Kain Defiance and I'm transported to world of warcraft? Man that's sort of messed up.

Wolf Link versus the Tank... DUUUUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN.

Ezio Auditore de Firenze against the conduits and militia of Infamous 2... Yeah, that ain't happening.

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