What console are you playing Skyrim on?
Xbox 360
25.1% (298)
25.1% (298)
14.3% (170)
14.3% (170)
59% (701)
59% (701)
im not getting it
1.1% (13)
1.1% (13)
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Poll: What console are you playing Skyrim on?

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My 360 as oblivion was one of the first games i got for it and i loved it.Also i dont want to spend the first 15 minutes of the game installing it.

360, then PC. I like to play it on a console first so i cant cheat, glitch or mod. And i ban myself from all Wiki's and Playthrough until i beat it.

Then after ive beaten it on 360 a few times, i'll get it on the PC, so i can mod it until it doesn't even resemble Skyrim.

PC, so that I can get bugfixes from the community, rather than waiting several months.
Also possible mods.

I'm a veteran modder of Oblivion, so the PC version is a MUST HAVE for me.

'Playing'? Don't you mean crashing?

OT: PS3. Because my computer won't run it.

PC if it turns out I can run it decently. If not, then PS3 as I'm getting one for Gran Turismo 5 anyway. :)

I'll be playing it on the PS3. TES stopped pretending to be designed with a PC in mind with Oblivion, so aside from mods (which I've never been a fan of anyway), I don't really think there's much of a benefit beefing up my PC to play it.

That is, of course, when I eventually pick it up. I'll probably wait until 2012 when it comes down in price. I never thought Oblivion was all that great, so I'm not really expecting to be blown away by Skyrim. My main interest in it is the engine, as Fallout 4 (and, if we are lucky, a superior Obsidian developed Fallout game) will be running on it, and that's the only franchise I'm remotely fanboyish about.


Pfffhahahaha... good one OP! You can't fool me though!

one is not actually planning on playing skyrim for a while, due to how i'll be busy with college and any gaming time will be spent with TOR

Eh, i'm not sure. My pc's kinda old and i won't be able to get it both crisp and smooth.

On the other hand getting it for PS3 makes me miss out on the mods.

This game and all those like it should be played on a platform that allows mods.

My PC is pretty decent, but I want to run everything full blast, highest graphic settings, which it wont handle. So its a toss up between ps3 and Xbox. I want to go for xbox, to boost my gamerscore and be able to share with friends at other houses, but I got Oblivion on the ps3, PS3 runs better, and (since they said mods are trying to come to consoles) PS3 is more likely to get the PC mods, because Microsoft is a dick when it comes to free stuff

I won't have the means of running it on a PC, so I'll have to resort to my 360 and hope it can handle it...

PS3, because that's what I have and I love it.

I'll be playing it on the PC. My laptop is starting to get a little dated, but I'm pretty sure that it can run anything that an xbox can, unless they do a really terrible job of optimizing it. But on the other hand, this is Bethesda, and optimization has never been their strong suit. :/...

The only way you can ever really enjoy a Bethesda game is on the PC. But I will be playing it with a XBOX controller; that is after I replace all the textures with one of uber quality, and I'll reskin all the ladies to be naked when I steal their clothes (because I love realism in my magic dragon fantasy adventure)

PC I can't see a reason to play a game on a console when you can obtain it on PC. (but my PC is quite high end)

PS3 cause my PC is friggin ancient... Early XXI century to be exact.

PS3, unfortunately, since my PC is currently not in gaming shape.

Hopefuly on my PC, because I have yet to play a multi-platform title that plays more smooth and looks better on my PS3 than on my PC. But with Bethesda's plan to not release a demo or something of the sort, I don't know whether my PC will be able to run it.

I've been playing Oblivion on PC, and it's been an amazing experience. However, I really doubt my laptop can handle Skyrim, so I will have to unfortunately opt for PS3.

Well, as I lack a gaming PC and prefer the Xbox controller slightly over the PS3, I imagine I'll be playing on my 360.

I will absolutely be playing it on a PC. However, I will have to upgrade it before then, since mine is so old it has a GeForce 6600GT GPU that I bought when it was new. :-/ Don't even ask about the CPU. It used to be top of line, but now it's too old to do much.

But yeah, I'll wait an extra year if I have to just to play it on the PC. Besides, on the PC there will be mods!

I'll most likely play it on PC.

Because I've had 12 360s and don't want one anymore and I own a Mac, not a PC.

Still hoping they bring Mods to the console versions *crosses fingers*

Its got to be the PC, im no elitist but Mods in Bethesda game add so much replay value

Probably the 360. I really, really want to play it on the PC. But I'm not entirely sure my computer will be able to play it.

System would be a better word than console, but oh well.
I really don't know. I have a mid range PC and I really don't want any lag, so I guess a console. Probably PS3.

Omnific One:
PC because of mods. Like everyone with a half-decent computer should.

^ This guy has the right idea.

My PC could run it but it try to avoid PC gaming these days, it upsets my girlfriend because she feels like she's being ignored as I play with headphones.

Whereas if I play on 360 we can sit on the couch together.

I could play with no headphones but it shits her when I listen to music and game at the same time, there's too much noise. I also get frustrated because I can hear other shit while I'm trying to game. I don't want to listen to whateverthefuck is on tv.

Looks like i'm in the minority of PS3 players. Makes me somewhat sad.

Omnific One:
PC because of mods. Like everyone with a half-decent computer should.

I'd be right there with you, but my PC has a habit of playing games in Bullet time for unknown reason.

Playing on 360, mainly for the controller and because I don't think my poor machine could run Skyrim, at least not as well as my 360 could.

PC isnt a console... but yeah PC most likely, might leave it a few months till the mod community fixes all the console bs that will most likely burden the platform its on

I'd like to play it on my PC, but it probably won't be able to run it, so I will go with PS3 :/

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